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    San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum & That Fourth Season

    A couple weeks ago I was told about how over 40+ museums in San Diego are allowing kids in for free, for the entire month of October! I knew I wanted to take advantage of this awesome deal at least 2-3 times, let’s see how much more I can do. Nice reminders to get out every now and then with your kids. To get that coupon and to see the participating museums, click on this link.

    The kids have never been to the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido, CA so we decided to take a trip here. Upon entering you are greeted by the sweetest staff. You take one look and instantly think, “I should have brought wine coffee, looks like I am gonna be here for a few hours.” Indeed, a few hours came and went, the kids were not ready to leave! Just the outside area alone kept them occupied. There is a water spot with Legos, pretty sure Sebastian stayed there for 45 minutes straight. Walked around the rest of the afternoon with wet shorts. There’s a garden out back, there’s a sand spot, chickens, a bubble zone, and a huge “construction-looking” area with blocks and foam piping and foam tubes that the kids can build whatever their hearts desire. Inside there are several more stations including a stage for dress up, sock puppets, magnetic boards, magnifying glasses.. the list goes on. You will not be disappointed. Adult admission is $6.00 – so you pay $6.00 to watch your own children. 😉 That’s one way to look at it! Orrr you can view it as you pay $6.00 and your kids get to play for HOURS with toys that you don’t have to clean up or deal with at your house – toys they aren’t going to get bored of, like the thousands you have at home. All in perspective folks..

    Another reason to love October in San Diego! Who else is taking advantage of all of this?

    Okay funny story with Amelia recently in school. So I pick her up the other day and she’s walking towards me with her teacher. Uh-oh, that is never a good thing. Well the teacher informed me that since Amelia has started Kindergarten, she has not done any homework. Huh? Homework? They’re supposed to have homework in Kinder? Okay… is that what all those papers in her backpack are for? Call me neglectful, but they first few times I thumbed through her papers from school they were really basic and meh. Like a paper with a horse on it that Amelia colored and then the word HORSE on top and then Amelia’s writing of “horse”… pretty self-explanatory. So we figured.. cool.. kindergarten stuff. No. Apparently she is supposed to be reading weekly books with her parents and also logging in to a program on the computer and doing math and/or science. Really? Why are you adding more work to my plate, teacher? Why don’t YOU do this stuff with them? 😉 Okay so who else is guilty of thinking this way?

    Anyhow I asked her for some good news. The teacher laughed. She’s a little older.. in her 60’s. She told me other than that, Amelia is excelling and she is constantly making them laugh. Last week they learned about the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall (all you have to do is call…. anyone else get this reference and have this song stuck in their heads or..?) — so this week they had the kids write out the seasons on paper. The story went something like this, according to the teacher and the teacher’s aid:

    Children! It is time to spell out the four seasons! said the teacher.

    Mrs. T, how do you spell Bob? asked Amelia.


    (minutes later) Mrs. T, how do you spell Frankie?


    (moments later) Mrs. T, how do you spell Tommy?

    The teacher pauses. Amelia, why am I spelling out all these guy names for you?

    You wanted me to name the Four Seasons… I forgot the name of the last one. But I know there is Frankie, Bob, and Tommy…

    Her teacher told me that she immediately broke out in to laughter. HOW does a five year old know about FRANKIE VALLI AND THE FOUR SEASONS?! She said it made her have the biggest smile for the rest of the day and not once has she ever had a child know about who the heck The Four Seasons were. I told her to save that paper so I could see it later this week when I pick her up. I didn’t know how to tell this teacher that Amelia only knows about them because GRANDPA watches Rated R movies around these kids and over the Spring and Summer introduced them to The Jersey Boys. This band is from the 60’s in case no one knew. I am so proud of this kid.. technically she isn’t wrong. And with that, I leave you with some photos of these two rug rats at the Children’s Museum enjoying the free admission this month, and also a favorite song of these kids by The Four Seasons. <3 Cheers!

    **By the way, I will never forget that fourth season now… NICK. His name was NICK.


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    Photography by: Natalia Cruz

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