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    No, I’m Not Condoning “Locker Room Talk”, But I AM Calling You A Hypocrite

    This is not a political post. This is actually a “cheers to all my perfect friends who have never had one dirty thought in their lives” post.

    OOOooohh the shock to my ears when I heard the crass, vulgar remarks that Presidential hopeful Donald Trump made about women. I’m sure we’ve all heard it by now. However, that shock lasted about 3 minutes, then I sunk back in my chair and realized, wow… I have a lot to confess/apologize for.

    I’ve been to a few bachelorette parties, I’ve had my own. I went to a Thunder From Down Under show with a bunch of girl friends and we had a blast – laughing and sizing up these men with their seemingly real Australian accents. I know I’ve laughed with girls before and talked about men like they were meat. It was all in good fun. Yep, those are the words we would use to describe it, because it was innocent, there was no harm done. Some girls would take it a little overboard – some even joked about groping and didn’t. Yes I sat through the god-awful movie “50 Shades of Rape Grey” in a private theatre since I was invited by cousins and aunts. It was packed. Women were laughing at the disturbing ways that this main character was being treated. Why? Well, she kind of does it to herself. I’m not a fan nor have I read the books but if you watch this character she’s a total idiot and it’s not that she deserves this, but she allows it for whatever irritating reason. There’s literally a scene in this movie where he is WHIPPING her and she is crying and allows him to continue. Quite disturbing actually… yet how many of your friends have professed their love for a Christian Grey type? Does this make us assholes? I guess, now that I think about it; yes. Can you judge knowing fully in your heart you have never, not once, talked about or joked about the opposite sex?

    The following days after this video release was me sitting back continuously being shocked by how many hypocrites filled up my news feed with their take on the words that spewed from Trump’s mouth. Once again, not condoning what he said, but this was coming from people I have HEARD WITH MY OWN EARS speak down about women, talk about their looks, size them up with their crude words. Do you know how much strength it took for me to NOT comment on some of their posts? One was from an ex-boss, who had the audacity to post about his feelings on this topic. This man owns an establishment that in the three years I worked there, ONLY hired female servers. I would know, I was one of them, and I became a part of the hiring process to interview other girls for the job. I would sit in the office and listen to the head chef and the managers talk about the girls who would sit and wait for their interviews. They sat by the hostess stand not knowing that for five minutes they were being judged by their looks – body, appearance, etc. They had to have the —insert restaurant name—- “look” in order to work there. Even when I got pregnant, I was told by management that I didn’t have that —insert restaurant name—- “look” and was moved to lunch shifts instead of dinners. Another waitress there got pregnant and actually SUED the restaurant which had to settle out of court with her because once she was showing and didn’t have the —insert restaurant name—- “look”, they dropped her from 4 shifts to 1. We all knew it. Everyone who worked there knew it! And to top it off?! The head chef of this restaurant was a known (hate to use the word) “d-bag”… I can’t think of ONE girl who worked there who he didn’t hit on and degrade. Yet he kept his job. When there were complaints about him, management did nothing. I repeat: NOTHING. He said in his post that if he ever heard an employee speak this way about a woman, they would have been fired on the spot. UUMMM.. your general manager kept his job for years and he was called a pervert by almost every girl in that place. Even many female customers would be disgusted by both him and the head chef alone… so please. Who are you trying to kid?! Did I comment on the post? No. I knew this wouldn’t be something this person would ever admit on his FB timeline, so why bother? But what’s sad is at least 20 girls I know would vouch for this right now and say he was out of his mind to post what he did. -_-

    But we all get on our high horse and love to call out others, don’t we? Please, tell me how this isn’t THE SAME THING:

    Short of secretary Clinton saying she wants to see Lenny Kravitz’s d*ck, she implies it, but hey! That’s okay I suppose, since she is a woman talking about a man. Since she is a WOMAN speaking about a man’s body parts… guess that isn’t grounds for a 20-minute debate interview with Anderson Cooper. HYPOCRITES. If you can watch that and still want to talk about how what DT said was worse, you’ve been brainwashed and it’s apparent to everyone else but yourself.

    Gotta make up your minds on this one folks. If we have to stop bringing up personal affairs of presidential candidates from decades ago, that should apply to all candidates, right? I wish I could tell these people who are posting some of this stuff exactly what I think right to their faces. You are guilty, I am guilty, so let’s stop pretending like we are innocent in all of this, okay?

    And I know what a lot of people might be thinking: Well Talia, you’re not running for president. I get it! And as much as I cringe about our options for president currently, they are not running to be the pope. Sorry, but there have been great leaders who have been adulterers and pigs in their personal lives. (JFK, MLK.. just to name a couple. But they had a purpose, leading, and even with their personal affairs, they are still looked at as ‘heroes’.) The country has to make up it’s mind… we either bring up the past in their personal lives, or we don’t. For both. They are so obviously biased, and whether you’re for one or not, we have to call the media out on it. That’s it. Judge the candidate for presidency based on their ACTIONS and what they plan to do for this country. If you’re gonna split hairs, you’re going to have the toughest time weeding out the leaders we have had in this nation based on their personal affairs.

    Society HAS to stop, both male and female talking about the other sex in such a way. I admitted earlier that I am also guilty of this, and just because I haven’t done such things that I have been thinking at times doesn’t mean I am any better than these two. For people like MILEY CYRUS to come out and say that Donald Trump makes sexist remarks about women, when she appears on stage like THIS (which is 10x more degrading to women if you ask me) should be telling! C’mon Miley… WHAT!?

    2016-10-11_0001Pin It2016-10-11_0002Pin It

    Take a good look at those images above. STOP saying it isn’t the same thing. Stop it already. No, Miley isn’t running for president. But to say that this person with her MILLIONS of fans and followers isn’t possibly INFLUENCING future leaders is bonkers! My son could see this. Your son. You think it’s going to affect how they treat women? Possibly. You think it’s going to affect their views on women? Yeah, perhaps just a little. Now, can I judge your son or mine on their leadership skills if they grow up watching and listening to garbage above? Does it affect how they might negotiate with other countries? No. So let’s stop pretending that the current leaders of the world don’t think, haven’t thought, and won’t think about garbage like this when it comes to women. You are insane media, to show us images like this with no problem, and expect the men in our society to have nothing but respect for women. I don’t believe Donald Trump when he says he respects all women. But I don’t believe your son, your husband, or your boyfriend either. Not 100%, all the time. Sorry. If men aren’t the ones talking about it, they’re at least laughing to talk like this. I can honestly say that I don’t joke aloud about degrading men, but when I hear female comics do it, I have chuckled. What’s worse? Is it all the same? Can we stop, really? Admitting guilt is a lot easier than everyone looking at you like you are a LIAR and in denial. Once again, the garbage shown above, the garbage all over your television, the crap you hear on the radio: IS INFLUENCING FUTURE LEADERS WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

    I’m actually glad that a video like that was released. Yes it looks and sounds terrible for Trump. But it got the nation talking, and looking at THEMSELVES. “But he is bragging about physically assaulting women and grabbing them in that area!” Hey! Have these women come out and hired lawyers shouting “rape!”? For all we know, he is guilty of bragging about doing this just to get a laugh from a fellow male. Yet over a handful of women have written books and actually hired and sued the Clinton’s on grounds of rape… but for 20 years this nation turned a blind eye. Roseanne Barr lost her show when she interviewed Paula Jones because she was calling Bill out on being a rapist. What did we do to these women? The country shamed them. THINK ABOUT IT. You cannot be against this type of action in one person and ignore it for the other. You have to make up your mind. You want to continue to call out Trump for this crude language? You better be willing to call out the opposing side, the past leaders, and yeah, yourself.

    It is not going to be easy to quit talking like this altogether, but perhaps we can get rid of this for the next generation. It starts at home. Fathers, be careful how you speak about women, especially when your kids are around. Mothers, be careful to say things when men you find attractive are on tv. Your kids hear you! Our entire culture is obsessed with our bodies and bodies of celebrities and this is all we hear, constantly.  I love how this girl summed it up:

    michellePin ItNewsflash: this won’t stop any time soon. Unless you demand better in terms of filing complaints to radio, television, and all the media, Hollywood, musicians… this can go so much further that you would literally have to crucify everyone. EVERYONE would be shamed. The only way to fix this is to transform the way we think. If we continue to think the same things, we will continue to do the same things.

    But hey, here’s to thinking we are perfect, acting like we have zero guilt and that we have never said anything disgusting about the opposite sex ever. I have some repenting to do. I am not perfect, and guess what? I know not ONE person who is. Cheers!

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    ^Here’s a drink recommendation if you’re feeling offended,if you feel like this post resonated with you, or if you are truly just so perfect then CHEERS! <3

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    • Manny silva - Thank you for your honesty on this subject. I just saw this link on a friend’s FB page. I had just written on the same topic of hypocrisy this morning. Nothing to do with Trump, and I up a disclaimer that his words were totally unacceptable. The point was hypocrisy.

      Some folks just did not get it, and kept diverting the topic to trash Trump again- ignoring the main point of my post. So I just put a link to this on my page. Hopefully someone else’s perspective, and a woman at that, will help them see a bit more clearly.

      Again, thanks very much.

    • Drea - 50 shades of grey was FICTION. And I want a role model as a president-not a sexist pig who sexually assaults women because “he’s a celebrity”. The President is held to a higher standard than your girl friends on girls night out. Shit, Obama catches hell every time he’s seen on a golf course which is what-3,4,5 times a year? He goes on a family vacation and America flips out because he’s taking a fricking vacation with his family, even though he is still probably working. Because he’s held to a higher standard. Hypocritical or not, you’re comparing apples to oranges. And we all know that this is not just one isolated incident. Deep down, we know the type of person Trump is, and it’s not someone I would want as a role model for my children.ReplyCancel

      • Charles Chapman - Drea,

        when the news came out what Bernie Sanders once said that women fantasize about being gang-banged, I asked a very pro-womens rights friend and bernie supporter, if this offended her. She replied that “Bernie can say whatever he wants about me, because he is giving me free college!”.

        I was appalled by that statement because I felt she had more self respect than that. but the fact of the matter is, most people are only upset at this because it IS trump! when they would willingly sweep it under the rug if it were Obama or Bill Clinton or Sanders. that’s sad!

        honestly, to say that musicians, hollywood or young people at a bachelor/bachelorette party need not be held to the same standard because they are “Not running for president” is shameful and ridiculous! the only way we can combat and truly end the sexual exploitation of people is too disown and condemn it on all levels!

        Trump’s words truly bother me, but to act like the rest of us are innocent is naive.ReplyCancel

      • Jen - Drea, 50 Shades is very real. It occurs all over. If you don’t believe it, you are extremely naive. I agree with this writer 100%. You are very naive if you don’t think the media has played a huge part in blowing this way out of proportion and constantly manipulates unsuspecting well-meaning people. How can anyone make an informed decision when there are no real issues being discussed? This sexual harassment nonsense on both sides has made it all but impossible to hear and understand what either side is truly going to do to move our country forward. It’s unfortunate. Personally, I never cared much for DT but long before the sexual issues surfaced. What’s truly unfortunate for our country is the alternative to him.ReplyCancel

    • John - This was very powerful and well written. It made me think, I have felt the same way so many times. I will be thinking about this for a long time.

      Thank you. Also, be strong if people react badly to it. This is so well written I think it may be shared beyond your wildest expectations. So folks will not like it – because they know you are 100% correct.


      • jOHN - I meant to say “Some folks…”ReplyCancel

      • Meghan - “Be strong” in regards to what??!! In regards to justifying non-consensual sexual assault??

        Let me know the next time a strange male on the street grabs your cock and balls.

        Then we’ll talk.ReplyCancel

    • JIllian - I have felt the exact same way. People on my newsfeed are gasping in horror at a man who, at the time, had little to no aspirations to become president trying to talk himself up to a better looking, younger man.ReplyCancel

    • Jillian - Thank you for publishing everything I have been thinking for the past few weeks. I have people in my newsfeed gasping in horror like offended Puritans over comments made over 10 years ago by a man, with no aspirations to become president, to a younger, better looking man. Maybe that’s how he manifests his insecurities, by overcompensating via sexual banter. Who knows. Does this mean then that everyone needs to behave as if they are running for president in the future at all times? Maybe ideally. It’s not reality. People make rude, sexist, offensive comments on a day to day basis. Is it morally correct? Of course not. I can only speak for myself as a survivor of sexual assault, but feel more uncomfortable by someone who not only defended and joked about a rapist, but also shamed and threatened survivors of sexual assault. That kind of behavior is unpredictable and frankly frightening. When will she be your champion and when will she throw you under the bus? Trump’s wind blowing is trashy, yet predicatable, making it easy to defend oneself. I’m not a fan of either candidate but I’m so sick of the hypocrisy happening right now. People want to have their cake and eat it too by being “sexually adventurous” but also ride in on a moral high horse waving the banner of appropriate interaction. This whole process has become exhausting. Thank you again for your honesty!ReplyCancel

    • Jillian - My first comment posted before I could edit it 😬ReplyCancel

    • Gina - Personally I have no issue with the type of language, you are correct plenty of women talk explicitly about sex. However, the connotation of sexual assault by “gabbing them by the pussy” is the real issue. The assumption that touching ANYONE, regardless of gender without consent because you are famous and even when your not, the assumption you have a right to touch someone in that way. That is the problem, period.ReplyCancel

    • Jessi - Talking about rape and this and that. Why don’t you talk about the main reason of why people doesn’t like him? The most
      How he refers to other cultures and what he wants to do with them?
      How much he had offended Hispanics?
      How his supporters acted on his campaign?
      Do you want to live on a country were people hates each other base on their race.ReplyCancel

      • Danielle - Seriously??? Have you SEEN the hate crimes happening in the last EIGHT years under this guy??? Like, it is INSANE how many people (black, white, whatever) have paid with their LIVES because now all of a sudden only Black Lives Matter??? How is it NOT considered a hate crime, when blacks kill whites, or when whites kill blacks, or any OTHER race kills someone of a different race??? How is it considered racist when someone is proud of THEIR OWN heritage??? So now it is not ok to be proud to be White, or Proud to be Black, or Chinese, or Native American, or WHATEVER you are because NOW everyone is offended by EVERYTHING…..Like Talia has said, it doesn’t matter if someone thinks or says something, what matters if it is ACTED upon!! The beauty of this country is that we are ALL entitled to our own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs…..until those thoughts, opinions, or beliefs cause harm to someone…..this problem has gotten WAY out of control since Obama came in to office……ReplyCancel

    • Mary - Thank you for having the courage to write this. I too am beyond annoyed with the self righteous BS being spewed out there. There are women I know being horribly hateful, screaming how disgusted they are with Trump, too light-headed from the high horse they are on to consider that possibly the fact that they have worked as strippers, have numerous baby daddy’s, and have not consistently held jobs just might have more of an impact on their children then DT! These women drink like sailors, have slept with rich men for money, gifts, trips etc..not to mention they are pushing 40 and still hang out at the clubs dressed like their daughters they are suddenly SO concerned about. I would agree that a presidential candidate is held to a higher standard then the average joe, but to a child, the most important role model is their PARENT! I have no recollection of what the President of the United States was doing when I was a kid,but I sure as hell remember what my parents were doing and how that affected my life!!ReplyCancel

      • Meghan - Hi, Mary —

        Just wanted to touch on your recount of the type of women who are “spewing self righteous BS” about Trump.

        I agree with those women, though I am far, far, from your description — so I wanted to clarify.

        I’m a 33 year old white woman from a lower-middle class family. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college, though I did graduate high school. I am not married BY CHOICE, I don’t have children (also by choice), and I’ve been sexually assaulted enough in my 33 years to think that i MUST be somewhat attractive.

        I’ve worked since I was 15 years old, and I’ve supported myself (almost 100%…), since I was 18. I have a fantastic job that is extraordinarily tough (hours and workload), though my boss respects me, which is a nice change from “the norm” in my industry.

        Which is the entertainment industry, just like Trump, funny enough… I’m not an actress, and I’ve never sucked a dick to get a gig.

        I was a dominatrix in my early 20s, which is a shockingly respectable gig (boundaries are not only respected, but ENCOURAGED), and I am quite open about my sexuality — also, very respectful of others.

        Please be aware that the people speaking out about last Friday’s “leak” are not just the type of “white trash” you described. And do those women NOT get a valid opinion for some reason?? Are they not women?? Shit, they’ve probably been taken advantage of more times and in more ways within their challenging, “un-orthodox” lives than you will ever know on your judgmental high-horse.ReplyCancel

        • Mary - Meghan,
          I will quote myself. “There are women I KNOW being horribly hateful, screaming how disgusted they are with Trump….”. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and thanks for the bio, however, I never once said all women who are disgusted with Trump fit this profile. I am specifically talking about the women I know personally. The common denominator I have found in ALMOST all Hilary supporters is they rarely thoroughly read comments/ articles before they react 🙄ReplyCancel

    • Melisa - I agree with you on most of what you said. Being a Christian however I do not approved of that kind of talk or whatching that kind of trash that Miley does. Aparently though this is something he did in his past and some things we do and say in the past we are not proud of and would change it if we could. Donald apparently gave himself to the lord and has been saved so what he did in the past is wiped away and he gets a clean slat. I can honeslty say though I have never talked trash about any guys Im just not into that kind of behavior I have respect for people and find it digusting to talk that way. I have never partied or been to any kind of strip club so I don’t agree that everyone is guilty of that. I don’t have cable in my house and don’t go to movie theatres due to everything being sinful these days and not godly. My husband and I are Christians and devoted 100% to the lord, he dosent look at women and dosent talk that way at all. He finds it disgusting and very disrespectful and only has eyes for me his wife. Some peope actually have pretty good control over themselves and can do that when they have a good relationship with god.Once you give your life over to god you should have a desire to do anything but please him and that is how I feel.ReplyCancel

    • C - There is a clear difference between sexual imaginings and suggesting that you can assault someone from your position of power and money. Yes I have been to my fair share of Thunder Down Under shows but I never suggested that I would assault one (sorry I may be alone). And as sexually suggestive as Miley is, she’s not offering to assault anyone easily. I’m so sick of the 50 Shades analogies – this was a consensual relationship where there was a “safe” word – no one goes around talking about grabbing any old person by the pussy because they won’t protest. You are WAY off base with this piece.ReplyCancel

    • TABITHA KELLEY - BRAVO!!!!!!! You’re amazing and all that IS right with this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Meghan - Hi, all –

      You do realize that the anger re: Trump’s comments is not based on the words he said, right? Riiiiiight??? Because it’s not the word “pussy” or him laughing with “Bushy” about chics being hot with big tits, blah blah blah. Yep, I said “chics” and “tits”, and I’m a chic with big tits (DD), and I don’t find that offensive.

      But we’re NOT just talking about the word “pussy” here. Or tits or ass. Or “I’d really like to f** Lenny Kravitz if given the chance” — you see, those are all, in fact, words. Just words. Lewd, sure. But words. Not actions.

      What Trump was saying was a verbal recount of ACTIONS. His actions. Actions that he exhibits on a regular basis using his “status” to take advantage of woman.

      You’ve all been groped by a stranger, right? Riiiiiight? No?? Then, you’re lucky.

      If you answered “yes” – well, that’s what Trump is talking about. How “funny” it is that he can just grab women as he pleases without their consent. And we’re not talking your basic hug here or chummy pat-on-the-back. We’re talking the full-out type of man-handling that makes you want to shower afterwards.

      Have you ever worked under an extremely powerful, wealthy male? They do that a lot, actually. Especially famous ones. I know. I’ve worked with many of them on a daily basis for that past 11 years.

      Does that make their behavior acceptable? Certainly not. It’s a behavior that most women have been trying to eradicate for many, many years (as in, hundreds of years).

      I am also very open with my sexuality and have lived through scenarios that would make lame-ass “Christian Grey” blush. I assure you, I’m no prude. I’m far from perfect. I love drinking wine, smoking cigs, smoking weed, and having kinky sex.

      But I also respect myself and my own personal boundaries. Just like Miley Cyrus — I’m not a huge fan of hers, but SHE CHOOSES to dress that way, to act that way, to explore and express her sexuality in her own personal outlandish way. No one is forcing her to sit on that giant cock (while she cries inside for months after…).

      Have you ever been sexually assaulted? Had “non-consensual” sex?

      I have. To both.

      Have you ever been assaulted otherwise? Like, mugged? Or had someone invade your personal space physically? I’ve been there too… and it fuckin sucks. And I’m not Kim K… But I have been held at gunpoint (on a “nice” neighborhood in a busy city, mind you, by a young white boy). I have also been chased into my home and mugged.

      Guess what – just like those attacks are invasions of my personal space and ASSAULT — what Trump is not only describing, but BRAGGING about, is also ASSAULT.

      In one situation, your purse is stolen. In the other — it’s your PERSONAL property (AKA – your body and your personal boundaries).

      Assault is assault. Period. Stop making excuses.

      Wake up, ladies. It’s 2016. You don’t have make dinner in the kitchen barefoot or choke while deep-throating that cock anymore, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO.


      • C - Yep, I think Meghan said it best of all. While I do question the timing of the 2 women that came out today to say they were “assaulted” by Trump, if it’s true he absolutely deserves to be called out on it. And I wish I could find the clip but there was an old interview Chris Matthews did with Trump asking him if he’d ever want to run for President. Trump’s response? No because he had a bad reputation and was too much of a womanizer. Very telling. I’m not a prude – but he is clearly creepy in how he talks about women and what a national joke. I will be glad when he’s gone and this is over.ReplyCancel

    • Chad Halsten - When it comes out that he has in fact sexually assaulted various women will you still be spouting the same “none of us are perfect” garbage?ReplyCancel

      • L. - When it “comes out” that he’s assaulted many women, like the two in the last 24 hours, I’m going to be extremely suspicious. He’s been a household name in America for over a decade, he’s a billionaire and had a hit TV show. Why didn’t these supposed women say something earlier, like maybe when he was gracing TV and media hundreds of times a week as part of The Apprentice, or how about when he was in the primaries? If someone was so against him being president because of a past crime, don’t you think it would have been easier to get him removing from the running while there were half a dozen other republican candidates to take his place? Funny though how all of this is supposedly coming to light now, when his only opponent also happens to be a proven liar.ReplyCancel

    • Eda milotz - It seems as though you ARE condoning “locker room talk” because a bunch of women liked a fictional book. Trump was caught talking about ASSAULT; doing whatever he wants to a woman and getting away with it because he is powerful. That is in NO WAY the same as Hillary insinuating that she would like to see the video where someone’s “junk” fell out. She didn’t say she would like to grab ahold of it against his will, and then brag about getting away with it. There is a HUGE difference between talking dirty, and bragging about assaulting people. Vote for the creep if you must, but don’t try to tell me that it is just “locker room talk”. I find it disgraceful that anyone, especially WOMEN could defend that kind of behavior, but I can’t and WON’T.ReplyCancel

    • Beanie - This is EXACTLY how I feel. If you can’t say you’ve never behaved this way, then STFU.

      Oh, and as for the claims of assault, they will start coming out of the woodwork any day now, saying he actually did assault them…all of a sudden women will have been “assaulted” by him, and not ONE of them has seen any reason to mention it till now…mark my words, Hillary’s camp is out hiring some women now, to make this claim. In fact, one of them has already been caught in her LIE!ReplyCancel

    • Weldon Young - I did say things when I was in high school and others herd me. In college, I thought about it, but never said it aloud or to my friends. Now I am an adult, it is important to stand up for women and others being verbally abused. I do that for my children and myself. I am a better man for it. If someone speaks abusive than they do not realize the harm they cause. They put down others to make their self’s feel better. They must feel superior to anyone else and that is part of their decision-making. I do not live in your world or circle of friends you describe.
      Can you trust someone who thinks that way… NO, because your children and you will be next. In 1925, Hitler said he was better than the Jews were. We all know how that ended.ReplyCancel

    • Tom - Locker room talk? You’ve been hanging out in some pretty seedy locker rooms if you think its normal for middle aged men to confess that they’re sexual predators.ReplyCancel

      • Tom - I’m probably considered middle age, but I’ve never heard anyone confess to sexually assaulting women – not in a locker room. Not anywhere.ReplyCancel

    • Bastion - Have to say that you missed the mark here in a couple of big (yuge?) ways.
      1) it’s not that Miley isn’t running for president, or that this interviewer and HRC joked about Lenny’s junk, or that ladies have stripper nights and objectify men. It is ONLY about power – and in the western world, men have had the power, and women acquiescence. Miley chose for herself to be outrageous, and as you said yourself, in the book, what’s-her-name chose to be an abused sex slave. HRC only wanted to SEE the video. Unlike Trump, she wasn’t boasting about how her celebrity gave her license to actually GRAB some dude’s junk.
      2) which is part II of power: beyond who chooses, it is also about relative status. This is why we have workplace harassment laws. When someone uses their authority or status to coerce sexual favors, it is wrong. The women at the nightclub watching a strip show – the power is relatively balanced. The men don’t have to fear the women and they want their money. The women know their are limits and it is all fantasy. But Trump is an acknowledged abuser of his power, in particular with regards to the pageants, and he went into dressing rooms to be a lecher. The power in that situation was far from balanced. Which is also why the women never spoke out before – until it became apparent that it was safe to.
      3) and finally, judgement and power comes from the relative status, too. You made reference to the Bible concept of “judge not lest ye be judged” or “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”… the point is, Jesus was DEFENDING a lower-class person from the hypocrites who were above her in status, yet just as guilty. He wasn’t saying it doesn’t matter and that sin should be ignored – he was saying that these people who cast accusations and dispersions on others while being far from righteous themselves – they only do so because they have the power to think that they can get away with it. Just like a Trump. And just about every other national-level politician or large company CEO…
      No, it is absolutely the job of the “little guy” (and the press) to call out the sins of the powerful, because if they don’t, no one will – and it requires great courage because it comes with considerable risk.
      A POTUS should be better than the “average” person – and when it comes to disrespecting people and to debauchery, they should be far, far above the average person. No, it’s not the Pope, but it’s not Al Bundy either.ReplyCancel

    • Camille - This is true; rape culture is everywhere and unavoidable. It’s perpetuated in big and smalls ways by various types of people in various spaces. However this man is running for president. He must be held to higher standard because he is going to represent everyone in our country on an international stage if he wins. I do not want my president to be an obvious misogynist–I never want to be afraid to shake my president’s hand. Donald cannot get away with these remarks BECAUSE he wants to president. He cannot be held to the same standard as every day men who’s powers stop at the front door of their business. Is rape culture present in every aspect of our lives as women? Yes. Should we be able to easily connect our president to such a culture? No.ReplyCancel

    • Nancy Williams - This article makes me very sad. I’m not suppose to be offended by someone who brags about sexual assault. Really? I suppose sexual assault victims should laugh about it. Perhaps they will feel comfort reading an article by a hypocrite calling other people hypocrites. I suppose two wrongs now make a right? Should we ignore the fact that it is never ok to laugh or brag about sexual assault? Seriously, a very sad read. 🙁ReplyCancel

    • Linda - You are SPOT ON. THANK YOU for writing this!ReplyCancel

    • Nicole Deskins - Finally.
      Someone actually wrote down exactly what I was thinking.
      Thank you for saying what needs to be said.
      You are not the only one that is sick of the media bias. It’s so ‘slap you in the face’ obvious that I refuse to read or watch anything coming from main stream media.
      Keep speaking your mind.

    • Linda - Thank you. I loved this post for its honesty. People need to put on their big people pants and grow up. We aren’t electing the pastor of the year or someone for sainthood. Yes, his language was crude. Yes, it was offensive. But I choose to look beyond that and see a man who has raised responsible, hard working children. Contrast them to the well to do Kardashian, “entitled because we are rich” clan. And in 40ish years if being surrounded by beautiful women there has not been a claim of abuse by any of them until he’s running for president? This stinks of Clinton filthy maneuvering. He is businessman whose successes outnumber his failures, and what millionaire business person hasn’t had bankruptcies and failures along the way? And what millionaire hasn’t taken every deduction possible to reduce taxes, which BTW were made possible by the Democrats as well as Republicans and are perfectly legal? Trump talked dirty, oh well. I don’t like it, but I’m a grown-up. Bill and Hillary Clinton have the stench of wickedness hanging over them. They are corrupt to the core, believe themselves to be above the law, and sneer at every day Americans. I don’t know what kind of president Trump will make, but after all these years of liberal wickedness, scandal and corruption we are nothing less than ignorant morons if we say yes to it again by electing Hillary.ReplyCancel

    • Kathryn - So your defense for Trump is that other people talk like this in private? But here’s the thing – this wasn’t said in private. This was said on an Acess Hollywood bus where he KNEW he was mic’d and talking to a reporter. AND it’s not the fact he was talking about sex either! Or even about the fact that he said pussy. It’s about the fact that he said he would forcibly grab a woman by her genitals AND that he could get away with it because of his status. Hillary Clinton alluding to the fact she wanted to see someone’s penis is much different than saying she could and would grab it, WITHOUT CONSENT, because she’s rich and powerful.
      The Miley Cyrus point is REALLY stupid. You’re defending a man for saying he would sexually assault someone but chastising Miley Cyrus for identifying as and living as a sexual person.
      People aren’t being hypocrites by using/having used crude language and sex talk in the past. That’s not the point. It’s about bragging about not having consent and participating in sexual assault. And by the way, we aren’t running for president. I really hope people like you aren’t the ones who fuck up this year and elect this idiot. Thanks for wasting my time and writing this garbage.ReplyCancel

    • Jenn - Drea, 50 Shades of Grey is not fiction. It is real life and occurs all over. It is naive to think otherwise. Not sure why my original comment got deleted but I will leave it at that.ReplyCancel

    • Chad Halsten - I’ve read every personal reply you’ve given were you keep saying “no one is perfect” over and over and over again! Do you hear yourself? I’m saying that excuse “might” work if you got a speeding ticket…yelled at your kids…left the milk out. Sexual assault talk does NOT fall into this category. I do agree with you…we’re both not guiltless, but do you joke with your girlfriends about raping men?ReplyCancel

    • rENEE - I don’t think you understand. People aren’t upset because Donald Trump made comments about women. As you stated, I think we’re all guilty of talking about men/women at some point in our lives. The part people are upset about is the fact that he admitted to sexually assaulting women and you are saying “oh well.”
      There is a difference between a man saying “Damn that girl is so fine, I’m gonna XXX her” and a man (Trump) who admitted to SEXUALLY ASSAULTING WOMEN because he thinks he can get away with it! You’re confusing the difference between a person who says they’d like to have sex with someone and a person that RAPES someone.
      Talking about it and DOING it are two separate issues and people are pissed off that Trump DOES/DID those things (and bragged about it.)
      If that’s not clear enough for you, I’m not sure you’ll ever understand.ReplyCancel

    • Gina - I’m not even sure it’s worth responding. But no where in my comment did I claim to be perfect, state or imply you or anyone else was not perfect. I never said I didn’t or wouldn’t judge all candidates by things they have said past or present. I simply stated that statements of sexual assault are unacceptable period, regardless of who you are.ReplyCancel

    • Jay - Talking about non-consensual advancements is not quite the same as doing your job. You clearly have no concept of what a lawyer must abide by.ReplyCancel

    • pat - The thing is, yes 99% of people likely have said vulgar, offensive things they aren’t proud of. But very, very few actually have bragged about having committed nonconsentual sexual assault, which is what Trump did. There is no equating common vulgar sexism, or enjoying any type of seedy fiction, or even saying you fantasize about committing sexual assault, with ACTUALLY BRAGGING ABOUT HAVING COMMITED SEXUAL ASSAULT. To be clear: the vast majority of people have not ever said anything like what Trump said, and dont try to claim otherwise.ReplyCancel

    • Jay - Oi, I thought you were actually trying to look at this from an unbias standpoint for a moment. I now see that’s not the case. I really don’t have the time to be explaining what’s wrong with what Trump said nor entails being a lawyer. If you would like to be taking serious, next time try to refrain from generalizing.ReplyCancel

    • Jay - I see I made my point since you did not approve it despite it being only facts. 😊ReplyCancel

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