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    First Teenage Jobs and Homemade Banana-Berry Smoothie Recipe!

    Let’s talk about first jobs, shall we?

    I couldn’t wait to start working in my teens. Mom and Dad were of this “if you want something you have to work for it” way of thinking.. wish most parents would’ve stuck to that. Motivation? I was 16 and had no phone. Neither of my parents would co-sign for me. I didn’t know where to start. It almost seemed unfair and I had all sorts of stresses!

    I need a job to make money.

    I need a car to get to that job. 

    I need to make money to pay for that car. 

    I need a phone. 

    I need money for that phone. 

    I need a credit line for a card and a phone. 

    I am so happy I didn’t give up right then and there. The whole thing, at the time and with my teenage-mindset, made absolutely no sense to me! I was told all my life not to compare myself to others, but I was surrounded by peers who were gifted cars on their birthdays. Yep! Gifted. Cars. It’s not even that my folks didn’t have the money to just go out and buy me a car. They were not about to invest in someone who wasn’t willing to invest in themselves.

    What could I do in this little town we lived in? Well, 2 miles away there was a housing development called Michael Crews. They were hiring someone on weekends to hold up a sign that said: NEW HOMES. This was back in 2002 (fall of senior year). Since the drive for my mom to take me to work was only 2 miles, I figured I could convince them to at least drop me off, and at the worst case I would walk to work. (Called their bluff on that one, they wouldn’t let me walk… 😉 ) So look. $10 per hour (yep!) and I was not just a sign holder, I actually had a more refined title: A Human Directional. Yes, me! School on Mon-Fri and then for countless weekends I was working and pocketing $160 CASH. After 2 months of doing this I had enough cash set aside that I had my father take me to the car dealership and we got approved for a loan. They saw how motivated I was and guess what? Every month I had a car payment of $200. I paid it ON TIME, every time and I LOVED that I was able to learn such valuable lessons.

    Being mobile now, there was a Jamba Juice 20 minutes away hiring. Yes! I worked at Jamba Juice which brings me to what I want to share for this post! Look at that.. you get a story AND a recipe! 😉 I never understood the people who would be all about fitness and healthy living coming in to Jamba Juice and ordering a smoothie to replace their breakfast. If you only knew… I mean, so what that I will throw an energy boost or Vitamin C boost in your drink… I also had to put in over 8oz of APPLE SYRUP (they would concoct these SUGARY SYRUPS and that’s ingredient #1!) and oh, I have to throw in 2 scoops of ice cream as well, so your morning jog to here? Dude, you just ate ice cream for breakfast. You could have gone to red cup yogurt and had a healthier experience. -_-

    Since I’ve been juicing and making smoothies every morning at home now for the past 2-3 months, I made something the other day that tasted exactly like the banana berry smoothie at Jamba Juice but the ingredients were 100x better.

    Here are the ingredients:

    • Silk Vanilla Organic Soy Milk (got a couple at Costco!)
    • Chobani Greek Yogurt (Vanilla flavored)
    • Fresh spinach
    • Frozen berry mix (got this one from Fresh and Easy but I’ve used the organic Costco brand before and it’s just as good)
    • 1 banana
    • Frozen mango chunks (Smart and Final had these)
    • Frozen broccoli (Smart and Final)

    **The amount you see in the photos below is the amount I used. I put all of the frozen ingredients first and then I fill up the Vitamix 2/3 of the way and then I throw in 2 heaping scoops of Greek yogurt. Blend it up and enjoy! The amount featured below was enough for 2 regular cups and then I split the rest between my kids, who loved it as usual and thought they were having blueberry/banana ice cream for breakfast.

    There you have it! Tomorrow I will try this but I will add more strawberries and instead of mangoes I am going to use peaches. It’s fun mixing it up here and there.

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