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    Reading and the Luxury of It All – Kindles, Nooks, and Books!

    Written by: Elyse Sinsay

    Once upon a time, “once upon a time” held a lot of weight. A lot of people, not just children, looked forward to hearing stories from their loved ones/elders of their travels and adventures. They longed to hear tales of love, loss and life lessons. As time went on and the printed press was invented we were blessed with the ability to pass along those same stories we told, but in
    printed form. We were able to cherish those stories forever and ever.

    Fast forward to present day and welcome to the digital age. We now not only have the ability to read a book on a digital device but not just one book, thousands. We also have apps for those same devices that allow us access to our books on our phones and computers as well. What is also available is audio books. People don’t always want to read books, they want to hear or listen to them and visualize the story. Just like we all started out doing.

    So that makes for three types of readers. Book readers- those who prefer to feel actual pages between their fingers. Digital readers- those who read on a digital device such as a Nook, Kindle or e-reader. Lastly, audio readers- those who don’t actually read, but listen to someone read to them. I, myself, am a digital reader, but a book collector. I like/love the ability to have a lightweight device in my purse or bag at all times that has 1,000’s of books and access to so many more at the touch of my screen. I like options. I like to be able to have more than one book at a time. When I read and I really enjoy what I am reading I become like Superman, speeding through the book but still reading and absorbing everything that passed in the pages. I have literally read a book in a day. I have read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy in three and a half days. Seriously, they were that good. So, having the ability to open up another book, even though I am secretly depressed the book is over, is great.

    BUT, I still like to have hard copies of things. A book is timeless. I love the way they smell after you have had them for a few years and the pages start to turn a different color. It gives them character. It reminds you of when you bought it, how you felt while reading it, how you felt when you finished reading, everything about it during that moment in time. A book is a memory. It’s precious. A classic book, however, is a piece of history to treasure as an immeasurable value bestowed upon you by the author from another life. It made it through time, heartache, war, birth, everything to be sitting in front of you to appreciate. Its words you should share with your children, like a secret to your heart because they spoke to a place inside of you that only a book can. That’s why I have hard copies. For love. For secrets. To remember that it’s the classics and their history that taught me to appreciate a good read.

    Still, we started out, all of us HEARING stories. I know my mom is an avid audio listener. When I asked her why she listened to audio books instead of reading or getting a digital book, she said it was because she couldn’t sit down and focus on the words. With the audio she hears it and sees it in her head. Plus, she doesn’t have the time/ patience to read -haha!

    Interesting, huh? So, what kind of reader are you? I hope I have inspired you to pick up a book at the very least… I love to read and try to as often as I can. Some of my favorite stories have been made into bigger things, movies, Broadway. But nothing compares to the original I love to get lost in a book. Let your imagination run free. Until next time ladies,  a very merry un-birthday to you!

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