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    Featured Mama! – Darcy Nichole

    Written by: Darcy Nichole

    As I sit down to write this, I realize I am almost terrified! It’s been so long since I have kept a journal, written something for school or work, or really sat down with my own thoughts in a very long while. Let me introduce myself.  I’m Darcy. Mom of three beautiful boys 4 and under including twins. My 4 year old is one of the STRONGEST willed individuals I’ve ever met, but the SWEETEST boy, and my 2 year old twins LITERALLY never sit down… so naturally, neither do I. I run two home based business’. Let me correct myself there… I TRY to run two home based business’ in between screaming, hitting, yelling, laughing, sounds I don’t even want to know what they were, constantly cooking (I swear I’ve never seen kids eat so much, they are eating ALL the time!), refereeing, potty training, cleaning, doing chores, catching my breath and hopefully having actually had my cup of coffee that morning, I squeeze some calls and editing in along the way. Even with the chaos that is my life.. I am SO beyond blessed for those 3 beautiful spirits! And the icing on the cake?? The man I get to journey through this chaos with, hand in hand, is pretty freaking AWESOME! I am a seriously lucky girl, as they say!

    A little about me… I’ve always been an extremely outgoing individual. I recently took a personality test/class and discovered I am a double wind. Not really understanding what that was, it was a pretty cool class to take and learn more about myself. (: Imagine being caught up in a windstorm.. Hi, that’s me! Nice to meet you. (: I have been called weird, unique, energetic, tenacious, and crazy… but really I’m just a straight up goofball. I always have been and I always will be. I had a pretty cool upbringing in San Diego. I’ve lived a few other places, including Hawaii, and LA, and have traveled to a few countries and states. I won’t ever live more than 10 miles from the beach. That place is my serenity. Any and every time I have been upset, I can go to the beach and everything becomes so clear. Most of nature does that for me. (: More personal, I am very spiritual. I grew up going to a Christian school so I am very grateful for the morals and values that were instilled in me. Doesn’t mean I haven’t veered or made some incredible mistakes, but more me, I revel in learning everyday and hope I never stop.

    I L.O.V.E. meeting new people! I have always felt everyone has such a cool story. You never know what little life nugget you could pick up along the way. (: I love to travel and immerse myself into different cultures to really learn about it from a day to day perspective. When I travel, I try to meet as many locals as possible and ask them where to go. I tend to stay away from touristy spots… unless they are a MUST see, of course. (: My life goal is to travel the world with my family and friends and learn as much about the world as I can. What a cool life that would be, huh? 😉

    As far as my day to day? I try to get my little guys out of the house as much as possible! It’s so much easier than having them go stir crazy at home. Haha! We do a lot of out-doorsy stuff around where we live, including the beach on the regular, of course! I hope to give my little guys a life of laughter and love. I also hope to teach them that under every amazing opportunity, comes hard work. I hope to teach them to accomplish their dreams and goals with integrity and honor, and to be nothing short of chilvarous. Humanity and respect are huge to me, so I hope to instill a little bit of those in them, also. Basically, hope to raise kind and generous men, who lead a life of balance and abundance. It’s so hard to know what to do as a parent, but personal development is a huge part of my life, and I hope you enjoy being a small part of my journey in finding my answers.

    xo D

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