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Weekend at Marnee’s

Hey Talia, I’ve been pretty inconisitent with writing to you. Honestly a lot of the time I have an issue with forgetting to bring a camera. Therefore, like today, I can only offer up some blurry iPhone pics. Sorry about that. OH RIGHT! This is the first post with my newwww hair. I’m

Where in the World is Talia San Diego???

Becs! Gahhhh.. sorry I can be a little MIA during the summer. I went for yet another extended weekend in San Diego on Thursday, came back yesterday morning. I find myself in the SF airport by the gates at Southwest. I got up early that day. Mom shared the news with me of the Malaysian airplane that

Biting My Tongue and Names That Don’t Click

Bidlins, I hope you had an amazing birthday weekend! 27 huh? Sounds like you had a pretty good birthday weekend! Don’t feel bad that you needed the break from Otto. I will be off to SD again this weekend for a few nights but to work. I am looking forward to it because I have been non-stop,

Birthday Anime

Hey Tals! It’s been quite a weekend. I love that you were able to post Jenna’s story. It’s such a good one. We should all plan a trip to Colorado one of these days. As you already know, it was my birthday on Saturday and nothing feels much different. Maybe my 30th will really hit

As Far As Reunions Go, This One Takes The Cake! Meeting our long lost cousin, Jenna!

Becs! It was our cousin Jenna’s birthday on Sunday. You know, the one we finally met after over 20 years of wondering where on earth she was? We were all finally reunited with her back in 2012 and it dawned on me, I never blogged about this momentous event in our families lives! I thought I

Pizza Park-y

Hey there! Sorry about writing to you so late. (Although it’s quite early still for you.) Otto and I went to the park with my friend and her two cousins. It was a good day to be out, especially since about an hour or so after returning home it started to downpour. Otto still has a ways to go

Why the Disney Channel is Crap

Becca, Otto is a hoot! I love that kid. Did you get my package I sent last week? Let me know! $7 for a mimosa is decent depending on the champagne they’re using! Can’t really trust the cheap mimosas, although I have found in recent times that cheap champagne and expensive champagne will

Jine’s Restaurant

Tals! Sorry I couldn’t write to you yesterday. Poor little Sebas. He looks so good with both styles. I’m sure he’ll grow back all those curls in no time. Amelia gets it, though. Hahah it looks like she’s trying her hardest to control the urge to roll her eyes. Reminds me,

Seb’s First (and Last) Haircut

Good grief Becs.. Can I just tell you about the longest 20 minutes of my life? For the past month, while out, I’ve been complimented constantly by strangers on how adorable my two daughters are. Yeah… I know Sebastian has a pretty face like his Papa ( 😉 ) but c’mon. He’s

Bows & Bows

Talssss, Yes. The Clinger. I have, many times, said “Otto is lucky he’s so cute.” It’s true though. The countless times I have told him no and he just stares right at me and pushes my buttons. Of course we love our kids but it’s the crushing feeling that you’ve

Raising a Cling-On — 5 Signs You Have a High Maintenance, High-Needs Child.

Becca, The photos of Otto’s 2nd are too cute. So happy he likes baths now, I remember when he was here it was tough getting him to enjoy a bath, I thought he might have had some bad experience with water since he kept screaming! June has been the month of Mommy & Sebastian. Jeff has been


Tals! Hey there! We had a very crazy weekend at the house. Brendan’s family drove up yesterday to celebrate Otto’s birthday a day early. We all had such a good time. He had a lot of fun running about and hugging everyone. My day started at 5 am. I got up a couple of hours before I

The Fab Fair Experience – Del Mar Fair 2014

Becca, Okay, I give up! What’s with all the Chinese lettering in your posts? Confused here. You look great and I love that you got pics of yourself doing what you do best- being creative and creating amazingness. Looks like our SD trip keeps getting extended! I’m leaving today actually


Hey there! Seriously. I love the pictures of everyone at Chuck E. Cheese. There’s nothing better than those images of Sebas on the skee ball ramps. He’s too funny! Skee ballis up there on the list of favorite games. It looks like you can throw a party no mater the obstacle. The kids are

Get Air & Get a Grip

Biz, Great job with that painting! I remember watching that cartoon as kids. One of the only animes I really got in to was Ranma 1/2. Jed got me in to those books, and then the series came out. You should paint more! I still have so many of your pieces with me. Can’t wait to hang some up at


Happy happy birthday to Amelia! It’s so funny that our two are a week (and two years) apart. I love the pictures you shared. She is a doll. I cannot believe how fast all of our babies are growing. 🙁 Where did all that time go? Yesterday I started doing a bit of painting while Otto was calm. I

Happy Birthday, Amelia!

Becca, Wow. It’s official. I have a four year old. Our darling, precious Deetsiegirl is FOUR! I get more emotional every year it seems. I remember this week four years ago when you were all in town. We took her home to our place in Valley Center and Dad was thrilled to spend the next week

Flashback GIFday!

Tallsssss, I deal with that every day. Now that I have a job and a steady paycheck I wish I could be at home more. Now that I’m not in college anymore I miss it. Juts like being away from San Francisco makes me miss my friends who are still there. (Although I never stop telling them to move

Dealing with Chronic Dissatisfaction

Dear Becs, You look great! Happy to hear you’re doing a lot of walking and keeping yourself busy. I would love to send you some home-cooked meals, but I think I’d settle for sending you a couple plane tickets instead so we can see the little guy. PLEASE post more photos of your

Eating Habits

Tals! There’s no need to be afraid, no cause for alarm. I have no secretsand am not skipping out on meals. In all honesty I have been eating (almost) everything I can get my hands on. There’s a McDonald’s right down the street and, kid you not, I get a large order of fries 4-5

Making Cake Pops with Kids

Biz! I totally understand and I won’t give you any updates on games! I chose a great month to be off social media because I try and watch them all! Except Saturday, I was in Pasadena for a wedding. Not able to watch those three games, but I have them taped. Let me know when you watch the

In The Garden

Hey Tals! I am trying to stay off the internet because I don’t want to hear any big World Cup updates until I can find a streaming site. I’ve got the next two days off so hopefully I can catch up a bit. I’m glad Sebastian is showing some interest in soccer. At least the kicking

Breaking Ba-Choy

Bidlins, I can gladly send some videos of the littles to your phone. Wish we could FaceTime more but for some reason the connection gets choppy! We did hear about Otto’s reaction to nuts – poor little dude! Glad you were able to get it taken care of quickly. Dad was so confused saying,

Hawaii 2-7

Tals! Please send me more Sebastian and Amelia videos. I miss those two precious babes so much. While seeing that In-N-Out picture does make me a bit envious, but out this way we have a thing called Shake Shack. Now there isn’t one in Rochester proper, but, it’s right in Grand Central

In & Out & Popcorn Sheets

Biiiiz, Ha! Yes you’re correct in that Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. We gifted Jeff early because unfortunately he won’t be with us for Father’s Day this year. He will be out of town for work… so he got his present early. =) I should’ve mentioned that in

Lawn Chair Ditty

Hey Tals! I like your gift idea but isn’t Father’s Day this coming Sunday? Maybe I got it wrong and forgot to get Brendan something. I remember walking past The Art of Shaving on my way to work every day. I thought about getting Brendan some kind of shaving kit but since he can’t

Awesome Father’s Day Gifts – The Art of Shaving

Becs! Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks? There’s this scene where Colin Farrell is shaving and his daughter is watching him. She is curious as to why he has to do this, like most children would be, and asks him. His response is the cutest thing. He tells her that daddies have to shave their

How To Stay Informed

Dear Tals, I know what you mean about the news, however, there are plenty of other news channels that aren’t like the ones you’re used to. I mean just hearing someone mention Fox News makes me cringe. Stick to BBC World, NPR, Al Jazeera or PBS. Hell I even learn more relevant, useful,

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag

Hi Becca, I was going to start by going on a rant about everything that’s happening lately that I am deeming “not in my favor!” and feeling like a giant wrench has been thrown in my plans but then I am reminded of a woman who is truly going through a tribulation and choose to not

Cactii. Beer. Cupcakes. Days off.

Hellooo and good morning. What books did Amelia check out from the library? She seems completely overjoyed to be there. I’d love to hear some stories with them. I remember fondly the story time at the Pasadena Library. I’m sure we still have that tape around somewhere of the guy telling

Story Time – The Deets Gets Her First Library Card

Becca, We took Amelia to the library last week .. she loved it. I thought to myself, why haven’t I done this sooner? She had seen an episode of Caillou – (has Otto seen this yet?) and asked for a library card! We get there, we apply for one, and they tell us she can take home up to 15

Spring Onion Pancakes

Hey Tals, I haven’t seen Flora Grubb yet so thanks for sharing. It looks relaxing! I’ve been to a couple of other nurseries in the city but those were all business. No cafe attachment or anything. It looks like y’all had a great time though. Where’d Deetsie hear

Flora Grubb – Family-Friendly Things to do in San Francisco, CA

Becs, That’s pretty cool that you had some visitors already, must be nice and this tells me you’ve somewhat settled in! Also, there’s no doubt that you’d be amazing at your new job. Nothing compares to Cakework and the dictator–er, ex-boss of yours! She was something


Tals! So good to hear dad’s words. He is usually pretty inspiring and right about the “haters”. The only thing you have to do when you’re being unfairly criticized or attacked online is to not let it bother you. Once you let it then you’ve lost control. I hope you

A Pastor’s Advice on How to Deal with the Modern-Day Hater.

“Haters should be likened to an aimless flock of birds expelling their foul droppings on the unsuspecting crowd below.” -Dad Becs, Something Dad shared with me the other day that I think everyone needs to read. Perhaps the most SOUND ADVICE I can give to anyone when it comes to

The Heat Is On

Tals! Your trip to the zoo looked like a lot of fun! It’s so great that even though you have the two kids, Amelia can walk all over the place. He seems to be enjoying himself too. Little Seb in those sunglasses is too precious. Can y’all come visit already? There’s something