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    Meet Yer Meat and Other New (Mostly) Food Based Jewelry

    Hey Tals!

    I’m almost shocked that you got in there and dug around for compost. Impressed, really! Can’t wait to try out some of your yummy veggies this summer. You  better save me an artichoke. 😀

    Today’s post will be kinda short, too. I’ve got quite a week ahead of me still and it’s only Wednesday. I wanted to show you what’s been keeping me busy these days. After requests for eggy pins and a nagging internal need for more earrings in the shop I’ve spent the past week coming up with some stuff I’m excited about.

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    Finally got to make those split fish into earrings! Still waiting on more earring posts so I can get these guys onto ears as soon as possible. Pin ItDrew up some bone earrings too. These are The radius and ulna bones of the arm. These guys are still waiting for a resin cure along with a couple other designs.

    Pin ItAnd here are the meat pins and earrings ready for their backings!The pins are actually a bit smaller than the other ones in the shop but I think they are just as good.
    Pin ItMama and babies. <3
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    Ok and I couldn’t help but make these guys. Lil’ D20 earrings!! How cute and perfect are they???

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    Then there’s these earrings. Only two exist in the world right now and they belong to  myself and Sarah. I don’t know if  they’ll ever end up in the shop though. Some things might be best left in very limited quantities.

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    Lastly, a little sneak peek at what’s next in the way of Little Otto goodies. Can you guess what it is??? Pin It

    Love you Tals! Till next time


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