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    Learning to Sand + Stain – Completed Summer Projects!

    Simply put: my dad bought a coffee table ages ago. It was the perfect coffee table and he got it for a steal. All wood, square-shaped but rounded at the edges. A glass top and a place below for your things. He gave it to us when we bought our first condo back in 2009. It’s been dinged up, scratched all over, worn out, the inside drawer lining got destroyed by spill after spill from the kids that seeped through the glass top … but I couldn’t give it away. We kept it in storage while we were house-hunting… and for months kept telling ourselves: when we find a better one we will give this one away.

    We never found a better one.

    I never cared for the color, but didn’t have the time to have it professionally treated and stained, and yea, there were likely many moments of laziness where I just didn’t take it, or figured, the kids are messing it up right now so I’ll wait until they’re older to have it finished. The cost to have this professionally stained never made sense to my husband and I. It would have been more than buying a brand new coffee table. I always liked glass tops, but I didn’t like sharp sides (no one likes these with kids!), I always like the size of this as well, and I loved how the edges were rounded. We just couldn’t find one as perfect. So finally, after moving to Vegas, I noticed I had way more time during the week… and we decided in the dead of summer to do it ourselves. My cousin out this way had an electric sander, and his friend Jason came over one afternoon, met with me at a Home Depot and then showed us for about an hour how to do this. Seemed easy enough. It got KIND OF addicting!

    Jeff thought I was crazy at first. Spending hours outside in 100+ degree weather. But once I started… I couldn’t stop. I ended up sanding and staining the bar stool tops, the bar side table, and then the guest bed frame! All were lighter wood prior, and we just got it done. All in all.. 4 projects took us a little over a month. It was exhausting but I can’t tell you how rewarding it feels right now knowing #1) we saved all that money and #2) we did this ourselves! Now I have the perfect coffee table back in my life, I just have to figure out what I am going to put in the drawer this time. (I used to have it filled up with wine corks, but I’m thinking, maybe souvenirs, trinkets this time around?)

    Anyhow, I hope this post either encourages you to finally get to that project you’ve had around the house and wanted to finish, or not. Maybe you’ll look through this and just think I’m crazy too, and that’s okay. I’ll definitely be open to doing this again, but next time, early Spring or Fall months would work best. There was a day I swear I suffered through heat stroke and I was pretty much stuck in bed all day with the chills and nauseated. So yeah, I do not recommend doing this in the Vegas summer.

    That’s it! That’s all I got for this Monday. Have a great week everyone! <3

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    ^This bed frame was mine since high school. It’s been traveling with us all this time as well… because it’s solid wood and I liked it but didn’t care for the color. So we went ahead and stained it too! Perfect queen sized frame for the guest room and eventually for Amelia!

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    Photos by: Jeff & Natalia Cruz

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