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    Reminders to Get Out and Support Local! – Pacifica Farmer’s Market

    There is just so much I want to write about, so much I want to say. The hypocrisy in this country is currently dampening my mood on the daily and I just have to force myself to get out. I have to force myself to get fresh air, and if I am lucky enough while breathing that in to my lungs, eat (what I hope) is fresh food. Too much to worry about so you have to go in to things without a care almost.

    Have you taken a bite lately of a REAL peach? A REAL strawberry? You know, the kind grown by local farmers without pesticides, you pay a little more for them but it’s worth it? It makes you happy and mad within the same minute– happy of course with the juiciness and the flavors, then immediately irritated that this nation has (yet again!) settled for less/worse. Makes you wonder what the heck you’re ingesting when you’re not eating organic. Then you get paranoid, and suddenly the ocean air is not easing your worries. Nope, you actually look up and wonder if it’s chemtrails you’re breathing in instead. -_-

    You know what? It’s only Wednesday. Go outside anyways. Sorry I can’t be a little more optimistic, but here are some photos from weekly farmer’s market visits I like to make. Whether it’s in my hometown or while I’m away visiting my folks, I try my best to get out and support local farmers/businesses, and you should too! You get the good fuzzies in your tummy, and even if it only lasts an hour or so, it’s worth it! <3 Cheers everyone!

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