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    Old School vs. The New Age

    Written by: Elyse Sinsay

    iPods, iPads, Nabi, Leapfrog, X-Box, PS4, WiiU… The list of device choices goes on and on. Kids nowadays have it so good! Technology at their fingertips! With a flick of their finger they can unlock a world of endless possibilities… But, when do we have them put down the devices and technology and go use their OWN imagination and energy, for some good old fashioned fun?

    Every new device that comes out is so cool, it has the latest character to teach you the latest lessons in math, science, or reading. You can watch movies, listen to music and even watch episodes of your favorite shows. So having these things are great for on the go families, long car rides, doctor appointments and visits to friends’ houses. They really do improve the kid’s skills too. Oddly enough, the kids love it! So, bring it on! I love when my daughter asks to get o her device. On her Nabi I have set up a program or list that when she completes a game or gets a score of 90% or higher she gets points. When she reaches a certain amount of points I reward her with a new game, book or something for the device. It also sends me updates in regard to her progress and I can login at any time to track it as well. Everything is so convenient! It’s crazy. I also like that I don’t have to help her too much with it (I’m not too good with video games) they walk you through every game so the kids understand everything and have the kids take assessments so they can place their learning level. Again, great…

    But then I pop my own bubble and remember that there is this great big world out there. I want my kids to build forts, swing in trees, ride their bikes, PRETEND, play with the neighbors! All the fun stuff I did when I was a kid. I mean I didn’t have a tablet growing up and I now have a home, car, and I’m happy. I turned out okay, so why wouldn’t my kids? So I have a question for us all… when do we turn it off? When is the tablet that (obviously) makes them better at educational things, the thing that we MAKE them put down? Is going outside going to be a bad thing? Are we, as parents, obsolete because of the gadgets we have placed in front of them? Because we want them to have fresh air?

    This is something that I go back and forth with all the time, because really I never wanted my kids to HAVE to become dependent on technology. It most defiantly serves its purpose but we still need to get our hands dirty, to sweat, smell the fresh air, ya know? When it comes to my kids I want the best for them, like we all do, and if the best means a tablet that will teach them how to understand common core math, then will OR should I get in the way of that? I leave you with that thought ladies. Until next time, have a very merry un-birthday!

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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