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    Hair Wars

    Written by: Darcy Nichole

    In the spirit of ‘May the Fourth be With You’ yesterday, I have dedicated today’s blog to Hair Wars. I get stopped a lot regarding my hair. I’m often asked if it’s all mine, or if they are extensions, how long it took me to grow it out, how to get it so healthy looking, etc. I do have to disclaim in the honest spirit of the Hair God’s, I got my mom’s hair, which is straight and there is a lot of it. I definitely lucked out when it came to genetics, HOWEVER, (and that’s a pretty big butt!) even with my hair genes, it took a lot for my to get it like this and a lot of years to do it. Around 4 actually for length, quite a bit longer for sporadic washing. I would always see hair adds when I was little and I would be SO envious of the girls in the pictures. I always wanted long beautiful thick hair! I knew I had a lot of hair, because even with short hair it was super thick in pony tails, however, when I would try to grow it out, it would end up looking so scraggly on the ends i’d end up having to cut somewhere upward of 5 inches off to make it healthy again. Which of course would put my right back to shoulder length hair. Ugh! It was such a vicious cycle. I did what I could and what I was told. I washed and brushed my hair everyday in hopes to get myself some long beautiful locks. I think at one point I would even do 100 strokes with a brush because that’s what i heard you had to do to have healthy hair. Not sure if I was the only one who ever heard that as a little girl, but I remember hearing it in an old black and white movie. The classics. I love them. (: So what did I do to get my hair looking like this? I’m sure there are a few different ways as everyone’s hair is different, but here is my experience in the last 4 years of my hair war.

    When I was in high school, my best friend (who still is), for some reason or another didn’t wash her hair one time for like 6 days. I forget the reason now, but I think it ended up turning into some sort of competition or bet to see how long we could go. I’m pretty sure I lost. However, shortly after high school, another bff was on her way to becoming a hair guru (I’m not joking she can literally fix any mistake cut or color, thank you Jenn!). She told me once that it wasn’t good to wash your hair everyday because it dried the natural oils out and that’s why my hair would get so oily so fast. She also told me to cut it every 3-5 weeks… we’ll talk about that later. I remember I went more than a few days for my hair competition with Bree, so, I followed the same concept and just started washing it every other day instead of every day. If on the second day it would be oily, I would come up with some braid or pompadour look to put my hair up to get by another day. After a while, I would go 2 days, and do the same thing. I had to either put a hat or beanie on and/or get super creative for the oily days. I eventually would be able to go more and more days without washing it. I was in my early 20’s when I started this. I am at the point now that I wash my hair around every 2-3 weeks. It no longer gets oily and you would never be able to tell. I usually wash my hair when my husband hugs me and says, “Oh hi my beautiful boho” or if it’s been really too long he just calls me a dirty hippy. Haha! It’s definitely to each his own with how long you choose to go in between washes, but with 3 boys 4 and under, these last 4 years have been pretty easy regarding my hair and showering while raising a toddler and twins. A quick shower is pretty much all the time I am allotted so to not have to worry about my hair with every shower is really awesome! Disclaimer** yes I take showers daily, I’m not gross.

    I know you have all heard the rule of hair ‘trim every 3-5 weeks to make it grow faster’. I heard it all my life, and never really thought twice about it… until I started doing it. When people ask me about the strength and length of my hair it it literally the first thing out of my mouth, EVERY time. It is seriously that simple guys. I know, if you were like me, it’s hard to understand why cutting your hair so often would make it grow. Well, the truth is, it doesn’t. What DOES happen, however, is that by trimming all of the bad ends of so often, it allows the ends to remain thicker, so when your hair does reach certain length, it is and looks healthier all the way down to the ends. If you get caught in the vicious cycle of bad ends and having to cut so much off to get healthy hair, then it really takes twice as long to get there. make sense? If there is ONE thing you take away from this please let it be this. If you want long, healthy locks… TRIM YOUR HAIR. (:

    On to hair care. I have to say, in this area, I am the least knowledgeable. I dry my hair only once after washing it to dry it straight and I don’t use any products. When I wash my hair, I try to use products without the harmful chemicals in them that make you lose your hair. My kids already take care of that, thanks. I’m definitely not trying to be bald by the time I’m 50. I wear lots of braids and try to use rubber bands without the metal clasps on them. I also do a lot of buns… my boys think my long hair down is SUPER fun to play with and get all dreaded up. Which brings me to brushing. I pretty much ALWAYS have a wet brush with me. If I don’t brush my hair throughout the day, I usually end up with one huge rasta looking dread and it takes me about 15 minutes to brush it out with conditioner in the shower. Not fun. After a few of those.. I’ve learned my lesson.

    So there you have my very simple hair secrets. It really doesn’t take much but some patience, persistence (for the oily days), and Pinterest (for the creative oily day hair styles). I’m not a hair specialist, but this is what works for me. So again, in the spirit of the fourth.. May your hair never get crazy like Chewbacca’s or scraggly like Yoda’s; and as Luke would say.. May the ‘Do Be With You! 😉


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