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    Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: Sew It All Away

    Morning Tals!

    I can’t believe what happened to you! Mom didn’t call me but, yeah, she probably didn’t want me to worry in case it wasn’t as serious as you thought. Of course we’re so glad it wasn’t. I hope it’s only good news when you go in for your MRI. I sadly couldn’t give you any advice on how to ease the pain you’re still feeling but rest, time with family and, in your case definitely, some wine will keep you from over-worrying. There’s only speculation until your next check-up and that’s so bad for you mentally. Anything that takes you mind off of what it could be is a good thing, right? Plus it looks like with those two cute kiddos you’ll have plenty to keep yourself occupied for now.

    I don’t have much to say in this post that you haven’t already heard. Now that all of my Comic-Con plans went down the toilet into the septic tank of disappointment, we all decided to still take a vacation (not much choice there since the time-off was approved weeks ago…). The best thing to come out of this whole thing for me was just getting out of Rochester for the weekend. (Also I’m kind of avoiding social media for obvious reasons.) To take my mind off of things I brought down half a suitcase of fabric down to Pine Bush and Michelle and I are going to have a sewing marathon over the next couple of days. Plus much needed time with family. I know all of Brendan’s family missed the heck out of Otto so it’s a good thing for everyone right now. Except maybe Otto. He’s got a runny nose right now which isn’t great news but he’s other than being real cranky he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down at all. We’re gonna keep an eye on his temperature and see what happens tonight. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring down some children’s cold medicine on the off chance this might happen. He hasn’t been sick at all since last winter so I think a cold may have actually caught up to our little man.

    Here’s what I’ve got started for sewing projects. I’m spending the day cutting out all of the pieces I’m gonna need to work on about 6 projects at once. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

    Pin ItThis amazing tropical fabric is going to become another pair of high-waist shorts. Because I can’t stop and I won’t stop making them.
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    I can’t seem to pass a massive random button bin without taking several scoops home with me (at 10 cents a scoop it would be crazy to not, right?) Then of course I come home to look at what was randomly grabbed and it’s always an adventure organizing them. Before heading down to Pine Bush I went through, again, and grabbed a few different sets of 4-6 that I could make and figured once I got to the point off adding the buttons in I could decide on which set to use. HAHAHHA.

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    I’ll talk to you soon Tals and I hope you’re already feeling better! Love you!



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