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    Grimaldis Pizza in Las Vegas – Good Eats

    I can’t think of many combinations better than a refreshing glass of red sangria with a perfect slice of Margherita pizza. Thin crust, charred on the sides just right, with the right crunch as you bite in to it.

    Grimaldi’s. So happy to have been introduced to you.

    We have been to this fabulous pizza place three times since discovering it.

    Pizza is exactly the same flavor and taste as in NY according to my friends who have tried it! Apparently they have a chemist match the waters of the west coast so they can be identical to the water in Brooklyn. This is honestly how I want all my pizza to be: Perfectly firm and crispy crust, perfect cheese to meat ratio, and flavorful toppings. You’re getting authentic NYC pizza here, so you will leave very satisfied after a couple big slices. The flavorssss… amazing.

    The reviews say it all, it’s the #1 place we’ve heard about when it comes to pizza recommendations in Las Vegas. You won’t be getting Domino’s pricing, the pizza’s are pretty pricey, so it’s worth it to get at least the medium size and split, two personal pizzas can run you close to $40, and with sangria? Forget it! You’re looking at a yummy but pricey lunch/dinner. I know they have some locations in LA as well, so if you’re around that area, be sure to check them out! Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone! <3 -Talia

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