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    Stop at the Pit Stops

    I love that I’m in that time in my life right now where I can make the call of stopping the car to check something random out on the side of the road. Like when we were passing Gilroy some time last week. You can’t help but chuckle when you pass by all of these fruit stand signs. I mean, the prices are too good to be true that I caught myself wanting to buy things I didn’t realize I was in the mood for. Kiwis? 7 kiwis for $1!? Where are we, outer space? I’ll take them. And 7 grapefruits too! I didn’t realize I wanted all of this until JUST NOW. Am I becoming that person? But Mom, we don’t want to visit that fruit stand! We will stop this car and you will like it! And here is where Talia will just babble on without an edit or care:

    Mom, we don’t need 3 different types of hot sauce, you don’t even like hot sauce. Yes but it’s on sale and I DO WHAT I WANT!!! 😉 Kidding, kind of. Posted this up yesterday:

    My kids have a tough choice to make: do they want me to save up for their college education or do they want to continue to eat only organic? Because $5 for 11 strawberries is just NOT okay… I don’t care how rich you are. I mean, can I write this off?! One should not be grounded for not finishing their fruit.

    Ain’t that the truth? Really, you know what’s a good deal at $5? A really nice picture frame or a designer brand t-shirt you found on clearance that might’ve been wrongfully tagged because there is NO WAY that is $4.99 unless someone bought it, used it twice, and returned it with deodorant stains on the arm pits. You checked the pit areas, and you buy it anyways with a prayer and a promise: I am going to wash you and make you like new.

    But.. a pack of strawberries? It’s not even the time of year for strawberries but you try telling that to your two year old who is sitting in the shopping cart begging for them. “Son, those aren’t really strawberries… they are imposters.” Nah, he’s not buying it. Of course he isn’t buying it! I am! Then I cry on my way to the register telling myself, “well, at least it’s a healthy snack. This could be 3 huge bags of Doritos but those are cancerous and delicious and these strawberries will last him 2 minutes but they’re nutritious.”

    I’m going to make it a point this year to shop at more places that are CASH ONLY. You gotta give it up to these places. It’s 2016 dude… you only accept cash?! You bad-ass, you! Way to set yourself apart! Way to convince us there’s something sneaky going on.. they practically MAIL you those Square card readers for free if you own a business.. but you want CASH ONLY. I have to admit, that used to bug me, but I make it a point to always carry cash these days, and I kinda like that it limits me. I mean, if these off-road fruit stand places took card I might have purchased $88 worth of fruit and vegetables and still had a 6 hour drive home.

    I’m gonna take advice from some friends and actually freeze some organic produce so it lasts longer. It’s easy to tell someone “grow it yourself”, I have to remind you all that we aren’t all green-thumbed… I mean, I’ve tried and failed twice… succeeding at carrots and basil only. Okay there were some tomatoes in the mix, but we had a possum problem when it came to the fruits.. and I felt that I would take the hit and just purchase the fruit instead of purchasing anti-freeze to feed to those nasty night creatures. Wasn’t that kind of me!? So here’s to stopping off the side of the road and helping out a family. Cheers everyone, have a great weekend! <3 Talia

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    Yes, only in Gilroy would they be advertising Garlic Flavored Ice Cream. In chocolate and Vanilla!

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    Photos by: Natalia Cruz

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