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    Music-Lover Mondays

    I have always known Naomi to have a guitar (or two or three!) by her bedside. Music has been a huge part of her life. She blew me away when I found out that she not only sings but writes her own lyrics as well. It doesn’t surprise me that she is bringing up her daughters to love music as well, and I’m so thrilled that she is sharing just a little bit of that part of her life with us as well! Here she is, ladies and gents! Naomi Goodale:


    Forget the “Manic Monday” it’s MAGICAL-MUSIC Monday ladies!!! So let’s turn the volume up!

    Now I suppose there are those few in the world who are “indifferent” to music for lack of a better word, but I think it’s a safe bet to say that most of us—though we may be attracted to different genres and artists—are nonetheless music-lovers, for no other reason than the fact that music plays into our lives; our souls in ways that nothing and no one else can. And that’s what makes it so special, don’t you agree? Music is a powerhouse of energy and vibrations all its own with an unending number of unique characteristics.

    Like—to name but one—the effortless way a song can take us back in time to a very specific moment (no matter how distant in the past) and enable us to feel the emotion all over again—so fresh! It’s incredible… “Like this one time at band camp….”ha! Kidding. No, but seriously….like the time I lost my virginity to my then boyfriend, now husband, David—with Howie Day’s song “Collide” playing in the background. It was the last song before “it” happened. I literally could never forget that song even if I tried!

    It was such a turning point and pivotal moment in my life. I was just about 21 years old (believe it or not) and had had somewhat of a very religious upbringing. Since I was a young girl, I had always vowed to God to wait until I was married to have sex. And let me say that getting through high school, being one of the only girls who were holding onto their V-card with such a tight grip, was…well interesting. But it was also very special. The girl who was not ‘exactly’ a prude, but kind of a prude; and I totally owned it!

    And by the age of 21, it was almost as if it had truly come to define me in some way. And I suppose that I can’t really say by the time I was 21 it was ‘still’ the “religious” reason per se….it had become more the feeling of wanting to give it to someone who I knew without a doubt loved me…I didn’t want to waste such a special gift on just anyone and it had to be someone who I equally loved and couldn’t imagine a life without. And that just didn’t happen until I knew David.

    I’ll never forget the night and the timing of it all; somewhat inopportune as he was just fresh out of a relationship, nonetheless we knew how we felt before anything happened. Friends for years before that point in time, we knew each other well and there had been an unspoken, pure depth to our love for each other. He knew I had been falling for him as much as I knew he was falling for me. It was exciting….and in some ways terrifying, but I’ll never forget it  (truly like the scene out of The Notebook) –nervously taking deep breaths, looking back into his eyes, I remember time standing still for just a moment, thinking to myself “this is the man I’m gonna marry”…just before giving him the ‘green light’ and nodding my head that I was ready.

    But I swear, EVERY time “Collide” comes on, I cannot help but remember what it felt like to be laying there after being ‘de-flowered’ (ha!) and torn with such a mixed bag of emotions. He had gotten up to use the bathroom as I rolled over onto my side so I could cry without him seeing the tears fall down my cheeks. I just laid there wrapped up in his sheets, somewhat in shock, listening to the song come to an end—“Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills my mind. I somehow find that you and I collide” He got back in bed and rubbed my back, cautiously, asking if I was ok. He was so loving in his voice. And yes, I was ok…just as soon as I rolled back over and into his arms.

    Fast-forward two years later to the night of our painful breakup knowing our lives were headed in separate directions and it was time to let each other go. Truly the most emotional pain (beyond my broken childhood) that I had ever experienced. I had never even seen him cry but that night we were both sobbing as we hugged, kissed, cried…cried some more…for FIVE hours before I left him…the Music-COLDPLAY—“Swallowed in the Sea”, “Scientist” “Fix You” “Yellow” etc…

    It was “THE” breakup CD. I still remember the drive up to my sister’s house (in Temecula at the time) sobbing the WHOLE way. The most beautiful and awful emotional and mental torture one could inflict on themselves. I’m married to the guy and whenever I hear “fix you” I still want to break out in tears and wipe my snot-faced nose!

    Now of course I could say a lot more about music and how it’s affected my life; why it’s so important to me; why I love playing music for my girls and exactly why I am so committed to instilling it into their bones. In fact, I have said a WHOLE LOT about it, if you’d like to keep reading here.


    But, in any case, today I’m sharing one of “Monday-Music-Lover’s Picks” with you. They are hands down one of my all-time favorite bands “Sleeping At Last” and I will say that it’s more of a “Mellow Monday” …the kind of romantic and sad music that just makes you feel so…ALIVEyet another unique and beautiful thing about Music!! Oh how I’d be lost without music!  These guys are INCREDIBLE! Get your ear plugs in and enjoy one song to the next here!   

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    All photos taken by: Natalia Cruz 

    Naomi’s Outfit Details:

    Full Outfit from Ross (In Encinitas—the BEST one)

    Black Stilletos by Carlos

    Pant Jumpsuit by Ambiance Apparel

    Shawl-Wrap by Rollacoster USA

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