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    Reasons to Do A Maternity Shoot

    Written by: Victoria Rogers

    I didn’t realize how much I needed (yes “needed”) maternity photos until I got pregnant with my second baby. While pregnant with my son back in 2012, Talia asked me if I wanted to do maternity photos. I  told her I would consider it but in the end I ended up not taking any after all. We did our family holiday photos in November when I was about 6 months along and I was already feeling so huge and gross and fat  that I told her I didn’t want to take any more photos during my pregnancy after that. (I barely even looked pregnant in the photos even in side profile shots where I thought I was really sticking my belly out). Pregnancy sort of does that to you though. As soon as your pants feel even a bit snug you think you look huge and because you feel heavy and off balance you assume you look fat when you probably aren’t. And now looking back I only have, really, maybe one photo of when I was carrying our son Anthony and it makes me sad, I look back on it and it was such a blessing to be able to be pregnant with him and I wish I had more than one picture to show just how beautiful of a time it was. Well,  lesson learned.

    This time when I found out we were expecting I knew from the get go that I really wanted to embrace and capture all of the wonder and raw beauty that pregnancy is. I was still hesitant only because I have seen maternity photos go very wrong ( I think we’ve all seen those creepy, half naked, photos of couples doing weird things online) and because once again I was afraid of looking ‘fat’ in my pictures. But Talia assured me that at 8 months my belly would be big enough to look pregnant in the pictures and I wouldn’t have all that lovely water weight yet that comes along in the last month that makes our faces look fat.
    I had a really good idea of the type of photos I wanted- outdoors, alone (meaning I didn’t want to include my husband  or son in the photos- I have plenty of candid shots though out my pregnancy with the both of them) this was something I wanted for me, even if that sounds kind of selfish. I wanted them to be very earthy and natural feeling and Talia did such an amazing job of capturing the vision I had.  I’m not sure if it was the flowy white dress or the warm rain falling on my big 8 month belly but I can honestly say that I have never felt more alive and more beautiful than I did taking these photos- and this includes my wedding day! Something changed for me that day, I didn’t feel ‘huge or fat’ but instead ‘full of the life inside me’, I didn’t feel ‘gross or ashamed’ of my body but instead ‘amazing and strong and beautiful’.  The best part of this whole experience was that standing pretty much half-naked in that field and feeling confident (something that normally would make me feel exposed and uncomfortable) I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin and proud of my body .It was so much fun.

    I’m not some glowing pregnancy unicorn that thinks it’s all magical and beautiful all the time and doesn’t have any of the usual discomforts and side effects that come with pregnancy, because trust me I have them all! But I do think that as pregnant women we tend to focus on all the negative things, because let’s face it, we spend almost a year feeling pretty crappy. So I believe it is important to focus and remember and capture even if for a brief moment just how lucky and blessed we are to carry our babies, there are many out there that would kill to be in our shoes and possibly can’t.

    Now looking at the photos, I am so incredibly happy that I took them and can’t thank Talia enough for capturing this moment in my life to cherish and hold onto forever because in a few weeks I’ll be holding this little baby in my arms, the belly will start to shrink and my body will go back to the way it once was and it will be so easy to forget just how spectacular it was to be carrying this little one inside me.

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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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