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    The Beginning, A Good Place to Start

    Our first post! We are Talia and Becca. There ain’t much to it. This is an online journal between sisters who have much to say, whether it’s important or not.

    After high school, Rebecca moved to San Francisco. Almost eight years later, Talia finally followed and moved her whole family up to the bay area..but, such is life. Becca is moving to New York in less than a month! We haven’t ever been more than a seven hour car drive away from one another, so this is how we want to keep in touch with one another! It’s going to be so weird knowing we can’t just pack up a suitcase really quick and see one another, without having to go to an airport. =/

    This is not a fashion blog. Yes, we wear clothes and yes, some times we post where we purchased articles of clothing. But it’s a little deeper than that. We’re sisters, so we share. We couldn’t be more opposite in style preference and it shows instantly. We’re also super thrifty and like a good deal like anyone else. We wear the same thing over and over. Sometimes in different ways, some times the same. The blog is set to be more like a diary. A Dear Becca, Dear Talia-type of thing. So the post isn’t really geared towards advertising what’s on our bodies, but expressing what’s going on in our lives. And stomachs. Recipes galore! =)

    It goes without saying that everything written here is just an opinion and not up for debate. Feel free to join in on our convos whenever. Cheers!

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