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    No More Fa(s)t Food

    Dear Becca,

    SADNESS as you left this morning. Amelia came outside to the living room and said aloud, “where is Ninang Becca??” She was looking for you since you all slept over last night. She looked for Otto too and I told her he left as well. Then she paused, looked around the room and saw Arthur. She looked up at us and said, “Mom, don’t you think Arthur was supposed to go too?” We all laughed. Is that a bitter subject still? You’ll see him soon! Early flight huh? I saw your post on Facebook. Super sad. It was both raining and sunny at the same time in South Sf today. Kinda like an April Fools trick the weather was playing on all of us. It made sense, as I feel a little overwhelmed with emotions with your big move to the east coast. I’m happy for your new adventures yet sad you’re not just a drive away. Looking forward to when you start posting from New York. Oh yeah, I posted that chicken casserole recipe for you guys to try out. Make a huge batch, it’s even better the following day.

    So Jeff made another declaration last week. I forgot to tell you. He was hungry and usually when I tell him to just go get some Wendy’s he lights up a little bit and comes back in ten minutes with a Baconnator and large fries. This time he shook his head and said, “nope. No more. There’s too many articles on why we gotta stop eating that stuff.” Dammit, Facebook! I know what he means. Every day there’s at least three friends posting about my favorite foods and why I should stop eating them and why I shouldn’t feed them to my kids. I mean, there are only so many pig and cow videos I can watch – I’m not going vegetarian or anything. But the chicken nugget one with the pink Playdoh looking stuff is pretty bad. Sorry, am I ruining this for you? We are no longer doing Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. Thank God In-&-Out isn’t on that list! So harsh of me to bring up In-&-Out now that you’re no where near one. Oops! I’m sure you’ll have a Katz deli post in the future and I will be overcome with jealousy. I better not be eating soley quinoa and kale by the end of this year. Don’t let me be that person, please.

    We are likely to eat that junk once or twice a year still. Chipotle is my go-to. I am eating this 2-3x a week, I’m sure I mentioned this to ya. So good. Gotta get the mix of the barbacoa and grilled chicken with all the fixins in a bowl on top of brown rice.

    You know what? The Son of a Baconnator sounds pretty good right now.  -__-

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    *I used this dress from Target twice in a week. Once was a little more dressy prior to going out with Jeff. The first one I wore with boots and a jacket and beanie because it was super windy! We took the kids for a stroll. Literally, in the stroller. P.S. if you decide you want that extra stroller in the garage you can take it back with you when you visit in June.. or at least now you have a guaranteed stroller for Otto when you visit, but I doubt that son of yours will fit in to it by then!

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