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    Halloween Hang-out-fit

    Natalia! I seriously cannot stand Sebastian’s cuteness anymore! You might hate the haircut right now but he looks absolutely perfect. He can’t be an Asian boy unless he’s had at least one home made bowl cut. Remember Jed’s hair when it was like that?!?! Hahah. I love it and the suspenders are fantastic. Here’s Otto wearing ones that he sadly grew out of. This was Christmas 2012. He was only 6 months old in this shot! Our perfect little Charlie Brown. Brendan’s folks even have the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.Pin ItAnyway for this post I just threw on an example of an ideal everyday lounging outfit. Something casual and personal, that’s so easy and simple that I could even wear it right out to the store/post office/anywhere without a second thought. The top was something I made last year for Halloween when I dressed up as young Bulma. (Of course I’ll have to post about the Bulma and Trunks outfits sometime soon! Maybe a flashback post right before this Halloween???). Anyway I kept the shirt since it’s so comfy and threw on a pair of comfy “dress pants” that I really need more of. These are stretch at the back and are simply perfect. My good friend Julie and I did a trade in which I made her a romper and she gave me these pants. Also the shoes I’m wearing were on sale for $9!! What do you think of the new hair?? You’re probably not into it but I love it. Buying grey hair dye or silver toner was not in the cards for me so I ended up at Target and found some basic Black Revlon hair dye (which was $3.50!!) and got started. I mixed everything according to the directions but I added plain conditioner and some Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo to get to grey. I only left the dye in for a couple of minutes, too. I didn’t want my hair to go black completely. Then I washed it out with hot water. To my disappointment my plan didn’t work… I ended up with dark purple/black hair. I slept on it for the night and in the morning I still didn’t like it. After some research I was able to find a recipe for a non-toxic hair color remover. It took two attempts and I only kept the mixture on for 20 minutes at a time but I finally reached a nice grey that will lighten as I wash my hair. And that concludes yet another one of my hair journey stories. You know there will be more to come but for now I’m happy with where it’s at! Love you Tals and chat soon!


    Top: Home made Halloween

    Pants: Asos

    Shoes: Target


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