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    Spooky Pancakes & Not-So-Spooky Swordsmen and Pirates

    Posting on a Sunday! Here are some snaps from our Halloween yesterday.

    Is it just me or do children these days just have way too many options for costumes? My kids have a bin of costumes that they wear throughout the year. For most of October, Sebastian was Batman and Amelia was Cat Woman. But on the actual day I made them choose ONE thing from their bin. Last year Amelia was a vampire princess… she loves having her face painted. Sebastian wanted paint this year too.. I went out and got white tights and paint.. and with that we turned him in to Puss In Boots! With all the pirate stuff to choose from, this last minute fix was brilliant for the first 30 minutes… until that promised no-rub paint starting rubbing on to everything. My fingers stayed orange all day. The car seat.. oh, I just have to laugh about it so I don’t get upset. These two did a little bit of trick-or-treating at the mall. Then we had a nice family dinner at the house, and then after their baths, Jeff had a surprise for them.

    These kids have such a loving father. I LOVE the way Jeff loves his children. Constantly throughout the week he is thinking of fun things to do with them – he’s more of the craft/baking person around the house if you couldn’t tell by now.. He saw this IHOP commercial (which, side note: it’s been forever since I’ve been to an IHOP!) where they make these spooky pancakes for kids. So he gathered some of their candy, then he started making pancakes late last night. We set up whipped cream, chocolate syrup, fake edible blood, and candy galore for them to put together. The kids had the best time putting these together. For those who don’t know what to do with all that extra candy, this is a fun idea for the following day. I mean, they’re gonna eat some of it anyway, might as well be mixed in with their breakfast, right? 😉

    Just a fun, quick post. Ready to enjoy the day. Hope you all had an amazing Halloween weekend! <3

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    Photography by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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