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    In case you were one of the few who missed it, there was a Lunar Eclipse (a.k.a.) “Blood Moon” that happened last night. And for those of you who did catch it and are drawn to the moon and the stars as much as this ‘gazer’ here, then you will agree with me when I say it was SO COOL!

    I was hanging out with my younger brother up in Menifee as he whipped out his phone and ‘google maps’ to hold it up to the sky so we could see the outline of the geometrical patterns and scan the names of the stars and constellations surrounding this beautiful phenomenon. And yes, this one in particular—as rare as it was—to be the first Supermoon and total lunar eclipse in 30 YEARS was indeed, ‘cool’ at the very least.  I’m ‘mildly’ obsessed with our connection to the stars if you couldn’t tell at this point—what can I say? Especially as science has discovered, with regard to physics, that our bodies are made up of 60% water and“40% stardust”.

    We are but only such beautiful condensed atomic matter in our physical composition and make up. If this fact alone isn’t enough cause to discover the marvel, the mystery and the human purpose in understanding the sun, the moon, and the stars astrologically in how their energetic fields affect us on a physical and metaphysical spectrum, especially during such rare types of lunar eclipses—then I don’t what else is!? Astrology and biology go hand in hand, and even though we have yet to see the full manifestation of it—so too do Science and Spirituality.

    And lunar eclipses are special for a number of reasons. Where solar eclipses only happen for a few minutes and can only be viewed from a relatively small area of the world, lunar eclipses can be seen anywhere on the night side of the Earth and last for a few hours. They occur when the moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra or ‘shadow’ and they are as rare as they are due to the fact that the sun, Earth, and moon must be exactly— otherwise very closely—aligned in order for the eclipse to occur and reflect the color it does.

    And on a side (slightly-off-topic) note: in case you were one of the few who also missed the memo from religious leaders around the world (potentially in your own church) that there would be some sort of major catastrophe/apocalyptic event take place—well, suffice it to say as I type these words, there wasn’t.

    All the Christians I know haven’t been ‘raptured’ and are as visible to my eye as my own reflection in the mirror. I apologize if this is coming off wrong. I should be the first to admit to those periods in my life where I was so ‘brainwashed’ with some individuals being SO convincing that I couldn’t help but believe they were true. Thankfully, I am at a place in life now, where I can laugh about it.

    Having grown up in the church, I can remember as far back as my childhood when one pastor after the next…and the next… would make one prophecy after the next, then the next as to when sh#t would go down. The “Y2K” being one of the big ones. For all of us who were a part of the religious frenzy back then, we remember it well. The computers were supposed to crash at the stroke of midnight in the year 2000 and total mayhem in the streets as asteroids and meteors plummet to the earth blowing the ground up from the depths of the ocean floor as Tsunamis engulf all the land.

    Buuuuuuut…. that year also came and went.

    And much like one of the more recent “End Times Prophecies” (before last night’s) December 21, 2012—which was supposed to mark the end of “Life Itself” (according to the Mayan calendar); well, I was still alive holding my (then) newborn, 1st baby girl—Hannah Rose—in my arms as I smiled from ear to ear, knowing all the ‘frenzy’ could finally be put to rest, or at least for that time being until the next ‘doomsday date’ would approach.  I want to go out on a limb to say that I ‘think’ …scratch that, I ‘hope’ we are starting to finally “get the point” that it may be in our best interest to stop going to all sorts of extreme places with our beliefs and ideas about what’s happening to this earth in the—key word—FUTURE on some—key word—FIXED date.

    Let’s focus on the ‘Now’. Let’s focus on the ‘Present of the Presence’—and indeed it’s a present, a ‘gift’ to the soul to even be breathing one more breath of Life here on earth, in the recognition that we are not human beings ‘having a spiritual experience’ but rather Spiritual Beings temporarily ‘having a human experience’ in this momentary, speck-of-a-slice of eternal existence on the Cosmic map of Creation.

    For as long as we consume our thoughts and energies on some doomsday, future event to happen on Planet Earth, we lock ourselves up in a state of stagnant, somewhat fearful living. And is this really the best use of time? Even if the skies are going to fall on all of our heads tomorrow, what would worrying about it accomplish?

    Simply put, we don’t know. And while I don’t believe that some sort of worldwide, apocalyptic event is ever going to happen on earth, just saying so— “I believe” it won’t—does not make it any more or less likely to happen than someone saying “yes, it WILL happen!!!” We believe what we want to believe, period. And for some of us, we can only stop believing something when presented with “absolute proof” such as …time continuing on after events (like last night’s) bring such disappointment in those false ‘beliefs’ / ‘prophecies’.

    But setting all that aside and focusing on the significance of last nights eclipse, to our energetic bodies that is, I will say that it brought with it—being in Aries—those healing energies of ‘self-image’. In this one blog shared by a close friend in a group message last night, I read it in its entirety to be most moved by the last sentence of the post:

    “We cannot connect with another until we are willing to know the ins and outs of connecting with ourselves. We cannot even connect with our life in an authentic way until we are willing to be real with ourselves. We are so much more than the image we project.

    And this couldn’t hold any more truth than it already does in its direct, simplistic wisdom. The way we view ourselves is so deeply embedded in the way we talk and (more importantly) listen to ourselves, in believing what our thoughts are telling us. If it is one negative thought after another, ungrounded in any truth, we become that which we most despise. But even learning to love what we most despise, rather than resisting it, for the sake of undoing those negative effects it has had on us, takes ‘will and work’; honest, objective introspection and ‘self-investigation’.

    We must start with the awareness that we give even more power to those things we so stubbornly and all-consumingly resist with such negative energy (even the worst of evils in this world). Could this be a practical reason that Jesus and every other Saintly Teacher to grace this earth told us to LOVE our enemy? By hating our enemy we think more about them, we bathe in self-pity over their wrongdoings to us and those around us, we collect more and more anger surrounding the thought of them….those thoughts are vibrations that affect us. Thoughts are energy….our thoughts ultimately shape our own reality—thoughts become us—-ok, we all know this Naomi we get the point!

    Ok, good =]

    So then, we can see how we must align our Awareness as the Thinker behind the thoughts, rather than the thoughts themselves. The Thinker is ultimately in control, recognizing that all the Power in abundance, success, and TRUE Joy of Living—endowed upon us by God—is already inside us waiting to reach its full potential in expression and physical manifestation. And herein begins the process of truly connecting with our-Selves in an “authentic” way so that we can truly connect with others in the ways we were meant to by Divine Design.

    Being consumed with incessant thinking, cynicism, and negative-self talk steers us away from the Presence within us in each ‘present’ moment and then robs us of full and complete connections in our lives. These habitual tendencies, including the ‘need for approval’ by others, the need to be ‘validated’ and justified so much to the point that we may even be losing sleep over it—such habits and tendencies become ‘thieves’ working solely for their master Ego. They don’t belong in our psyche at all. They will only create more barriers to break through to our truest-selves—that is, our lighted Spiritual, Energetic Selves—in living full, Joyous lives. Indeed, our greatest hindrance to achieving a life that actually feels abundantly full, lies in our own head. It’s as full or empty, REAL or UNREAL as we choose to believe. I realize in my own life what a difference an ‘attitude of gratitude’ makes in all regards.

    To be good Thinkers and stewards of our thoughts we must make a daily practice of monitoring them, remembering that all thoughts carry an energetic vibration (higher or lower) that are either conducive to self-empowerment (of self and others) or destructive. With last night’s eclipse in Aries and its healing energies, I said a prayer to our Father/Mother God and all my guides and angels to transmute the damage done to my soul by any negative-self-talk, fears, and ‘acceptance’ of false thoughts or beliefs I have carried throughout the years, including those damages I have inflicted on others with my words, that have also had an energetic effect on me.

    And as I continue to be the Observer of my own Mind, I must continue to pray such prayers as detrimental thoughts surface (at any point in the day)–in becoming the Master of my own Mind. The mind is only a part of the human brain construct, but the true ‘Master of the Mind’ is neither the human mind, nor the human thoughts created by the mind. The Master is the Consciousness above it all—the portion of Oneness-Unified with the Whole of God and the well-being of all Creation. Our soul-healing, Self-Awareness, and Self-connectedness will guide our ‘future’ into all connections with each other in our lives so long as we nurture them back to their proper places…may each of us be blessed in that continued journey and Awakening to the most healthy relationship with ourselves first and foremost, in order to reap the full benefits of all relationships in our lives. Jean-Paul-Sartre said: “If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company” …. I never want to find myself in bad company. Do you?

    So then, as we strive to become our own best friend–someone we can’t wait to be ‘alone’ with and spend time with, discovering the ability within to truly know ourselves—may we discover the wealth of healing power to wash away any and all lingering negative energies to live abundantly in the Joy we were made to Live in, especially through the ‘storms of Life’. May each of us be blessed with balance and self-Love…and a few more Lunar Eclipses would be nice =]

    *****Meditative Practice*****
    When you wake up in the morning before your feet hit the floor; as you go about your day whenever feelings of ‘defeat’ approach; and as you lay your head and bones to rest at night, repeat, repeat, repeat:

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz 

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