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    Operation Christmas Child

    It goes without saying that children these days are entirely too spoiled lately. I don’t know what your Christmas was like in the 80’s and 90’s as a child. I remembered that even if our parents (some years) could afford to get us every single thing on our wishlists, that didn’t mean they would, and we would never expect them to. On a good year I would receive 3-4 things TOTAL on my list. On a decent year, maybe two. Jeff and I decided a couple years ago that we wouldn’t be gifting like crazy because these kids seem to get presents year round! We have that Grandparent-complex that most of my friends can relate to. Grandparents who gift them several times a year  – for no reason, “just cause!” Really? Where was all this “just because” stuff when I was a child, hmm!?

    This season, if you are able to give, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Now more than ever with the internet we are able to see what’s going on all over the world, and how we can help. Naomi, a good friend of mine posted something a couple weeks ago where her church was participating in something called: OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD. The concept is very simple: You put together a shoe box filled with goodies and it goes to a child in need. I decided to get my kids involved. We took a couple trips to both Target and the Dollar Tree. Initially each child was going to make one box each, but they continued putting more and more things in our basket for the “children who have nothing” as they kept chanting. It was amazing. More awesome than gifting to children in need was seeing the hearts of my own kids grow bigger, seeing the compassion that they had for others. Maybe more Amelia than Sebastian, who, since he’s two, had to be reminded at times that these presents weren’t for him. Amelia was very in-tune to what we were doing, wanting to even gift them toothbrushes and hair ties for the girls.. she even wanted to throw in things that wouldn’t fit in to the boxes like boots and scarves if they are cold.

    If your church isn’t participating in something like this but you want to get involved, there are so many ways to, and many programs out there. Just think of the joy you are going to give other children out there, children whose parents don’t have the luxury to be spending on presents. A little really goes a long way, and if you have young children, now is the best time to get them caring for others! Samaritan’s Purse offers a really great program and it explains in detail how to go about sending a box. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your responses and seeing you all get the warm fuzzies when gifting this season! <3

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    I let the kids choose the wrapping paper as well so we know which is for a boy and girl. Sebastian chose Spiderman for the boys and Amelia picked out the Disney Princesses for the girls.

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    Photos by: Natalia Cruz

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