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    Natalia Natalia Chop Chop Mahi Mahi – Lunch At Tocaya Organica, Venice Beach

    Arrived in LA on Wednesday for some photo sessions, down time to myself, and time with an dear old friend. “Old” meaning… childhood/middle school.. not like, whatever you get it.

    The days went by so fast, can’t believe I thought I could bring a book and some reading material like I was actually going to have any time for that. Natalia and I have known each other since we were 12. (Yes, we share the same name!) We met in middle school and I’d like to say we hit if off right away, but with anything good in my life, it took time. Haha! Fast forward to, well, a lot more years and here we are. Both with kids, both running our own little businesses. Very proud of the woman she’s become, and the super hands-on mother that she is! One day I might fill you in with a little more on what life is like when we’re together, but this blog is gonna be light – littered with images from the brief time spent.

    Please do yourself a favor and if you’re ever in Venice Beach, stop at Tocaya Organica. They serve up modern organic Mexican food and they are part of the movement or restaurants that want to change the way people experience food. Food that is not only delicious, but dishes that use healthy ingredients that are sourced from local and sustainable places. They offer an all-Vegan separate menu, and from there you can add on protein if you choose. It’s a perfect spot for a meet-up, with reasonable prices, and lots of options!

    Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!

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    ^ordered their “Chop Chop” salad and we added Mahi-Mahi to it.

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    afterwards we went for a stroll … nothing like a 70 degree day in July, by the beach!

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