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    Dear Talia,

    Periods, amirite? The best part about being pregnant is that you don’t ruin any underwear for over a year! I wouldn’t be ashamed about wearing a pad though now that it’s come back. I haven’t used a tampon in years and it’s really not that life changing save for not being able to wear leggings as pants without the aide of an extra long top. I’d say just be brave and buy that gigantic bulk box of pads! If anyone stares at you I’m sure you’ll have at least a couple of things to say. You’ve always been the more outspoken of the whole family!

    As I’m typing this I have accidentally (and embarrassingly) dehydrated myself. AGAIN. This is the second time this year and it’s only the first day of spring. I was sick last week and by the weekend everything was fine but of course, come Tuesday night the dreaded sore throat crept up on me. A sore throat is my least favorite bit about being sick. Give me back pain and headaches over this! I haven’t been able to eat or drink anything without a struggle, and you know how much I enjoy eating. I’m going to load up on some tea and ibuprofen and hope to shake this damn sore throat.

    Love until next time,

    Becca <3

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