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    Red Rock Park

    Today’s post is gonna be a short one because I’m driving across the country right now. Over the weekend I flew to Denver, Colorado and spent he day with our amazing cousin Jenna.

    We had a lot of fun together and the very first thing we did was visit Red Rocks park. We did a mini hike (I was superrrr winded) and took some pictures and just enjoyed the view. There were people EXERCISING at 5000 feet up and blerg. It looked exhausting.
    After we hung out around the amphitheater we went into the Red Rock history museum. There was a timeline of amazing artists that had played there including The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald and thousands more. This specific structure has been used as an amphitheater for over a hundred years.

    All in all it was an amazing park to visit and having Jenna as my Denver your guide was great!

    I’ll write more soon for sure. We did a lot of fun stuff that day and there’s too much for one post.

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