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    Featured Mama! – Introducing Jen!

    **Note from Talia: I’m sure you’re noticing, but we are adding a handful of new mamas to the blog! For this one, I did a little Q&A with our latest blogger from Canada– We are really looking forward to more posts from you, Jen!<3

    To check out Jen’s blog, click on this link! 🙂


    1) When did you get in to blogging? What fueled that decision?

    I started blogging a couple of months after becoming a mama. By that time, I’d naturally shot an insane amount of photos of Margot, so I thought it’d be nice to have a place where my family (and myself) could browse and read about what we were up to. It was also nice to have something that I could look back on and to remember just how sweet those days of newborn bliss were. Along with continuing to document my journey through motherhood and life with Margot, I use my blog as a way to stay creative, whether it’s through Pinterest finds, photography or baking/cooking. When your life is all about the babe, it’s easy for your creativity to be pushed to the side—it’s been really nice to have something that keeps these creative juices flowing!

    2) What inspires you outside of mommy-life?

    Anything creative! I love taking photos and looking at others’ work too! Instagram and Pinterest are my saving grace! I’m really into design and styling as well…essentially making things look pretty and nice, then of course, capturing that through photos. I’m also a HUGE music lover. I’ve been called a music snob once or twice—I can’t say I disagree! I could spend all day sitting and listening to records. It’s always a treat to rediscover an album you listened to ages ago and finding yourself back at that moment when you first heard it.

    3) How has life changed since having your baby girl Margot?Aside from the amount of time it takes to leave the house and waking up a little earlier in the mornings, life really hasn’t changed since having Margot! My husband, Matt, and I have always been homebodies who occasionally went out to dinner with friends or caught a live show. While there are times when we do wish we could go out to a restaurant and not have to worry about whether or not there were highchairs, we’re more than happy to stay in (read: stay lazy haha) and hang with our little bae!4) What was the best advice given to you about becoming a parent? 

    Don’t get caught up in what other moms do. Being so plugged in to social media as most of us are, it’s easy to look at the way other families live and to compare yourself and your way of life to theirs. Letting go of comparisons is one of the best things we, as mamas, can do for ourselves. Motherhood is hard enough as it is, and to beat yourself down because you don’t think you’re as good as others is just a waste of time! Every family is different and you (and only you) know what’s best for your family!

    5) What has your (almost 9 month old!) daughter taught you?

    Already 9 months now! Time slow down, please! It’s amazing how someone so young can teach you so much. Margot has taught me to live each day, moment by moment, with complete mindfulness of our time together. The term “time flies” really rings true when you’re 9 months in, but it feels like your babe was just born yesterday. Before you know it, Margot will be off to Kindergarten (then high school, then college…NOOOO!) and I’ll be wondering where that time went. So I cherish these small moments and really live them, because they’ll be gone in an instant.6) Has the dynamic changed between you and your own mother since having a baby? If so, explain.

    I’ve always been super close with both my mom and dad and have always appreciated them as parents. But I never understood what being a parent really meant until becoming one myself. Realizing the amount of selflessness they must have possessed, especially raising 5 young girls, has me feeling that much more grateful of the sacrifices they made for us. Being a mama is hard work, and to be able to relate to my parents on this whole other level, to be able to go to them for reassurance and advice, makes this whole parenthood thing just a little easier.
    7) What do you do for YOURSELF when you have some down time?

    Most days are all about Margot. Honestly, and as anyone can imagine, it’s easy to feel stifled at times when you’ve taken your needs and set them aside to tend to your baby’s. I’ve found that taking time for myself throughout the day is SO important. Whether it’s baking some yummy treats, putting a record on or scrolling my phone for 20 minutes, taking this time to be alone is the best way to keep my mind fresh and happy so that I can come back and meet Margot with a smile.8) How do you keep Margot entertained most days? What are her favorite things to do?

    Lucky for me, it’s pretty easy to keep my girl entertained. As long as she’s chewing or sucking on something, she’s good to go! Our days look pretty much the same: we read books, play with her toys, sing songs and play music so she can dance and bounce up and down. She also loves pulling herself up on my leg, which then leads to me guiding her around the house as she practices walking. I’m exhausted by 2 pm most days, but there’s nothing more important to me than interacting with her—something I realize I’m so lucky to be able to do.9) What is the menu looking like in your house these days? More or less? (assuming you’re mostly cooking and prepping meals at home for your growing family!)

    Matt and I try really hard to live a healthy lifestyle and to pass that along to Margot. Don’t get me wrong, some nights, all we want is something straight up greasy and gross, so we’ll order our occasional pizza, but most days look something like this:

    – Green juice for breakfast (celery, green apple, cucumber, cilantro, spinach, kale)
    – Salad for lunch (tuna, chicken)
    – Meat/Fish and greens for dinner…or pizza lol

    As for Margot, she drinks breast milk for breakfast and eats solids for lunch and dinner. Right now, she’s eating a mixture of pork, chicken, beef, spinach, kale, peas, pear, apple, bananas and squash.

    10) What are some core values you plan on instilling in your daughter?

    I have so many hopes for the person Margot will be. I hope that she’ll be a genuinely good person. I want to teach her the values of respect and selflessness; to do things for others without the expectation of anything in return. I hope that she’ll be a smart and intelligent person. Someone who thinks for herself and is strong enough to know that her decisions are the right ones for her. I hope that she’ll be open to new things. I want to expose her to different types of foods, cultures and ways of life so that she understands that different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. And I hope that she’ll be a fun-loving and happy person. We make it a point to nurture a sense of humor and keep things silly at home, so that she knows that she shouldn’t have to take herself too seriously and that the best medicine really is laughter.

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