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    Hallo-weening in the Newborhood

    Do you know what Halloween is usually like for us? Curtains down, lights off, leave the house. We were those people who refused to pass out treats in our previous neighborhoods. 1) it was never safe, there were always incidents and cops called for whatever ghetto reason and 2) we would take our kids to a nicer neighborhood in ohh… Point Loma or Del Mar, or even the mall earlier in the day to let them do some “safe” trick-or-treating. This year was a little different. We were in a new state, didn’t know too many people, and we were living in a neighborhood that is known for some amazing trick-or-treating, apparently. The lines of cars to get in this place.. and you had to be on someone’s guest list in order to get in (c’mon Californians, you know you wanna move…. 😉 ).

    We were excited to partake this year, needless to say. They told us to have at least some form of decor outside to let people know there would be candy at the house. So I went to Target, spent about $30 on the good candy — and by “good” I mean, the gmo poison candy-candy like Twix, Skittles, Kit-Kats, Milky Ways, you know… I mean, I debated for a while at the aisle whether I should be that parent who passes out organic goodies but I don’t need my house being egged okay!? Kids don’t like that stuff and last thing I needed was a bunch of superheros and princesses looking at me like I was LAME. I got myself a couple bottles of good wine since we were having company, and I spent ONE WHOLE DOLLAR at the dollar store to buy ten of these plastic-ghosts to hang from your tree. You read that right. TEN ghosts for ONE dollar. Which reminds me, I gotta take those down soon here before we get an HOA notice… we hung those bad boys up around 4pm the day of Halloween. A quick project the night before that kept my son entertained for an entire two minutes and my daughter was content and not complaining about boredom for at least ten minutes.

    The morning of Halloween was nice. Kids slept in– my daughter is on the year-round school thing out this way so God help me she has the ENTIRE month of November off. I was watching Risky Business the other day while on the spin bike – don’t ask it was on tv and I kept it on, and when I saw the famous scene with Tom Cruise singing in this underwear, I reminded myself to play that for the kids. Can I tell you… I played it for them the morning of Halloween and they had me repeat it for over an hour. We all got in to our button up t-shirts, socks and undies and began dancing and singing… so much fun! Next thing I knew it was close to lunch!

    Here’s a snippet of Seb:

    Seriously, how much fun is this kid? Anyhow, by 5pm it was getting cold out, and Seb had quite a few outfits to choose from, so Mario it was! Amelia last minute changed her mind from being Pocahontas to Esmerelda (or any random gypsy) and I used a Renaissance outfit to play her gypsy mother (which technically wouldn’t have involved dressing up for those who know me best!). The fabulous morning was followed by an even better evening. So happy to be out and exploring the new neighborhood, looking forward to many more holidays out this way! Cheers everyone, hope you’re all having a great week! <3 Talia

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    Photos by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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