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    Healing & Possibilities

    Day: Last.

    After the summer of her senior year in high school, 2005, Rebecca was apartment hunting. She had just turned 18 in July, but wanted out. There wasn’t a hostile living situation or anything, she had just been longing for that freedom of not living under her parents roof anymore – like most of us do at 18 – and was actually going through with it. Becca has been known to make some decisions in haste, so naturally the family was concerned. She had started dating someone and wanted to be closer to them in downtown San Diego.

    Natalia is a sister who involves herself. It’s one of her best and worst attributes. Sometimes she’s right, sometimes she’s wrong. But her 20 year old self didn’t feel good about this move Rebecca was making because of the shady moving arrangement in which Rebecca was going to live in a bedroom while the landlord was going to stay in the living room and the only perk was that she could lock her door. I mean, Talia knew that her sister wanted her own space but, umm.. how about the “Heck No” train to “Eff-that-ville.” Talia noticed their mother just felt at a loss for words and this whole thing was out of her hands. She felt like she had lost all control with her children who indeed, rebelled significantly in their teens and was perhaps hoping Rebecca would be the saving grace. Alas, we all have bad decisions we make and only now being a parent can we truly understand what this did to our mother.

    Without really thinking (that “haste” thing we mentioned earlier, no bueno!), Talia ran out to the Corolla that was still under her name and threatened to slash it’s tires. Maybe she wasn’t prepared for her sister to move away, but there was also an awful feeling in her stomach and she went a little ballistic. Of course there was an argument in the front of the house, some yelling, some tears. Something about a deposit that Rebecca was going to lose since she already agreed to this arrangement. But no. Talia didn’t care at that point. Her sister was not going through with this one. When Rebecca started filling up her old station wagon that we all thought didn’t work, that’s when Mom stepped in. She said she would call the cops and tell them it’s uninsured and not registered. So there you have it. Becca was stuck. We can elaborate on this a little more, but everyone can agree that ultimately, this was a good thing. Maybe she couldn’t see it at the time, but a week later there was a story on the news about a girl in that same neighborhood she was about to move in to and… let’s just say it’s haunting. There was a saving grace there.

    Fast forward to almost ten years. There is another move about to happen for Rebecca and her family. This one has good vibes written all over it. There is no interference, no sisters yelling (at least not about a move ūüėČ ) and nothing but well wishes and positive things for Becca, Brendan, and especially, Otto – who will be missed the most!

    We’re both super excited for the things to come, it’s exactly why this blog was started in the first place. We tend to work best when we’re apart. Any other sisters out there have a similar connection? Time and distance offer healing and possibilities. Looking forward to what’s to come, and thrilled to both feel in some way a huge part of each one’s new chapters. Tomorrow morning is an airport and a bit of sadness, thank God for modern technology!

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