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Halloween NOM-NOM ’ s

By: Elyse Sinsay In my household my birthday is like the kick off of the holidays. My husband and I start buying presents for Christmas, we get all the decorations organized and the last of the birthdays are just around the corner. One of the 1st holidays though is Halloween, and the Sinsay’s, take

“The Beast” Next Door

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk One of my favorite childhood movies is “The Sandlot”. An absolute classic that I thoroughly enjoy well into my late 20’s. It is a movie about young boys enjoying their childhood. They play baseball, ride bikes, and have fun creating memories. My

Passing on Passes – Disneyland Raises Prices While Lowering Hopes and Dreams

Do you like to People Watch? There are many fun places to do this. One of my favorite places to just sit and observe the masses, is the always-filled Disneyland. Crowds.. all the time. You can watch without looking creepy because if someone even thinks you might be staring at them, they turn around

DIY Baby Shower Gift Tutorial

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I love a good DIY…when it doesn’t require a degree in mechanical engineering to figure out, that is. This is a two-parter, and the second half can obviously be adjusted to any theme other than just a baby shower. I first came up with this for my sister-in-law’s

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Spicy Shrimp Penne Arrabbiata

Another Trader Joe’s Tuesday post! This one is another super simple post, and I don’t know if they’ve skimped with ingredients lately but I’ve been going in there and the samples seem to have gone to ___ since the original recipe for this was just the shrimp and the penne

From the Darkness Into the Light – Life With An Eating Disorder

Written by: Kelly Maughan I’ve struggled with my weight and eating disorders for over 15 years. I’ve experienced them all. It wasn’t until recently that I felt compelled to be more open about it. A year ago, if you would have told me that I would end up in a residential treatment center, struggling

The Comforts of the AirBnb Experience

Written by: Louann Walker If you’re into traveling and unique experiences that are off the beaten bath, you should definitely try out AirBnb! Maybe you’ve heard of them before but thought it was only for people wanting to crash couches or share rooms. You can actually rent out a whole apartment

Denventures Continued

Today I wanted to share some more adventures from Denver. For how short my visit with Jenna was we certainly packed in some yummy food! After Red Rocks we took a trip to a place called Katsu Ramen. If you find yourself in Denver this place should definitely be on your list. It’s a little spot

Street Fairs and Life Lately With Angry Batman

Had such an eventful week where the grandparents came to visit with us. We did the touristy thing where we took them to street fairs, had a trip to Legoland, checked out Seaport Village, went out for yogurt, checked out the malls, and even went to visit the famous BBQ place in town. All of this

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Chicken Parmigiana

This one is almost too simple I hesitated posting it because I didn’t want people to think I was THAT lazy. Like it almost needs an explanation prior and some sort of saying from me that I do in fact cook for my family, like, regular meals that consist of more than 10 steps to prep, and more

Why Traveling Makes You A Better Version of Yourself

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I have, as long as I can remember, been inflicted with an incurable case of wanderlust. I love adventure, I love traveling, and I love always having a trip to look forward to. I could never be one of those people that are content just staying in one place. While I

Profanity: Discussing Cussing

Written by: Preston Chapin Soriano DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended, this post is not for you. Instead, here is a video of puppies playing in a ball pit. If puppies upset your delicate sensibilities, then I ask what are you doing on the internet?? Go seek counseling NOW. Language is by far

Pledge of Allegiance

Written by: Elyse Sinsay “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  This is the pledge of allegiance that I grew up with. I’m sure everyone grew up with this

MEET AUDREY! – The Landlocked Mermaid

Written by Audrey Mischa Kirk Who am I? Who are you? I was given the honor to join a good friends blog and write a simple bio about myself. Geeze! I thought this would be a lot easier but when I sat down to write, my page was BLANK. I couldn’t answer a simple question about who I was? In the

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! – Spicy Peach Quinoa Salad & A Reminder to Never Criticize the Cook!

Finally caved and cooked up a dish with quinoa. I don’t know about your family, but growing up we had a set number of dishes. My mother only attempted new things maybe once or twice a year, because well, she didn’t have to. There were already about 20-30 dishes she perfected and we

I Am Enough, I Am Loved

In case you were one of the few who missed it, there was a Lunar Eclipse (a.k.a.) “Blood Moon” that happened last night. And for those of you who did catch it and are drawn to the moon and the stars as much as this ‘gazer’ here, then you will agree with me when I say it was SO COOL! I was hanging

Clay Paints With Kiddos and Keeping Sane.

Our options are few these days. Things to do on a day off with the kids! I’m always driving by these clay places. I see ’em everywhere. You go in and you paint on clay and they fire it up for you. Grand. If you are in the mood to waste spend $40 with two kids, this is the place for

Date Night: Buona Forchetta

Written by: Elyse Sinsay HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…. ME!! I am Officially 30, I know I shared that on my previous post but my birthday was Tuesday September 22 and to celebrate my husband and I went out to dinner to eat my favorite thing in the world…. PIZZA!!! I know, normally for a 30th birthday you

Whine With Me – The Ashley Madison Scandal and 37 Million Cheating Americans

Wow. This post was sup-POST to be posted a few weeks ago BUT I ended up finishing the bottle of wine while it uploaded and then totally forgot… It has to do with the Ashley Madison scandal that took place back in July.. remember when your newsfeed was all a-clutter with the insane amounts of

Real PROPHETS, Don’t PROFIT – The Types of People You Just Cannot Trust –

I am that person who tries her hardest to make light out of a dark bad situation. That’s just how I cope. We all cope differently. I like to be able to laugh at a problem eventually while going through all the emotions and dark thoughts in my head. Your mind can be a scary place when

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! Carnitas Lasagna Casserole ?

Tuesdays are becoming a favorite around here. Days when Mom gets adventurous and tries something new – from the Trader Joe’s sample section of course! But before we go in to a recipe, I want to tell you about life at home these days. You guys know Amelia started school already –

Red Rock Park

Today’s post is gonna be a short one because I’m driving across the country right now. Over the weekend I flew to Denver, Colorado and spent he day with our amazing cousin Jenna. We had a lot of fun together and the very first thing we did was visit Red Rocks park. We did a mini hike (I

Amelia Questions “What’s the Point?!” & The Orange Blossom Cafe in Solana Beach, CA

I picked up my munchkin from Kindergarten the other day. She had that “sad/mopey/pouty look” situation across her face. I don’t know why, but instantly I started chuckling to myself. It was a mother instinct in me that knew it was nothing serious. I know my kids so well already, I

You Are The Company You Keep

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Although I do believe my husband and I can and will make it through anything, I think there is one aspect to our relationship that is a big reason why we have such a wonderful marriage- we surround ourselves with equally as happy relationships. All of our close

Leave My Meat Alone! (video!)

Another Whine with Me video post.. it’s pretty clear. Don’t talk about my meat, and I won’t talk smack about where your veggies come from. 😀 Cheers!

Re-Defining Friendships. The Difference Between a FRIEND and an ACQUAINTANCE.

Ohhh friendships. Friend. Ships. SHIPS. Such a perfect word for something that starts off wonderful and depending on if that boat can weather certain storms and tides, it can sail away. FriendSHIPS come and go. We all have heard this and we all know this. We are gifted in life with certain friends

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! Sweet Potato Mahi-Mahi Goodness

Another quick and fun Trader Joe’s post for you all! This one is definitely more of an appetizer – I repeat, do not serve this for dinner or you will confuse your family! I almost did, and thankfully, thankfully Dominos was there to save the day! Ever have those days where your mind

DIY – How to Make A Swamp Cooler! – And Things to Avoid Doing in the Heat

Summer time and the weather is .. HOT. The kind of heat we’ve been having is never a good thing. The humidity mixed in makes this once-amazing California weather feel like we just swapped places with, well, Florida. It causes fights, it causes impatience, it causes frustration. You know when

48 Hours in Austin

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Over Labor Day weekend my husband, parents and I flew to Austin for my cousins wedding. We had originally planned on trying to make a longer trip of it, but with other vacations coming up and holiday pricing on airfare and hotels, we unfortunately had to settle for

Starting Kindergarten and Why We (I) Couldn’t Home School / The Pros and Cons According to Talia

So California has taken away parents rights to decide on whether they should or shouldn’t vaccinate their children. We live in a world of hypocrisy. Where people shout PRO-CHOICE yet the choices are not given to a child or the parent of the child when it comes to what is injected in to their

Whine With Me Wednesday – Child Safety Tips

Hey again! Here’s yet another WHINE WITH ME video clip. I’ve noticed that with these videos, I start off with a good point and then the more I drink the more I stray off topic. So to preface, these are all just opinions, and yes, I catch myself quite often making 2-15 different points.

Turning 30: What I have learned so far…

Written by: Elyse Sinsay With my 30th birthday just around the corner, I began to think the other day… 30 is a big deal. You are not 8 getting the keys to freedom. You are not 21 finally legally able to order a drink. You are not 25, a quarter of the way through your life. You are 30, you have your

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Pastrami Wraps and the Face Painting Fail

Is it Tuesday already?! Well it’s Talia here with another TJ Tuesday sample I wanna share with you! But first! Let me show you some classic Pinterest-y FAILS where I didn’t quite #nailit on face painting day. I use this app called Geo_Qpons and it gets me these 40-50% off one item at

A New Take On Labor Day!

Written by: Allie Lotzgeselle On September 7th, 2013 I had the most amazing, emotional, and humbling experience of my life. On that date, two years ago today, I got to marry my soulmate. The most unbelievable human being I had ever come into contact with vowed to love me for who I am for all of

Lake Agnes Inspired Quinoa Salad

Written by: Louann Walker With these warm days in Half Moon Bay and an Indian Summer on its way this fall, I’ve been dreaming up some amazing and healthy recipes for us to snack on over a quick trip to the park, pool, beach, or even have for a light lunch. This quinoa salad, inspired by a version

Video Games: Escapism and Seeking a Sense of Achievement

Written by: Preston Chapin Soriano Video games are constantly adapting and evolving overtime. They are becoming incredibly realistic, and the stories involved in them have gone way past “pass the square pixel” and “save the princess”. Kids and adults alike find themselves sucked into other worlds,