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    Green With Envy Blues – The Importance of “Days Off” While on Vacation

    Is there such a thing as “too much vacation”? I am iiiiiitching to get back to work all of a sudden.

    We’ve spent many days out.. keeping busy constantly with family to see and lunches, dinners… found myself this weekend at the mercy of my body. It just gave up! I mean, the fatigue hit me like a rock. I could barely get up this morning. I had to say no to plans, I had to say no to all of the “hey Talia, wanna ____?” It’s alright. I know it’s okay to have days during the vacation to just do nothing. Stay in and rest. My body did this to me once last year… I think it was after the 40th wedding we shot where I had a day with 100 things to do and no way to get my brain to convince my body that it was okay for me to leave the house. I mean, legs shook, fatigue.. similar to now, only with not much on my plate, work-wise. Has this happened to anyone?

    I know in Manila it’s a culture of guilt-free time off, which does seem so refreshing compared to the workaholic attitude in America. I wrote last week on how you need more than the two-week max for your vacation time, because a day or two should definitely be spent doing… well, nothing. In a new land where there is just so much to see and do, if you’re exhausted half the time, your body will catch up to you, as did mine.

    I had a late everything that day. A late start, a late coffee, a late breakfast, a late lunch, a late nap, a late dinner, and an early sleep. I woke up the following day feeling so exhausted still, even after 10 hours of rest. I needed to repeat the previous day. I also needed to take a mental note of all of this. The next vacation I plan, I will make sure to include a couple days where there is nothing else except for rest, and this time, I’ll plan it before my body does. <3 Hope you’re all having a blessed week! <3 Talia

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