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Family Trip to the SF Zoo

Hey Becs! Well, it happened. We finally went to the SF Zoo. And not just went… got memberships! It was kind of a no brainer.. would’ve been $70+ with parking and if we got a year membership it would include everything for only $115. Best part? Anyone can use my pass! I got a guest one

Vanity Flair

Tals! Good morning and sorry about not posting yesterday. My new schedule at work is 3p-10p five days a week. It’s keeping me very active but it also means my free time/”me-time” is super limited. I’m so so so sad that we missed little Sebastian’s party. We

Simple 1st Birthdays & Getting Creative with a Complex 3 year old.

Biz! I totally forgot to share some snaps from celebrating for Seb’s 1st birthday. You know how I feel about first birthday’s right? They’re really for the parents. I mean, if I had 6 kids already I would’ve thrown a bigger party for Sebastian… but I don’t have 6

Burgers & Thighs

Tals! I love the pictures from your trip! That shot that Barbara took is priceless! I’m glad it exists. More people do need to understand that the automatic setting does not a professional photo make.  I can’t tell if Charles is just a lazy man or a troll. I hate when people get up in

Puerto Nuevo is not Rosarito

Becca, I got confused. I still am. I’m not sure if we were staying in Puerto Nuevo or Rosarito. See, the couple told me Rosarito. But the address and everything sent to us kept saying Puerto Nuevo. So I figured, “that’s gotta be another city, right?” We ended up making a

Ceviche – Becca Style

Morning Tals! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself out there in Mexico! Must’ve been a crazy trip and, yes, packing for any length of time with kids is nuts. I have a bad tendency to forget stuff too which I’m sure you noticed. This last trip down to New York City I forgot my

Harley Goat Farms & Bean Hollow Beach

Hey Becs, At the airport right now, starting to type this at 10pm Thursday night. Sad to be leaving our little ones but we know they are in good hands with Mom and Dad. Yep. Once again we are off to San Diego for work. We got to enjoy Sebastian’s birthday with the family. Our cousin Paul

At Home In Rochester

Morning! Before anything else I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SEBASTIAN!!! I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies. Sebas is such a handsome little man and I so wish we could be there for his birthday. I want to squeeze every roll on your boy! He’s just too much. I know our boys will

Our Super Sebachoy Turns ONE!

Becca, I wish I could be there for things like the art shows and crafty adventures you’re having out in NY. That’s great that Otto is getting used to the long drives. We did that a lot with Amelia when she was a baby. Well, you would know! Remember her first 8 hour road trip was when

Socializing Struggles

Dear Tals, I’m sorry you’re having a rough patch over there.  I had a really hard time making friends when I moved out too. Especially hard since I was 19 and sort (of) couldn’t go to bars. I somehow luckily managed to live in a unofficial SFSU apartment building and met some

Attempting To Make Friends In Shit City

Happy Monday Becs! I love Mondays. They’re sort of my day off lately. All I “have” to do is blog sometimes, or not. I miss you. I miss a lot of people at the moment. It is so much tougher to make friends as an adult than when you’re a child. I remember how daunting that was.

Sailor Scout Wannabe

Dear Tals, So sorry about the latest post ever… we have been travelling since 3pm and just got settled in to our temporary spot. I can’t believe Amelia’s posing skill. She never ceases to surprise me. Have you taught her any new dance moves? Things have been predictable here.

Nom-Nom Fresh Pasta Salad!

Well hello Becca my dear! The giveaway/contest we held last week is over, thanks to the random generator @tabc18 won! Congrats on your new clutch, we hope you like it! Our giveaways are gonna have some amazing odds lately because it seems like only our friends know about them and anything that has

Her Rules Are Different Than Ours. The Daily Routine of Being Three.

Good morning! Sort of. It’s almost lunch time. I’ve had one of those mornings you can say. My kids have been sleeping around 11pm-12am and this is in part my fault, you know how Jeff and I like to sleep in, right? We figured as long as they don’t have school the next day or any

Interview Outfit

Dear Tals, You must be ready to hop in and edit/re-shoot all of my pictures, huh? I’ll facetime you tonight so we can discuss the wacky camera that I can’t seem to figure out. I would love a video. Thanks for the congrats. I am super excited to get back to work. It sounds wild but I

Awkward Flights & My 4 Day Weekend

Hi Becs! So thrilled about your news of being hired on the spot! Can’t wait to hear more about it! I love that you posted a photo of Otto looking especially grumpy. Here’s a quick tip from a photog… you can still shoot in manual without using the flash by upping your ISO in a

Tools Of The Trade

Dear Tals, So glad to see your latest wedding pictures. It looks so familiar since we grew up in Valley Center. Lovely details ad very touching. I hope you are having a safe trip back home today. I have to do another short write-up today becauuusseeeeee I have an in-person interview (third times

Giveaway Time – Little Otto Shop!

Dear Becca, What a week it’s been! After work today I had to remind myself that it’s not Monday, every day feels like Monday lately. Womp womp. This tells me I am working overtime. I was scrambling trying to get clients their images prior to leaving for a long weekend. Currently

Sewing Sessions

*Good afternoon! Whew! It’s definitely a wacky week. I am so glad to hear you list of advice to friends getting married. There are a lot of things that are over-hyped when it comes to weddings. Thankfully my sister is a wedding photographer and I can afford to hire her. 😉 One of these days

29 is the new 60! Things I Would Tell My BFFs But Not My Brides

Hey Becs! It’s been a hectic couple weeks of meetings with brides…2015 is already off to a great start! Looks like we’ll be staying in the Bay since the bookings are rollin’ in!  I’m noticing more and more that they are brides who feel like they already know me since

Leggings As Pants: Don’t Hide It

Morning Tals! Thanks for holding down the fort this last few days. We have been moving, moving, moving and there’s still more to do this afternoon. Of course now that we have Otto once again after a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s we won’t be able to get quite as much done. I am

Talia’s Spanish-ish Chicken

Hey Becs! You know how we come from a family that doesn’t give out recipes.. like ever? It always kinda bothered me. I’ll tell you how to make this if you don’t tell anyone! That’s how family recipes are supposed to be I guess… kept in the family. Taken to the grave.

How To Pump and Store a Crapload of Breastmilk

Hey Becca! With two blogs, maintaining a website, photography… I am only allowed to check Facebook and Instagram or I would have no time for family. I have a twitter but it’s lame, and I have a Pinterest account. I seldom check it since I know how addicting it is, but apparently my most

We have a walker, a speller, and a few headaches.

Good morning Becs! Or is it afternoon there by now? We had a pretty amazing event last night in the Cruz household. Sebastian took his first steps forward and didn’t fall! We have a walker! Three steps. He just turned 11 months and it was the sweetest thing. After his bath last night he was

Easy Oreo Amazing-ness

Hey Becs, There really is not much to this but a party in your mouth. Tried these at Sam’s baby shower last year and we were hooked! Just had to make ’em at home and we’ve made them a few times since. It is so simple it’s almost laughable. All you need is : Berry Burst

Why Do They Do That?

Afternoon Tals! So glad to finally be able to post some behind the scenes stuff. Usually it’s too late to take photos when I tend to get so engrossed in my work. More of that to come later. 🙂 I can’t believe more ladies don’t send their significant other to buy pads/tampons.

Happily Married and Happily Irritated

Becca, You are indeed a busy bee lately! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Especially with all the new patterns and cloth you got! Mom and Dad were showing Tito Johnny and Tita Janet everything you made at their place. From throw pillows to tote bags, necklaces and clutches. Even the

Sewing Daze

Dear Tals, Happy Easter! We missed you and I can’t believe that it was already a year ago that we stayed with you and took those amazing pictures of Amelia and Otto (in a bow tie!). So glad we got to FaceTime with you and the whole family. I seriously miss your babies so much! You all of

The Incredible Jesus Christ – Happy Easter

Hey Biz, I know it’s a little off for me to be blogging on a Sunday. But it’s Easter Sunday and while the kids nap from their thrilling day thus far I figured I could squeeze a lil blog in. We were together last Easter, remember? A whole year went by since painting eggs in the living

Unflattered and Comfy

Becs, I was chatting with some girlfriends the other day about … farts. Random I know! We were sharing stories about how we met our significant others and one of the gals I was chatting with said they bumped in to each other at their co-ed dorm bathroom – which let to a big CUT in the

Throwing It Back

Dear Tals, I can only imagine the parking frustrations you have moving from San Diego. I remember clear as day, a few weeks before I moved up to SF you told me, “Becca. Finding parking in San Francisco is like gold. You probably don’t want to take your car.” You were right.

Pixie Pants and Parking

Becca, It’s past noon. I know that. I cannot believe that I am about to rant about parking in the city of San Francisco- or just the city in general. You are so lucky to not be in this town any more. Had a couple meetings today in the city and can I just tell you. Street parking. Meters. No

Checking Out The New Place

Good Afternoon Tals, Thanks for covering for me yesterday. I can’t keep my days straight now that I’m not working. Everything just blends together. Man it’s been a wild couple of days. The weather out here has been completely insane. The last two days it was 70+ and today? 40 and

Polka Dot Happiness and Wristlet Magic – First Giveaway!

Biiiiz, I know you’re super busy getting ready to settle in to your new space out there so I will post today. I guess. 😉 The weekend was eventful. Pacquiao fight on Saturday night. SO happy he won. I mean, he definitely won the last one with that Bradley guy but sketchy-sketchy was the

How To Play With Your Kids – How to Stop Forcing Yourself

Morning Becs! I found myself on Google yesterday looking up, “How to Play With my Child”, “What Can I Play With My Child”, or even, “How to Enjoy Playing with Your Child.” Does this sound awful? I couldn’t really go through the articles, one even suggested

One Top: Three Ways

Dear Talia, I’m getting really excited about the show! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I also just realized that it is coming up in one month (switched the dates to May 10th & 11th because of scheduling stuff). I have quite a bit of work to do. I blocked out some time today to get