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    National Wine Day – It’s The Simple Things

    Got swamped.

    Left the house.

    Went to a winery.

    Felt better.

    Find your happy place. Go there often. Date your husband. Love your family. Drink red wine.

    Happy National Wine Day!

    Another reminder: BevMo 5 Cent WIne Sale is ON! Make sure you’re out stocking up! <3

    And as if you needed any more reasons to drink red wine, here are some I pulled from this blog:

    1. Sleep
      New research shows that red wine, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, and Merlot, contains melatonin. Melatonin regulates the body clock, so drinking a glass of red wine before bed may help you sleep. Melatonin is also an anti-oxidant, which means it also has anti-aging and cancer preventative properties.
    2. Longevity
      A compound in red wine called resveratrol has been shown to increase lifespan in animal studies.
    3. Brain Health
      Resveratrol has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
    4. Heart Health
      Red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease thanks to the resveratrol and other anti-oxidants it contains.
    5. Lung Cancer
      Researchers from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain found that each glass of red wine per day reduced the risk of lung cancer by 13%.
    6. Prostate Cancer
      Four or more glasses of red wine per week has been shown to reduce men’s overall risk of prostate cancer by 50% and the risk of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer by 60%.
    7. Breast Cancer
      Moderate consumption of red wine is believed to lower the risk of breast cancer. However, drinking more than 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks per day appears to increase the risk of breast cancer in women, so moderation is key.
    8. Colds
      Researchers in Spain found that people who drank more than two glasses of red wine per day have 44% fewer colds than people who abstained.
    9. Inflammation
      Resveratrol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps overall physical health since many diseases and ailments can be attributed to inflammation.
    10. Cholesterol
      Resveratrol has been found in studies to lower LDL cholesterol, while another ingredient in red wine, saponins, also have cholesterol lowering properties.

    That’s it. Productivity for today is done. 😉

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