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    Must Haves For the New Mom

    Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle

    It can be really overwhelming for a new mom to figure out exactly what it is she really needs for her new baby. Registries are jam-packed with a million different “must have” gadgets and trinkets that they claim you have to buy, but it’s hard to sift through and find out what really is necessary or what you really will use.

    Every baby is different so it’s a little bit of trial and error to see what purchases will work best for your lifestyle as well as which your baby will really enjoy. Here are some of my absolute favorites that have made my transition into motherhood as stress-free and smooth as possible:

    Exercise Ball
    This one is not exactly a baby product, but it has been completely vital to calming my newborn. Our son does not like to sit still and, in turn, doesn’t want us to sit still. He is not a fussy baby, but he likes to be bounced and rocked. While the swing does not calm him, and is not something he enjoys, he is perfectly content when we sit on this ball. The movement is perfect and always either makes him happy or puts him to sleep. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it works out our abs as well!

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    Bottle Sterilizer

    This is a really simple and inexpensive way to make your day-to-day much easier. With a bottle sterilizer, you can wash the bottles quickly, then just throw them in the machine. Once it’s full, it only takes a few minutes to sanitize. It also works for pacifiers and other small baby items. Of course you can just scrub and clean your bottles all really well, or throw them in the dishwasher, but this way we always have sterilized bottles ready to use when needed.

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    Avent Natural Bottles

    For the most part, a bottle is a bottle. At least when you aren’t also breast feeding. But the Avent Natural Bottles have a really comfortable design, and the wider top and nipple design make it so my son doesn’t spill as much while eating. He gets a perfect latch on it and is the easiest to feed him with.

    The Baby Brezza

    Okay, priced at $160 at Target, I could see how many people would consider this a luxury. However, this device that is basically a Keurig for baby formula has made our lives SO much easier! Because we started off using formula from the beginning, we are really getting our money’s worth. The machine holds 50 ounces of water on the side that is always warmed up to a perfect 98 degrees, and holds a large amount of formula on the top. You simply select how many ounces you want it to make, put any brand or sized bottle below, and press start. Viola! Only a short 30 seconds and you have a perfectly made and warmed bottle. No bottle warmers, no stirring, no worrying about the temperature- just a perfect bottle. At 3am when we were exhausted and still trying to figure parenting out, this was a gift from the heavens!

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    Baby Wearing Wrap

    The first time I really learned about what baby wearing is, was at a 3-hour “Baby Basics” course before our son was born. The class was definitely for a demographic that can be described as ‘hipster-hippies with expendable cash’. Everyone had a doula and lots of people were planning on home births. My husband and I were quite different from everyone else, and to be honest, I didn’t really get the whole baby wearing obsession. However, I registered for one of the wraps from target anyway. The first time I put my son in it was to do some skin-to-skin, and within a minute I knew I was a believer! My son absolutely loved it, it was so comfortable for me, and it allowed for me to get a lot done. It enables me to still be productive, while making my son very comfortable and allowing us to snuggle and remain close. This is the one thing we own that will soothe my son 100% of the time. There are several on the market, ranging from around $30 up to nearly $100. I chose a lower priced wrap because I wasn’t sure how my son (or myself) would feel about it, but it has really worked out well and is a product I will use as long as I can!

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    Portable Sound Machine

    Again, this is something not necessary, but has been really helpful! My husband and I find white noise really helpful when we sleep, and we also have a sound machine in our sons room. A good friend of mine got me this portable sound machine that just hooks right on to the car seat and it has been really great for us to have! Its perfect to mask some noises that can wake your baby, like crowds at a restaurant, and really keeps a steady noise that helps your child calmly sleep when you leave the house. There is of course volume control and a few different types of sounds. We mostly use an ocean sound and the heartbeat sound as well.

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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