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    Kids Free At The Birch Aquarium In La Jolla

    Watch out San Diego.. you only have three days left to take advantage of the 40+ museums to take your kids for free in October! Just click on that link and take your choice! Getting out and exploring is one of the best things you can do with your kids. I’ve always loved the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla and I took Amelia there a couple years ago – seeing this place through the eyes of a two year old and a five year old is so much fun- while they’re observing fishes, I’m observing them.

    Sebastian and Amelia almost didn’t know where to start – they were so excited about venturing through this place. We did the entire round of this place in about 90 minutes, then went outside the aquarium for some ice cream, and then decided to go back in and do it all over again. Well, the kids decided, not me.

    Watching the turtles be fed in their tank brought me to this realization: I know there are so many people who are about “freeing the animals and sending them off to their wild habitat”. They think it’s cruel to leave these beautiful fish to die in a tank just for our viewing pleasure. UMMM… I don’t know about you, but if I had to be ANY ONE of those fishes, that’s where I would like to live. In an aquarium… swimming around in these huge circles while someone cleans the water and feeds me. Whyyyy would I want to live in the wild with the 99% chance that I am going to be swallowed by a shark or a whale. I shouldn’t be speaking for these fish, but even the sea gulls and birds have it right. You know how all these places where animals are kept and fed always seem to have stragglers (birds) who just hang out there for life? They aren’t confined, they just aren’t stupid either. They know there are humans there who are willing to feed them so they don’t have to try so hard.

    Thankfully this little aquarium isn’t one that gets protesters, perhaps if they help giant orcas then yes, but these little fish? Who cares about those guys, right? -_- Ahhh, another one of those: “you can’t pick and choose” scenarios.

    From a mother’s point of view, I am not paying anytime soon for my kids to get on a boat and sail the ocean seas, only to be put in scuba gear to go exploring in the actual ocean, so places like this will have to do. Just like I won’t (ever) be paying for an African Safari trip with my family so they can go in to wild Africa on a jeep to view some lions.. why do all this when you can go to the zoo or the Wild Animal park for a FRACTION of that price? OH, and a much smaller threat or chance of being chased after by these lions or rhinos.

    I know what a lot of my friends are thinking with grins: REALLY TALIA. You can’t just write about a fun day at the aquarium with your kids and post photos? No, no I can’t! You wouldn’t expect that from me either way. 🙂 I hope you’re all having a great week folks! San Diego, go out and enjoy this amazing weather and these amazing deals with your family! <3

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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