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Before We Can Start With Gun Control, Let’s Address Idiot Control.

“Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.” -Christopher Paolini In the wake of all these devastating attacks happening, while I don’t want to make this a political

Thankful for Being Thankful: A Look on My Most Precious Gifts

Written by: Preston Chapin Soriano Those that know me know a few core things about me. One, I am very opinionated, up to the point of being obnoxious at times. This often leads to thing two, that I complain a lot. I am very passionate about what I believe in and what I feel is right, and because of

Owning Yourself

Written by: Audrey Misha Kirk Owning yourself. Owning up to who you are without apologies, or with apologies, but not being afraid to stand behind yourself after what you did. To have the courage to look into the mirror and see your real reflection, instead of the mask you decided to hide behind

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Scallion Pancakes and Fresh Beet Salad

I know I skipped a couple Tuesdays for these posts you love and long for. 😉 I have two recipes then today, both pair perfectly with each other and make for a light and tasty lunch! Keeping it light and simple today, just like the food here. Scallion Pancakes Ingredients: Trader Joe’s

Date Night Review: Dukes La Jolla

Written by: Elyse Sinsay Have I mentioned I love my husband? Well, I do. I am also VERY proud of him. He works his ass off every day, long hours, fighting for a level of standard that is becoming less and less existent these days with cooks who just want to take it easy, and is still one of the

Operation Christmas Child

It goes without saying that children these days are entirely too spoiled lately. I don’t know what your Christmas was like in the 80’s and 90’s as a child. I remembered that even if our parents (some years) could afford to get us every single thing on our wishlists, that

Relation SHIPS, Boundaries, and Sailing Towards Making Your Soul Happy

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk My friend once sent me a quote that read, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with… choose carefully!” Who do you spend the most time with. Did this even mean the people I work with daily. I don’t have a choice to be

The HiSTORIES of Thanksgiving – And Wishing You All A Very Happy/Guilt-Free One!

It’s Thanksgiving! There are so many versions of the truth it seems, so many stories to take in to consideration when we look back at the history of Thanksgiving. This just goes to show why we are all so confused and it will remain that way, depending on which story you want to take

Super Simple Side Dish: Roasted Balsamic Broccoli

I definitely do NOT fancy myself a chef by any stretch of the imagination. My husband and I eat out way more than we should, and when we cook at home, he normally handles the proteins. However, I have been known to whip up some tasty side dishes! I’m a big fan of making vegetable dishes that

All the Different Ways We Say I Love You

Written by: Elyse Sinsay I love my husband. Like a lot. When people find out we are married, because they are shallow, they don’t get it. My husband, by his own words, is a fat Filipino kid, and I am, well, not that. I’m Colombian and I do my best to NOT be the typical chef size. When my husband

Homeschooling Pt. 2!

Hi! Last time I was on the blog I discussed the process of choosing to homeschool, and how that has the potential to bring up a lot of self-doubt and insecurity. This post will be dedicated to curriculum *cue the scary music * When it was time for us to start looking at curriculum for our 5 year

A Little Bite of Heaven – Apple Pie Caramel Cookies

By: Elyse Sinsay Welcome to the holiday season, ladies! Now that Halloween is officially over all of our favorite stores have told us it is Christmas!!! Hahahaha!! Well, I have not forgotten about Thanksgiving, nor my promise to share more recipes of the non-pumpkin variety. So, here is another

To All My White/European Friends Who Are Currently Suffering From White Guilt …

 I saw a slogan on a guys car that said “Proud to be an American” and I thought “What the fuck does that mean?” I’m fully Irish, and when I was a kid I would go to the St Patrick’s Day parade and they sold a button that said “Proud to be Irish”, but I

Splitting Holidays Among Family

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Growing up we had, for the most part, a set of traditions for where holidays were spent. The biggest of the holidays being Christmas was spent was split with Christmas Eve being celebrated at my paternal grandparents with all my aunts uncles and cousins from my

Sitting With Pain, Taking Back Yoga, and the Power of the Mind

“We are not our bodies. We are our spirits and souls that happen to be housed inside a physical presence. Our bodies are unique because we, our souls, are unique. And not only is that OK, it’s essential” -Embody by Connie Sobczak Written by: Kelly Maughan I had a completely different post written

A Time to Be Born, A Time to Die – Saying Goodbye To Lola

This past Sunday I was awoken to a call from Manila. My uncle let me know that my grandmother had passed away at 84. My heart sank and then immediately jumped to my throat. Instead of tears and angst I had to compose myself since my kids were already in my room as soon as I hung up the phone,

Demanding Respect, Stealing Virtue

Written by: Preston Chapin Soriano As we are growing up as children, we are often told that we must give respect. Respect our parents, respect our teachers, respect our elders, respect, respect, respect. As we become adults, then we are told that we must respect our bosses, respect other’s beliefs,

The 4 Knives You NEED In Your Life

Written by: Elyse Sinsay Knife sets. Everyone has them. Everyone sees them. Everyone is trying to sell you on one. But, do you REALLY, truly, honestly use all those knives or even know what the hell all of them are for?? I mean, they tell you what each one is called but not what they do or what

Trader Joe’s – Chicken Gyoza Potstickers With an Island Soyaki

Here’s a company we shouldn’t boycott…ever! 🙂 Ohhh.. when it comes to boycotting businesses I just think.. what are people doing with their lives? Last weekend it was non-stop on my newsfeed about the stupid RED CUP AT STARBUCKS. Truly, who cares! They didn’t say they hated

Not Having To Belong To Any Place – The Gypsy Spirits In Us.

You’ve heard of people not wanting to belong to anyone. I understand that. There’s a freedom in such a saying. A freedom and a loneliness. I have no problem “belonging” to someone who doesn’t look at me as a possession. Belonging to someone can be completely out of

The Slow and Steady Progression to Lifestyle Change/Healthier Eating

One of the first people in my life that I knew of who went completely organic was a cousin of mine in the states. She was considered “extreme” close to 6 years ago because she didn’t even want her children playing with plastic toys – they all had to be wood – and she

Respect and Discipline: The Strength It Takes To Do Both

Written by: Elyse Sinsay When I was a kid growing up, I was taught to respect my elders. When we went to my grandparents’ house, you always said hello and gave them a hug as soon as you got there. When you wanted something you better say please and thank you and when you were told to do something

Falling behind in Fall… Don’t do it!

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk If a giant Tsunami was coming towards you at exuberant speeds would you prefer to have a few days to prepare or would you rather be blind sited by the extraordinary tidal wave. Deepest apologies for not warning you sooner as this is insight that I tend to overlook

Trader Joe’s Tuesday – Truffle Salami and Caramelized English Cheddar Cheese

Whether you’re hosting or whether it’s just close to 5 o’clock and you wanna feel like a fancy-pants at home – pour the wine and cut the cheese people! This fantastical Truffle salami and English Cheddar with caramelized onions truly hits the spot.. every time. I always have

My Top 10 Low-Maintenance Beauty Finds

Written by: Alexandra  Lotzgeselle When it comes to beauty products, I find that 85% of the time, they don’t work the way they’re supposed to. You spend a ton of money on some magic elixir, and if it ever works the way it’s advertised, after a few uses it seems that your skin

Spooky Pancakes & Not-So-Spooky Swordsmen and Pirates

Posting on a Sunday! Here are some snaps from our Halloween yesterday. Is it just me or do children these days just have way too many options for costumes? My kids have a bin of costumes that they wear throughout the year. For most of October, Sebastian was Batman and Amelia was Cat Woman. But on

Kids Free At The Birch Aquarium In La Jolla

Watch out San Diego.. you only have three days left to take advantage of the 40+ museums to take your kids for free in October! Just click on that link and take your choice! Getting out and exploring is one of the best things you can do with your kids. I’ve always loved the Birch Aquarium in

Old School vs. The New Age

Written by: Elyse Sinsay iPods, iPads, Nabi, Leapfrog, X-Box, PS4, WiiU… The list of device choices goes on and on. Kids nowadays have it so good! Technology at their fingertips! With a flick of their finger they can unlock a world of endless possibilities… But, when do we have them put down the

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum & That Fourth Season

A couple weeks ago I was told about how over 40+ museums in San Diego are allowing kids in for free, for the entire month of October! I knew I wanted to take advantage of this awesome deal at least 2-3 times, let’s see how much more I can do. Nice reminders to get out every now and then with

Trader Joe’s – Pumpkin Ravioli & Pumpkin Harvest Salad

Last week Elyse blogged a Zucchini bread recipe that looked absolutely amazing – and I love how she wrote about her dislike for pumpkin everything! Indeed, pumpkin is all over the place, it’s invaded. It was like.. September FIRST.. PUMPKIN THAT SH*T everywhere! I so happen to love it.

Messes & Magic With Our Voices & Hands

Written by: Naomi Goodale So if you haven’t heard now-ya-heard that the U.S. curricula, especially in recent years, has made the rapid shift towards the “common core” subjects of reading and math with a stronger basis in critical thinking. Now although I am huge supporter of critical thinking-based

Bates Nut Farm – Everyone’s At The Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkins. Pumpkins! PUMPKINS. You can run, but you can’t hide. They’re everywhere this month. If you’re in San Diego, it’s tradition to most to check out the pumpkin patch at Bates Nut Farm, yearly. Jeff and I have gone every year since being engaged. I think it’s now

Is This Menopause? No, It’s The Meat Sweats (A Real Condition)

There are a few things in life I cannot say no to. Things like free samples, good wine, good cheese, basically most foods – one being: all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. I’ve been really good lately. For those who don’t know, back in April I finally started “working out”. I

Homeschooling 101 – Introducing April!

Written by: April Staples Hi!! Okay, can I just say that I am super excited about this?! As a 31-year-old mom of three, there are few things that excite me more than homeschooling. You can probably guess what some of the other things are, because you are reading this blog… wine, food, family, and

Reading and the Luxury of It All – Kindles, Nooks, and Books!

Written by: Elyse Sinsay Once upon a time, “once upon a time” held a lot of weight. A lot of people, not just children, looked forward to hearing stories from their loved ones/elders of their travels and adventures. They longed to hear tales of love, loss and life lessons. As time went on and the

Garlic Chicken Sausage Potato Scramble

For today’s Trader Joe’s Tuesday post, I want to share with you another yummy recipe I got from the sample section at my local TJ’s. This one was quite good and can be a great side dish for the holidays. We just had it for lunch along with a side salad. Definitely filling. I wanna