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    Hash House A Go-Go and the Fremont Street Experience

    Need something to do on a Sunday in Vegas?

    FREMONT STREET! Imagine Hollywood and that section with Mann’s Chinese Theatre only no cars and not as many people coming up to you with their demo tapes. Open bars everywhere and kiosks. People zip-flying above you from one end to the next. Live music. Good eats. Slot machines. Street performers. We parked at one of the nearby hotels that offer free valet (just bring some cash for tip of course) and walked across to the Plaza hotel to experience Hash House A-Go-Go. I’ve been to the one in San Diego once, many years ago with a friend of mine. I absolutely loved it. Their massive, fresh bloody Mary’s along with a smoked salmon benedict sold me on this place, and I attempted taking Jeff there three times. Every single time the wait was too long, so we never got to try it together.

    For those who haven’t been, Hash House A Go Go is an awarding winning, locals favorite in San Diego. Once we parked and asked the valet for a recommendation for his favorite place to have brunch he didn’t even pause to think about it. Hash House A Go Go … at the Plaza Hotel! I looked at Jeff, “If this is the same one in San Diego then there’s no way we are going to get a table on a Sunday at 11:30am.” We walked over anyways, and when we were told to wait just five minutes, I was still in disbelief that this was the same restaurant as the one in San Diego. Until we saw their menu, and the huge portions coming out to the tables surrounding us.

    Some tips on coming here: bring your appetite and your camera! The portions sizes are as big as your head, and the plating is very photo-worthy. You almost don’t care at the moment to be that person who has to take a photo of the food since it’s actual proof if you can devour it… which, good luck if you’re my size. I was full for the rest of the day. We ordered several things to try. I knew the kids should have split a kid’s meal! The sizes of the kids meals were more than I would recommend for an adult. The chicken fingers filled a whole plate along with the yummiest fries. Perfectly seasoned and crisped. Amelia’s pasta dish was gigantic. Jeff ordered a burger that had to be held together with a steak knife. I got a smoked salmon scramble this time.. absolutely killed it. The only thing I couldn’t finish were all the potatoes on my plate, I was saving room for the bread pudding at the end. My brother ordered the chicken fried steak benedict.. yeah. Whatever they use for their sauce.. wow. It was a great 10-15 minutes of silence as we all sat there and enjoyed the flavors across that whole table. Highly recommend this place if you have an appetite! Even with the large portions and being able to split something with a friend, I think we would still each order something of our own the next time, just to try more of their menu. Any leftovers? Well, take ’em home! The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was their cheesecake. I guess I was expecting flavors similar to that of Cheesecake Factory, but other than that… everything else we ordered was fantastic! Ohhh thank you Vegas for the good eats that continue to pop up! I’ll take more recommendations from any one who is local or frequents Vegas often for dining. Really loving all the exploring we are doing lately. <3

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