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Cruz Chicken Tenders with a Double Crunch/Double Punch (In Yo Face!)

Heya Becs! Here’s another hit in the Cruz household. Jeff found this recipe last Fall and only had to change one thing- it’s so yummy!  Easy to make, slightly messy but that’s expected with anything fried. For the sauce we substituted coconut oil for olive oil. We’ve been

Twilight Zone Chipotle

Biiiiiz, Love that you get to be a vendor at that event in Williamsburg!! Yeeeea! Bringin’ Little Otto Shop to the east coast right away it seems! I am sure you’ll do fantastic. Your work speaks for itself. Can’t wait to hear all about it. The bows are adorable, I wore one to

Tangerine Weather

Dear Talia, I miss you all! Amelia is always so clever and I wonder where she gets it from?? ? Ha ha. The wedding location looks so charming. I’d love to take Otto there when he gets older. He’s been obsessing over Thomas the Tank Engine (non-CG episodes) for weeks now. One of the only

Wedding Weekend Get Up

Dear Becca, Our wedding we shot on Saturday was amazing. We pulled up to the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum and our minds were spinning! Acres and acres of property with nothin’ but antique…well, gas and steam engines. Hahahaha! All sorts of tractors, trailers, props galore! I just

Bright Stripe and Shoe Dreams

Dear Talia, THOSE PANTS! That top is adorable too. You’re rocking it in nice weather. I can wear that kind of outfit here,  except between shoots I’d be throwing on layerssss. As far as “getting fancy” more goes, I’m working on it. My biggest issue with fancy is that

Eye Rolls & All

Hi Biz, We’re so happy you’re somewhat settled in. That romper looks amazing on you! You really should get “fancy” more often, it suits you! I wish I was blessed with your legs. I actually have a few rompers that are in storage that I’m gonna just give to you-

Romping Around A New City

Dear Talia, I was SO tempted to buy the same maxi dress when I saw it at Target. I just don’t know if I can pull off a maxi. You’re way better in heels than I am. You know me too so I like the boots/leather jacket combo a bit better. Please excuse the lack of posting over the past few

No More Fa(s)t Food

Dear Becca, SADNESS as you left this morning. Amelia came outside to the living room and said aloud, “where is Ninang Becca??” She was looking for you since you all slept over last night. She looked for Otto too and I told her he left as well. Then she paused, looked around the room and

Chicken Casserole a la Cruz

Recipe time! So Becs I know you liked that chicken casserole dish I brought over on one of your last moving days. Who doesn’t love a hearty casserole? You know Jeff’s been the cook in the household 80% of the time. He loves it. And this one took him a little over an hour but boy was it

Healing & Possibilities

Day: Last. After the summer of her senior year in high school, 2005, Rebecca was apartment hunting. She had just turned 18 in July, but wanted out. There wasn’t a hostile living situation or anything, she had just been longing for that freedom of not living under her parents roof anymore

The Toughest Day This Week

Dear Becs, Wow. It’s Friday. You have only two days to pack up all that mumbo jumbo at your place and believe me if we weren’t stuck with work and meetings with brides and other photographers (did I tell you I’ve been networking? Whole other story for a whole other blog), you can

The Final Days and What’s to Come Next

Dear Talia, Ultra high five! I know it probably wouldn’t look good for your business to send something like that out but I know how you feel. I wish I could send it for you! She seems too spacey and disorganized for the profession. I don’t understand how a “professional”

Character – Let Your Yes Be Yes and Your No be No!

Hey Becs! Looking forward to watching Otto today to give you some time to “pack in peace.” It’s tough with little ones,  so I am sure it’s especially hard to pack up and move to the other side of the country! Hopefully it gave you a bit of a breather. It’s gonna be

Packing and Russian Grandmothers?

Dear Talia, As you know by now the kids are alive and well and yes, Otto does have a strong immune system. It’s always nice to see all the kiddos together even if they don’t quite know how to “play nice” yet. Amelia tried her very best to be patient and Sebastian and dad

Childhood Road Trips / Bladder Control

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – anonymous There was a road trip in our childhood that our father recalls fondly. Talia was eight and Becca was six. Our family would take two weeks off at the very beginning of the school year to visit relatives

We Are All Sick Over Here

Hey Becs, Well, it happened. We’re all sick over here. Amelia caught it first. At the sight of that small runny nose of hers, Jeff and I instantly took some BioFlu, AirBorne, you name it. It took a couple days and we caught it anyway. I stopped pumping and giving Sebastian fresh breast milk a

Kind of Untitled

Dear Talia, Periods, amirite? The best part about being pregnant is that you don’t ruin any underwear for over a year! I wouldn’t be ashamed about wearing a pad though now that it’s come back. I haven’t used a tampon in years and it’s really not that life changing save

First of Many “Dear Beccas”

Dear Becca, It’s hot in San Bruno today. I don’t know if I am now acclimatized to the weather up north and didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I honestly thought leaving San Diego was going to ruin me because of how spoiled we were with that weather down there. Whatever the

The Beginning, A Good Place to Start

Our first post! We are Talia and Becca. There ain’t much to it. This is an online journal between sisters who have much to say, whether it’s important or not. After high school, Rebecca moved to San Francisco. Almost eight years later, Talia finally followed and moved her whole family