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    Streets of Toledo

    Hey Tals!

    A little flashback post today. Remember last year when you called and asked if I could take some time off and fly to Spain with you? Man I wish that happened. Arguing aside, I think we had a pretty good time back in 2009.  Surely the next time I’d like to check out some more museums and delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Maybe even take the train over to France or book a flight down to Morocco for a couple of days like we wanted to all those years ago. These pictures are just from Toledo (if memory serves). We got so so so lost there! Ended up buying some cool knives and eating delicious food OF COURSE. I’m actually really impressed with us looking back on our Spain trip. Two sisters on a budget who barely speak Spanish travel to Spain for 3 weeks staying in hostels!?? It sounds kind of like the basis of one of those Saw movies. Or Taken. Or The Human Centipede. And this was ’09. I had still had a RAZR flip phone…. No GPS or Siri. Thankfully, we met some wonderful new people there and had a great time getting occasionally lost, drinking a lot of wine, dancing and eating all the good food. Toledo was fun even for how many side streets we ended up on and all the backtracking that was done.

    It sounds crazy but I don’t think I’d ever walked that much in my entire life. (And yet didn’t lose any weight?!?! UGH…… Maybe consuming less churros y chocolate for breakfast would have helped.) In those three weeks that we were there I kinda regret not bringing a pedometer along.. Ha. It’d be so nice to get away from it all, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks.

    I honestly can’t believe I haven’t had an opportunity to leave the country since then. Not even to Canada! My passport expired in October last year and it’s real bizarre not having a valid passport. I mean, we’re only 3-ish hours away from Canada here in Rochester and I think when the time comes to renew my driver’s license in July I’ll opt for an enhanced license that’ll allow access into Canada and back without an official passport.

    Well that’s all for my weird bit of nostalgia today. I’m about to make a second cup of coffee and do some video editing for next weeks blog! Love you Tals!


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    Hahaha I totally used this headless photo for my OKCupid profile

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