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    Strawberry Fields Forever

    It was a day of: “Sure, why not?”‘s.

    I’m usually not one to pay that much attention to signs off the side of the road, especially during this politic season where every corner is a VOTE FOR sign. Until three signs in a row called out: FRESH STRAWBERRIES.

    Yeah. I know most other countries have America BEAT when it comes to … well, just about every other tropical fruit. But nothing… NOTHING beats a fresh organic strawberry here in California. Our apples and peaches are kinda winners as well.

    We stopped off in Carlsbad, CA.. it was noon (so pardon the bright BRIGHT photos below). You pick your bucket size, and you can’t bring any other bags in with you. The instructions were simple. Pick the one you want, twist it and pull. I was actually quite impressed that my kids – especially the two year old!- selected only good ones! I had to stop my son from eating them out on the field. There were a few, “Seb! We have to fill the bucket and eat them when we are home… after they’re washed!” But Mom! They’re tasty right now!

    The set up is kinda genius actually. You already have a huge field where strawberries grow. You hire some people to pick all the strawberries fresh in the morning, already get them in buckets to sell, but leave just enough for the public. You invite people to come in to your field (and by invite, I mean, CHARGE them), and let ’em pick their own and go their merry way. This is all too genius actually. Wish I could do that! Charge people to use my camera equipment (like rent it out), and tell ’em… “take your own photos.” Wait, I think these kinds of places already exist. I know of photography studios renting out their spaces, lights, and backdrops for a set fee. Let you use the rooms and all. Okay… getting off track. And not willing to start any more new business ventures.

    This has been another friendly reminder: Stop off when you’re able to. And bring some eager, helping hands. 🙂

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    Photos by: Natalia Cruz

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