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Reminders to Get Out and Support Local! – Pacifica Farmer’s Market

There is just so much I want to write about, so much I want to say. The hypocrisy in this country is currently dampening my mood on the daily and I just have to force myself to get out. I have to force myself to get fresh air, and if I am lucky enough while breathing that in to my lungs, eat (what

‘Murica! Land of the Fr…Well, Home of the Brave.

Oh Happy Independence Day, America! Amazing that an entire year has gone by and my thoughts are still very much in sync with my post from last year. Freedom..or the illusion of it. I almost want to just copy/paste the entire post from last year because we have only gone downhill as a

Family Time in Tiburon, CA

Tiburon, CA is nestled north of the city of San Francisco, in Marin County. How do I describe such a town without the words like “quaint”, and “cute”? I recommend visiting – heck, I’d recommend LIVING there if money wasn’t a problem. This is actually the

My Favorite Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I’m not sure how to describe this recipe. It sort of vaguely reminds me of a carbonara, but is actually really healthy and extremely easy! We have actually made this plenty of times with just leftover chicken from the night before or even rotisserie chicken. If you

15 Things I’ve Learned/Experienced Since Moving to Las Vegas

So the Vegas life is growing on me. There’s lots to get used to, but I am so far enjoying all of it! I compiled a little list here of what I’m experiencing lately. For starters, a lot of good restaurants/eateries are located right next to strip clubs. Yeah, some times sharing parking

Birthdays and Cheese and Slime (video!)

Some photos and a VIDEO from Amelia’s birthday celebration yesterday! Still hard to believe that this precious little girl is now SIX. We took the kids to an early show of “Finding Dory” at a local theatre, attached to a casino of course. Casinos and gambling is rampant around

To Be or Not to Be…

Written by: Darcy Nichole That is the question. And you know what? YOU have the power to decide. It’s funny thinking about this concept. For the last 5 years having kids, my whole life was turned upside down very quickly. We were in survival mode. I felt like i had no control in my life and

Celebrating Fathers and Father’s Day!

We were able to spend Father’s Day weekend in San Diego, right before the heat comes in to Vegas! It helped that we had events to shoot, so we decided to make a 4-day trip out of it. The kids got to see their friends while we worked, and we got to even have dinner – and an afternoon BBQ

Reflections on Father’s Day

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle When sitting and reminiscing about our new memories the last few months since the birth of our son, I can’t help but feel more emotional about the impending Father’s Day holiday than I did even about my first Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because I spend all day, every

Trader Joe’s – Favorite Snack Bars

Just a quick post today about what I’ve mandated in my pantry. A few months back I tried a box of these Trader Joe’s (organic) Chia Bar’s… ohhhh my gosh. I might have devoured three in the first sitting. SO ADDICTING and delicious! Seriously the perfect snack, even late at

Arts + Crafts – Fun At-Home Activities With Kids

You know what’s fun for 5-year old’s and can take up HOURS of time? Painting. I found these canvases at Aaron Brother’s and maybe kinda sorta took their stock… Set up some brushes and acrylic paint and let the kids go! Sebastian was off to a good start and then just went

My Obsession With Shutterfly

Written by Alexandra Lotzgeselle Who doesn’t love to break out the photo albums once in awhile and reminisce about happy memories? Growing up, my sister and I would often times get out my parents old yearbooks and photos, and loved to look at their pictures from their younger days. Because of

Valle De Guadalupe – Wine tasting in Baja Mexico

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk I instantly fell in awe of the beautiful vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe. It is a region in Ensenada, Mexico which is now attracting wine makers from around the world. In the 1900’s Christians from Russia settled in Valle de Guadalupe. They farmed vineyards

Don’t You Dare

Written by: Naomi Goodale What is it about our human tendency to judge? We want to judge anything and everything that we possibly can. Worst of all-ourselves and each other. Like a vicious soul-sucking cycle we are constantly focused on each other. We see a lot of this in the parent-shaming world.

Van Moms… Quick “Life-Changing” Tip! (VIDEO!)

FINALLY! Something good came out of driving around this van. JUST when I was ready to switch things up to an SUV — *P.S. I don’t recommend a VW Routan. I was so stubborn and only wanted one for the silly reason that it looked “not as van-y” as all the other

A New State of Mind and a New State – The Cruz Family Has Left California!

As an adult, you’re faced with really challenging decisions. Life-altering ones in fact. As a parent, all decisions have to include the well-being of your children. They HAVE to come first, especially their health. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I will DIE for these

13 Years and 3 Kids Later…

Written by: Darcy Nichole  “You cannot sit back and hope for a happy marriage, you have to create one.” I just recently read this and couldn’t agree more. Almost 14 years and 3 kids later, I’ve definitely learned a few things about being married. I am by NO MEANS an expert,

Whispers of Mana – A New Book Series

Written by: Preston Skye Soriano Hello everyone! This is bit of a more personal post today. I have written and published a new book called Servitude, which is the first of my series Whispers of Mana. This is an epic fantasy story that centers around a character named Saria who becomes traumatized

Making Smoothies With the Kids! – Vitamix Recipes

Smoothie-making in the morning! Continuing the tradition but having the kids help out this time. 🙂 Hope you’re all having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend! <3 Cheers everyone! All content and images copyright TheSisterFiles©2016 and cannot be used without expressed permission.

National Wine Day – It’s The Simple Things

Got swamped. Left the house. Went to a winery. Felt better. Find your happy place. Go there often. Date your husband. Love your family. Drink red wine. Happy National Wine Day! Another reminder: BevMo 5 Cent WIne Sale is ON! Make sure you’re out stocking up! <3 And as if you needed any

Chili Jam & Pecan Flat Bread – Trader Joe’s Tuesday!

Another fun, simple, and delicious appetizer from Trader Joe’s! There’s a bit of a kick to it, but wow does this pair well with some red wine! <3 Ingredients: Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Chili Jam Trader Joe’s Traditional Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese Trader Joe’s

A Recipe // Pistachio + Cranberry Yogurt Bark

Written by: Jen Schachtebeck Quick and easy—a recurring theme in my food lately, as most of my time and attention is focused on Margot these days: making sure she’s not pulling up on anything dangerous or making sure she’s not putting anything dangerous in her mouth…really easy

Let It Be

Written by: Darcy Nichole Chaos. If could describe my life with my boys in one word, it would be that. If I could describe it in two words, it would be awesome chaos. My day to day is nothing short of extremely eventful and nonstop running around. Whether it´s changing diapers, cleaning up poop

“Off With Her Head!” –Our Gender Reveal!

Written by: Naomi Goodale YES!!! We are having our 3RD GIRL, Lord help us! And thankfully I am not married to Henry VIII or my head would be toast for it! And if you didn’t know already and you’re wondering, I’ll just come right out and say it—no, we weren’t trying… not even a

Must Haves For the New Mom

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle It can be really overwhelming for a new mom to figure out exactly what it is she really needs for her new baby. Registries are jam-packed with a million different “must have” gadgets and trinkets that they claim you have to buy, but it’s hard to sift through and

You Better Belize It!

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk The perfect recipe for wanderlust. Add some friends who have a passport and a “Hell Yes Carpe Diem” personality type and you are about to jet set towards a tropical mystery paradise! Um? Where is Belize anyways? I believe it’s near Cancun and Cuba

Trader Joe’s Tuesday’s – Kati Pouches With Mango Ginger Chutney

Another fabulous dish to share from Trader Joe’s! I would set up these kati pouches for some after school snacks for Amelia – serve them with a side of mango chutney and you’re good to go! Ingredients: 1 box Trader Joe’s Kati Pouches (frozen section) 1 jar Trader

Where In The World Is Talia San Diego?

When I have these déjà vu experiences, I have to blink several times, take a seat back and I immediately think, “I’ve seen this before, this has happened before.” Whether it was in a dream, or in whatever way/s Wikipedia defines it (except for the seizures or taking drugs part..),

On Slow Living and Being Present

Written by: Jen Schachtebeck Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to be more present; something that’s proven to be somewhat difficult when it means having to ignore that habitual need to pick up my phone, only to find myself aimlessly scrolling through photos on Instagram of someone

Hair Wars

Written by: Darcy Nichole In the spirit of ‘May the Fourth be With You’ yesterday, I have dedicated today’s blog to Hair Wars. I get stopped a lot regarding my hair. I’m often asked if it’s all mine, or if they are extensions, how long it took me to grow it out, how to

The Red Pill: Reality vs. Mysticism

Preface: Last week, we posted a blog titled “Dear Atheist” by one of our writer’s Naomi. The purpose of her blog was not to convert anyone, but simply lay out views and question the other side. This week, one of our writer’s Preston, gives her take on what she believes (or

Birthday Perfection at Pacific Coast Grill

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Let me start by saying, I do not enjoy big birthday bashes. I don’t enjoy having all the attention on me, and would much rather do something small and relaxed to celebrate. This year I got just that. This past Saturday I got to spend a perfect birthday with my

Art Walk San Diego – Little Italy

Took the kids and their cousins to the Art Walk in San Diego yesterday. Worked all morning, even though I needed some sleep badly I was convince by my cousin Christina to pack up all the kids and brave Little Italy in the afternoon. I love art walks.. I usually prefer them sans kids, because I want

But … It’s HOW You Say It…

Happy Saturday! Is that too generic of a greeting or do people actually like hearing that? Take any day… Happy Tuesday! Happy Thursday! Let’s not think too deeply in to this.. I’m wishing you a happy weekend. Also! If you’re like me and feeling like you have to monitor every

When Something You Love Turns You Off.

“So… what are you going to do?” I have a love/hate with that question above. If it is asked in any way that makes me think about my future and how it’s all going to work out, it causes great anxiety. Parents, quit asking your children this… especially right after high


Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk Thirgatory! It’s a term that a new friend of mine had made up describing that awkward period in time where you are no longer in your twenties and you actually just tapped thirty on the shoulder. You are not thirty-one, thirty-two or thirty-three… so not quite INTO