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    Mellow Yellow


    I can’t believe your outfits. So spot on for everyone. I think we need to find Otto’s “fountain of happiness”. Who knows? It might even be a fountain, too. His smile really says it all, too. That look of complete and utter joy. Oh if only we could find such genuine happiness that easily.

    We are still in that transitional spot between “Official Summer” and “Official Fall”. It’s nice though. Cardigan and tights weather. Plus you get all this great, lush color on the sidewalk. Get ready for a stream of yellow on the blog. It’s a fantastic backdrop for any outfit I end up throwing together.

    So this post is kind of a two-part-er since this is the outfit I wore to take Otto to the park. (That post is all Otto, all the time). I figured to breakup the feed a bit and not overload this post with a billion Otto-bot shots, here’s a quick look at what I end up wearing when I take Otto on adventures.


    Top: eBay

    Shorts: Goodwill (altered)

    Socks: Forever21

    Shoes: Doc Martens

    This is pretty standard dress when it comes to chasing after Otto. Comfy and won’t reveal much when I need to pick him up (if you catch my drift)…

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