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    Our Toughest Client Yet! (Bridezilla Promo Video)

    Ohhh the promo videos! I’ve had a few in the past 8 years for TaliaStudio and they’ve all been very similar. When the whole trend started for photographers to have promotional videos on their websites there was an industry standard it seemed:

    • Introduce yourself to the viewer
    • Show clips of you in action (whether you’re at a wedding or engagement session)
    • Smile a lot and talk about how much you LOVE your clients and weddings… -_-

    So for the past 3 years we just haven’t updated it. There was really a lack of motivation due to following that trend and really… how else would you promote your photography through video form without showing a bunch of happy clients and all your fancy equipment while shooting so you look.. legit? It was starting to get to me when I realized my video looked like the typical video at this point since there have been thousands like it since, so we got to brainstorming.

    One night, three weeks ago, Jeff and I met with Ray (our videographer) and we all had the same notion: do something different… well, we went WAY OFF the norm. I don’t even think our video now has anything to do with wedding photography. Which is fine, right? We were thinking about everything that’s 2-3 minutes long that keeps the viewer interested, and the only thing that came to mind was, well, previews! We’re crazy to do this, but we decided to get reality video footage of our toughest client ever… one REAL LIFE bridezilla! Check it out:

    Let me know what you think! <3

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    Amelia was the easiest thing to direct. As soon as she was allowed makeup on, there was no stopping her! The camera would sometimes be no longer rolling and I would have to tell her, “hey! Bridezilla..OFF!” I feel like that’s a line I will be saying for quite some time because with several days shooting.. oyy. Haha! She became such a method actor that she would stay in character the entire time, so yeah, it can be quite tough when I have to tell this 5 year old to start eating her dinner or else and she looks at me and says, “lady, you’re not the boss!” But as soon as I step up and she’s knows I am serious it, “okay okay sorry love you Mommy!” 😉 <3

    *What I love most about this is how many of us have planned our own weddings? You really do start off as the sweetest thing, right? Happily engaged, in love! Then the planning starts and what do you do? You kinda turn in to the 5 year old version of yourself…and it ain’t pretty. How many friends of yours have you seen go from their 20-year old selves in to a full-on whining 5 year old in a matter of months?! It’s fantastic, so we’re bringing that to light! Haha!

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