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    Snowflake Shavery – Las Vegas Eats

    Had to share another favorite spot in Las Vegas, and even though we go to it every time we eat at Big Wong’s (from previous post), it’s so good that it deserves it’s own post! So after eating at BW’s, be sure to walk across the parking lot and check out Snowflake Shavery! I have not had a better bowl of ice cream — only thing that beats this place is whatever guilty pleasure ice cream you eat in the comfort of your own home, in your pj’s snuggled up on the couch by someone you love. This place?! So what is shaved ice cream? It combines the yumminess of ice cream with that refreshing texture of Hawaiian shaved ice. It looks like they take the ice cream, and freeze it so solid, then shave at it with these machines behind the counter. You get this whipped goodness of ice cream. Their small portion is quite big actually, and you’re having a gourmet experience for about $3.93. Crazy!

    Literally, the BEST way to beat the heat this summer… in the desert. Such a treat! Worth the drive, worth the visit!

    Be sure to check out this place as well and all it’s light and fluffy goodness!

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