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    Let It Be

    Written by: Darcy Nichole

    Chaos. If could describe my life with my boys in one word, it would be that. If I could describe it in two words, it would be awesome chaos. My day to day is nothing short of extremely eventful and nonstop running around. Whether it´s changing diapers, cleaning up poop from potty training, making food constantly for their insatiable appetites, going on an adventure, wrestling, or stopping a fight over a toy that has a double but for some reason is just not good enough that day, it doesn’t ever stop. Even with all of the things that fill my day up and keep me on my toes, I wouldn’t change it for anything. On top of the chaos that it my life, there are SO many lessons that come along with it. And for those small lessons that help change and better me, I will forever be grateful.

    My motto with the boys has always been, “the harder the work, the bigger the payoff”. I’ve stuck by that and doubt it will ever change. Even through the day to day chaos, NOTHING compares to having those three boys attack me with hugs or kisses just because… The feeling is incomparable to anything I’ve felt other than the love that my husband and I share. Even with all the love that comes, the lessons have taught me so much not only just about myself, but how I operate in the world. One of the biggest lessons I´ve learned in my 4 ½ short years of being a mom is that sometimes you just have to let it be. I can´t tell you how many times, in the midst of screaming and fighting and whining and poop that I have literally just stopped and busted out in song. Thank you to The Beatles for that soft reminder that sometimes, I can´t control everything and I literally am forced to let things go that I never would have prior to having my awesome nuggets. (: This valuable lesson has definitely carried over to my everyday outside of the kids. There are somethings that come my way now and don´t bother me as they once would have. I can´t tell you how alleviating it has been for me.

    Another lesson I´ve been extremely blessed to learn is how important making myself a priority has been. After the twins, I developed postpartum depression. After about a year of unknowingly dealing with it and finally having it diagnosed, it was a huge wake up call to me and just how important taking care of myself is. Again, The Beatles, coming in with the best song ever, reminding me that sometimes I have to let the mess, or chaos of my life ´be´ so that I can do what´s best for me, and that in turn will affect my family in the best way. It´s so hard as a mom, especially becoming a mom to so many so fast, to be okay with not putting children and husbands first. For me, it was my new ´job´ and I wanted to do my best… and in that mindset, I did my worst.

    So in the spirit of The Beatles, remember that it´s okay to ´Let It Be´ and take care of yourself and put yourself first. When you do, you become the best version of yourself and in doing that, you are the best version for your kids and family. And inadvertently, they see it´s not only okay, but a good thing to put yourself first and take care of YOU! After realizing this, it´s been a lot easier to laugh and smile through the day to day chaos. (:

    Darcy Nichole xo

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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