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    Half-Assed but Full Glass – Pumpkin Carving with the Kids

    We did it. We were one of the millions (I think?) who purchased these $3-$5 pumpkin carving kits, brought them home, read the instructions and thought: this sounds like too much work. We might have accidentally bought the advanced versions because here my kids are just trying to carve eyes and a crooked mouth on a pumpkin and what do they get? 20-30 minutes to empty out the seeds, a 45-minute tracing session and then another hour to do the outline and oh dinner’s ready and we have yet to carve in to these babies. By babies I mean pumpkins… please don’t carve babies. The choices for scenes we had were pretty intense. Maybe I’ll let Jeff choose next year.

    See, some things are purely for the time you get to spend outside with family. Those hours outside proved quite entertaining- so much so that the kids were fine quitting after we finished just one. And what happened to the other pumpkin? Well, they were both gutted, one was half-finished on one side and the other was barely touched. We left them outside and Jeff put a candle in one so we could see that ghost. We all thought, “cool.” Then continued watching whatever show was on that night (might have been Casper), and the following day it rained. I looked outside at the nasty pumpkins and told my husband to throw them out.

    How were your carving adventures this year? Truth be told, I always tell myself “we’re not doing that this year” because of the hassle and mess, and I always ALWAYS last minute end up buying the pumpkins in those cheap bins at the grocery because I get this mom-guilt like I’m taking away an experience from the kids. Anyone else do this? 😉 I never regret it though, but it always seems like everyone else has a really fun time with these when half the experience (that usually isn’t photographed) is stressful and exhausting. Hence: the bottle of Blackstone Pinot Noir that had to be shared by the husband and I. I don’t know if we would have made it through the first pumpkin without it. By the time it was carved, sun was gone and it was too late for me to cook dinner. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings that night. All in all? A great evening with the kids. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend everyone! <3

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    ^When you immediately realize that giving your 3-yr-old the carving tool is not a good idea. Thank God for quick reflexes!

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    Photos by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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