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    Family Time in Tiburon, CA

    Tiburon, CA is nestled north of the city of San Francisco, in Marin County. How do I describe such a town without the words like “quaint”, and “cute”? I recommend visiting – heck, I’d recommend LIVING there if money wasn’t a problem. This is actually the town where Robin Williams lived, and… well, died. It’s… cozy. It’s one of those places where after doing 2 errands you would take in that sea air, pull up your sleeve, look at your Patek Philippe watch and say, “I could use a nap right now.” Then you would go home, sleep for a few hours, get up at sunset, watch the boats for a little and decide if you’re going to have crab for dinner or a peppered steak, or hey.. why not both? You’re loaded.

    There really is not much to do there besides eat really good food and shop at a boutique that only 50 year old housewives would shop at.. you know the ones I am talking about. Where the sweater in the window with a fish hook on it is $89 on sale. “Hey Hunny, it’s on sale.” “Well Ethel we better get it already, you’ve been eyeing that one since January.” You can sit on the benches by the boating docks and chuckle to yourself at how crazy people are to live in the city of SF. Pat yourself on the back that you have the best of both worlds where you get that city view, you’re not too far from it if you wanted to take a drive or a ferry over, but thank God you don’t have to live there or deal with the people.

    This is one of those town’s where if you were a successful author, you’d want to retire in. That’s it! It’s the hippest retire-town of them all! With wine bars and no cheap eats in sight, you’re sure to get the warm and fuzzy feeling when you park your car that you might be able to leave it unlocked and with the windows rolled down and nothing would happen. Satire aside, it is, overall, a town that I never have a problem with visiting. There’s not really a way to have a bad day there, and if you woke up feeling like it’s going to be a bad day, a stroll around this place and a stop by the cafe to get some cappuccino and gelato will surely fix that right up.

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