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    Growing Up Is Hard To Do

    Hey Tals!

    Sorry I couldn’t write to you yesterday. We are hosting our very first Thanksgiving lunch/dinner tomorrow and this week has been a  lot of planning. Thanks Jeff for convincing me to sign up for Pintrest.) I’m going to need to devote a whole post in response to yours but for now I can easily say that you are not alone in stopping the game. Yes I was younger but our friends, some who actually stuck around for the long haul, changed our relationship a lot too. That’s not to imply that they were the wrong crowd but our interests, other than acting in plays/musicals, changed so much especially in high school. By then I was spending most of my time playing D & D with Jed and co. that Barbies became a “thing of the past”. I got so into “boy stuff” like video games and robot anime which maybe drove you away too. It’s hard being a younger sister but I’m sure it’s even more difficult to be the older sister. Watching me make dumb decisions and questioning my tastes. I’m sure I could go on about what we both could have done to strengthen our sisterly bond in grade school but right now it’s just nice that we can still stand each other enough to write on a semi-regular basis. 🙂

    Again, it’ll be good to really dig deeper but for now just remember that even at my eye-rolling-est you know I love you. I also know why you can come off so overbearing sometimes. In the moment all I can think about is how my annoying older sister is trying to control my life but yes, I know it is only coming from the best, most sincere place. I really can’t wait to see you again.



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