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    Falling behind in Fall… Don’t do it!

    Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk

    If a giant Tsunami was coming towards you at exuberant speeds would you prefer to have a few days to prepare or would you rather be blind sited by the extraordinary tidal wave. Deepest apologies for not warning you sooner as this is insight that I tend to overlook every year. It is about daylight savings time. Did you know that the reason Daylight Savings was imposed was to minimize use of household fuel during World War II? Daylight Savings Time has been used on and off since then. I do NOT believe that saving fuel is a priority for Congress in 2015, so why do they still enforce it now?

    The “Fall Backwards” time change may not effect those who are impeccable with their daily routine, but for the rest of us, this time of year becomes a bit of a challenge.

    Why is this is a huge problem? For those of us who get off of work around 5:00… it will already be dark when you are off. This can play a delicate trick on our cognitive perception of time. The lack of sunlight can cause us to believe that it is A LOT later than it really is. This usually will cause us to abandon our routine and lose sight of both long and short term goals.

    I have created a list of how not to Fall behind in Fall…. 

    • Don’t change your clocks at home back yet. I understand that you have to be at work on time and we all use our cell phones as our personal watches but once you’re home I found that I am not as confused by the time of day if I go by the standard time… at least for another week or two. I also have talked to many people who say they are waking up an hour earlier. Technically they are waking up at the same time but the clock is back an hour. Perhaps take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to train yourself to be a morning person. You were gifted an hour and you can decide to go back to sleep or you can choose to conquer the world… your choice!
    • Don’t order the Pumpkin Spice Latte! I am certain it is a cup of holiday brainwash. I am also certain that if I don’t drink this or the Peppermint mocha that the holidays will not come barreling at me as fast. Maybe a little wishful thinking along with a confession that I don’t like them at all.
    • Keep proportion sizes relevant. You don’t need to diet and binge if you get control of it all before it starts. If you plan on eating yourself into a coma on Thanksgiving maybe participate in the Turkey Trot or another activity to balance out your self control… or lack of it!
    • Make a reasonable promise to yourself at the beginning of the week and choose days to put on your calendar that you will workout. The dreaded gym. I know I’m not the only one that skips the gym during Fall and Winter because it is a Ghost-town the few times I do go. It’s dark outside so I don’t want to be anywhere but at home in my pj’s. I know this about myself and will make an effort to bring my gym attire to work so that i’m not tempted to go home, and stay home. Even better I will try to get my workouts done in the morning before work because I secretly know that no matter how much I try to talk myself into going to the gym my mind always wins and convinces me that Netflix and Pizza are a far better evening choice.
    • Make it fun. You don’t have to do something you dislike. I am NOT the biggest fan of the gym but I do enjoy being fit and staying healthy. I recently have been experimenting with different types of exercises and am actually surprised that I have found some that I enjoy. Contrary to belief working out does not have to be a torturous task. I recently tried “Class Pass” and “Wilfire”. They are passes with around $100/ monthly membership fee which allow you access hundreds of studios, gyms, and even fun activities like rock climbing so that you can try a variety of workouts that work with your schedule and also test out different facilities. Invite friends to join you. They will hold you accountable and give you encouragement, plus I get to see my friends as I workout. My new “Happy Hour”. Win Win! ( or )
    • Don’t be a part of the holiday madness. Tension is high this time of year for on reason or another. Start a list now and get a head start on all of the holiday To-do’s. Amazon has become my best friend as these last two years I have avoided malls and other consumerism franchises. So much more peaceful. Namaste!
    • Find fun and healthy recipes. This one seems like an easy task but during Summer I tend to crave light foods such as sushi while winter leaves me wanting heartier meals. Try to be aware of your diet so that you’re not scrambling come Spring (for Californian’s I’m sorry to say it is only three months away!) Don’t get so far behind that you can’t seem to get ahead until the end of Summer.
    • The beach isn’t just for Summer. Sunsets during Fall and winter are my favorite. The beaches are all yours and are beyond beautiful. Guaranteed you will have some Sunny days often as well. I feel like I’m on my own private island when I go to the beach during winter. It’s just me and the birds and the waves crashing. Make friends with your intuition and escape often to give yourself a little break from everything. Mental clarity is never overrated. On that note little weekend getaways are great. The tourists have gone home and you can drive away for a day or weekend without being stuck in traffic. It’s off season so many hotels offer cheaper rates and flight fares tend to be low.
    • Catch up on reading and fun crafts. Rainy days are few and far between. I have fallen in love with reading again and enjoy not watching television. I encourage you to spend a date with yourself, a loved one, or a friend at Barnes and Noble. I guarantee you will find something that sparks your interest.

    I think the secret to not “Falling behind in Fall” is to be present and be aware. Don’t sway too far to the opposite spectrum as balance is key here. Do what you love, love what you do and keep your momentum going strong. Don’t feel guilty for taking a lazy days to just “chill” but don’t make it a routine either.



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