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How To Get Your Toddler To Nap (video)

Becs! I was sorting through old iPhone videos recently I opened a few up from when our precious Deets was a baby. She was the sweetest thing saying “hi” 10 times in a row because she knew it made us smile, while she sipped on her milk bottle .. in her pack and play right before nap

I Got My Tight Pants On (video)

Hey Biz! Well, Tiny Dancer/ AKA “TD” as Mom and Dad like to call him now has been nonstop. It seems unconventional to some, but once a week we, as a family, like to look up what’s popular on YouTube. Jimmy Fallon’s show always seems to have one or two on there and his music

A Visit To The Oriental House

Hey Tals! I can’t even with that dancing Sebastian. He and Amelia make such a great pair of siblings! Getting so so excited for this trip we’ve got coming up. I wanted to post a little more about our trip down to Pine Bush today. I didn’t even get the chance to say so but Michelle

Sebastian’s First Disney Trip! (video)

Since June our darling Amelia has asked once a week to go to the dreaded Disneyland. We went a lot when she was 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 because we did splurge and get passes after the first visit where she looked back at the big castle, pointed and said in her adorable baby voice “Dada,

Lion Around … Changing Diapers

“Do not fight a lion if you are not one yourself” – African Proverb I got tired of chasing him around for diaper changes a few months ago. When I heard that a lot of my momma-friends with little boys still chase them around at 2+, I told myself heck-to-the-no. I fought with him

Leave No Project Unfinished

Morning Tals! I am already getting ready for our visit! Can’t believe we’ll get to see y’all in two weeks! It’s going to be so crazy. Are you ready for the whole family to be in your new home? Haha. I think this vacation is coming at just the right time. I need a little

Making Time and Making It Happen.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus Biz! So happy to live in a world where there is such thing as OCTOBER. Everything these days is truly pumpkin this, pumpkin that. From muffin choices to ice cream, Autumn is really a season that is embraced with a fury around

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: Sew It All Away

Morning Tals! I can’t believe what happened to you! Mom didn’t call me but, yeah, she probably didn’t want me to worry in case it wasn’t as serious as you thought. Of course we’re so glad it wasn’t. I hope it’s only good news when you go in for your MRI. I

Picking Pumpkins with Munchkins

Beccaaaa… Not sure if Mom called you yesterday, and I wanted to let you know but I didn’t want to cause any additional stress, but shortly after lunch yesterday I got this stinging pain down my left arm which turned in to numbness for almost 3 hours. I was with the kids, so I was

Sending out for Backup! My Secret Weapon this Season

Biz, I need that Otto-face in my life!!! I understand with the workload and all, don’t apologize for lack of posts, no big deal! This post is more of my face and not the kids. Lately our weeks are looking like family sessions and then weekends are hectic this month with weddings.. we have


Hi There Tals! Long time, no post for me. Sorry again. It’s all because of Comic Con. I’m getting crazy excited for it but there’s still so much work that I need to do! Currently I need to install a separating zipper, collar, heavy duty snaps, paint (and seal), add buckles,

Intrapersona-lly, What? The Nicest Way EVER to Tell Someone Their Child Is a Know-It-All.

Becca, There’s a reason I was not destined to be a teacher. Teachers these days have it ROUGH. I can only imagine the amount of “holding back your tongue” they have to do on a daily basis as to not offend and stay politically correct. Remember when we were kids and our parents had

Featured Mama – Vikki

Becs! SO EXCITED to have our first featured “sister” on the blog be the one and only Victoria Rogers! One of my dearest friends, and I am sharing her-just a little- to the world. Some of my favorite memories with Vikki would be back 2005 when we were living together in San Marcos. We

Whine Time, It Never Gets Old.

Biiiz, Pardon the late afternoon post. Sebastian pulled the “randomly awake at 6am card” on me (fyi this is not normal at our house since his usual wake up time is 8ish) and so we were all up, Jeff thankfully helped get Amelia ready for school and Seb was just cranky like his mom. I sat

Mellow Yellow

Talia! I can’t believe your outfits. So spot on for everyone. I think we need to find Otto’s “fountain of happiness”. Who knows? It might even be a fountain, too. His smile really says it all, too. That look of complete and utter joy. Oh if only we could find such genuine

Tina Turner Tunes

Bidlins, I feel like this post needs to be prefaced like that rendition of Proud Mary by Tina Turner. (Anything in bold type is a changed lyric– But you’ll admit, she says it best.) Why’ know, every now and then I think you might like to see something from us Nice and easy But

Halloween Hang-out-fit

Natalia! I seriously cannot stand Sebastian’s cuteness anymore! You might hate the haircut right now but he looks absolutely perfect. He can’t be an Asian boy unless he’s had at least one home made bowl cut. Remember Jed’s hair when it was like that?!?! Hahah. I love it and

Overall Sebastian… and the Awwwwwful Haircut

Becca, I can’t quite concentrate on anything this morning because of this. Why is that man so brilliant? I could stare at that for hours. Oh and from your last post I can just say… your photoshop skills… they bring a lil’ smile to my face! I’m gonna keep this post

Winter Is Coming

Morning! It’s about 9 am your time right now and I hope you’re enjoying the day! Has Amelia already been dropped off at school? Is Sebas better about being the only kiddo in the house? At least you’ve got great weather right now. I am sure missing some of that San Diego, hell even

Hitting Home Runs and Stopping to Notice – When “Goal Lists” Fail You in Life.

Hey Bizley! Those pieces you’ve been working on look amazing. So proud of you and all the new, unique pieces you’ve been making! It’s truly a gift, so happy to see you continuing to pursue it. I was watching a movie the other night with Mom and Dad while they were in town.

Am I Right or Am I (Chalcopy)rite??

Tals! That water tower contraption looks like a bunch of laughs! We need to come visit. It’s starting to feel a lot like Fall, here. According to the Farmer’s Almanac for this winter, life is going to be miserable. Above average snowfall and colder than last year, which was noted as one

The Cute Keeps Cool

Beccaaaa… That quiche looks so delicious. Going to add that to Jeff’s list of what to make. 😉 It’s too hot to be cooking. Things I like to ‘cook’ this summer would be: bruschetta, pasta salad, any type of salad, and sandwiches. Ohhhh I made these chicken asparagus

Leave Pie Crust Behind: Hash Browns Take Over the Kitchen!

Morning! Glad to read/see that you’re able to let loose a bit at a wedding. That hasn’t happened since your wedding, right? (Hahaha). Glad you’re enjoying your job though. We all need moments like that at work. Also Amelia makes the cutest little flower girl ever. I wanted to post

Double Duties and some Behind-the-Scenes Action!

Biz! That diner looks great! LOVE reasonably priced spots! Too bad they are becoming obsolete here in Cali. Only place that’s true to it’s prices or that you can count on would be Del Taco and In-&-Out, and who wants to eat there all the time? We do. Even the “cheap”

Breakfast Baby

Good Morninggg! You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you with that Ameliaaa. (Haha) She’s gonna have that place humming in no time! I hope she’s having an easy enough time making new friends. She’s always been so bubbly and social so that shouldn’t be a problem,

Quail Lane Co & the Farmer’s Market

Hi Becca! So I can I just say, PLEASE PLEASE post more Otto pics! I just LOVE that little boy so much. Can’t believe he is only 2, he looks like he is fast approaching 4. Love that you’re messing with the shutter button as well, which is funny you would do that since Otto hardly sits


Tallllssss! I cannot believe the time has come. Amelia seems to be adjusting just fine to the new system. I love her great big smile and sass! I think she’ll be great in preschool and poor little Sebastian. I really wish our kiddos were closerrrr….. I tried playing around with my camera

First Day Deetsie

Becs! We did it. We enrolled Deets in a private preschool and she started today. My heart aches just a little as I write this. I’ve been home for 30 minutes now and have found myself looking up a few times wondering where that laugh is that fills this home. Why hasn’t she come up to me

(Not Quite) Sew Easy

Morning Tals! But of a short one today as I’ll be doing some much needed cleaning/organizing around the house today. I have today and tomorrow off but I doubt I’ll be doing much other than cooking an cleaning. Stuff has really gotten crazy in the last few days. We’re both always

Summertime Salmon Burgers!

Hey Biz! I’ve said it before and I will say it again – you are one of the FEW women who can rock the short short hair well! I do prefer it long, but with all you’ve done to your hair lately I think chopping it all off will certainly allow it to grow back healthy. The beanie you


Hi Talss!!! It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been a month since we last blogged. Seriously can’t hold onto enough time for everything we want to do. This past month has been a bit of the same old story except that I’ve given myself a swift kick in the rear as

Being Annoying and some Las Rocas prettyness.

Beccaaaaaaaa! That month-long hiatus sure was nice and much needed. Thank you for being so understanding with my hectic work schedule. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you.. sister-file-style again! 😉 There may be a few “throwback” posts from the month of August since there

Project: Runaway!

Morning Tals! Sorry it’s been a few days since I last wrote you. I couldn’t stop drooling over those lunch pics you posted. Those mussels!! I’ll definitely have to buy a bag of those sometime this week. (Plus a lot of white wine… haha.) I hope un-packing and settling in is

Cuisinett in San Carlos

Becca! That honeycomb candy looked amazing. Are you going to mail me some? Love that snaps of Otto/your lil helper, pretty much the cutest thing! So since we are in un-packing mode and all sorts of moving nightmares, I thought I would post about something that brings a smile to my face, always

Try, Try Again. Adventures With Honeycomb Candy

Morning Tals! Glad you were able to step away for a minute. It’s kind of what I did this weekend, too. It was nice to get out of town for a couple of days. I was able to get some sewing done while Marnee watched Otto and all in all everyone had a good time. I wanted to switch things up a bit

Leaving on a Wine Train

Hey Becs! Wow, if anyone can pull off a pixie-cut like that, it would be you! I was starting to love your long hair though, not gonna lie. Jeff wouldn’t let me chop all my hair off like that because the last time I went short I must’ve complained for 2 years straight. Haha! So