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    Twilight Zone Chipotle


    Love that you get to be a vendor at that event in Williamsburg!! Yeeeea! Bringin’ Little Otto Shop to the east coast right away it seems! I am sure you’ll do fantastic. Your work speaks for itself. Can’t wait to hear all about it. The bows are adorable, I wore one to church last Sunday, I will post that soon. Also, if I visit you in NY, unless I’m staying two weeks, I doubt we’ll have enough time to sew better. Soooo let’s just settle this and let you be the official seamstress for the family, alright?

    Last night we stayed in LA again with Vikki. The 8 hours straight back to SF is too much for the kids so at least this cuts our trip to a little under 6 hours. We’re heading back today – prayers for a safe drive please! Then, FaceTime soon!

    When we got here yesterday Vikki and I left to pick up Chipotle and the guys stayed home with the babies. You should see her son Anthony, adorable! So we walk in to Chipotle and everything seems normal until we get to the very front to start ordering. It was as if a strange cloud of WTF arose and none of the employees were on their A game. For starters, I ordered one salad bowl and one regular. The guy looked at me and straight-faced said, “You want lettuce on your salad?” This should’ve already clued me in on the fact that nothing would be correct. It’s the worst when your order is screwed up, but even worse when it’s right in front of you. So I chuckle a little bit, hoping that guy would catch his funky question. He didn’t. Then I thought, maybe he’s embarrassed about asking that and hoping I just forget about it. So I try to be polite and say, “what kinds of lettuce do you offer?” Thinking maybe that’s what he meant to ask me. Then HE looks at me blank and says, “Umm.. just one kind ma’am.” OHHHKAY. Next he asks me if I want dressing for the salad.. umm, yeah. I asked for it on the side. Then apparently they ran out of fajitas. I didn’t even know that’s what they called the mix. It’s the sauteed onions and bell peppers. You know, those things add massive flavor to this and keep it from being just meat and beans. They say aloud it’s gonna be 10 minutes. Dude, you should have seen some people behind me in line lose it over the fact that they were out. Laughable how people get all crazy, meanwhile I’m keeping my cool and ask if there’s any way to just swap it for guacamole without being charged. Pause the entire line!! Someone’s gotta ask a manager. It’s approved and then my bowl goes straight to the front and the guy starts packaging it. There was no meat in there. I asked him to please put some chicken in that shizz and he did. Then he started packaging it again and I told him to stop and please put all that other stuff in there– like salsa, corn, sour cream… I’m not kidding. And just when I think I am going crazy a little inside I look over to the left at Vikki who was before me and she tells the guy just “lite on the guac” and the guy nods then slaps a whole half-bowl full of that stuff. She stared blankly. So it’s not just one person setting it all up, it was a line of 4 people.. and nothing was going right. I asked for chips and guacamole as  I was paying and guess what they forgot the guacamole. They also didn’t include the salad dressing. It was a little Twilight-Zone-ish. Vikki and I couldn’t help but laugh about it on the way home.

    Currently drinking my coffee at Vikki’s cute new place and listening to Amelia sing her made up songs. She’s too much. Did I tell you I found the Anna dress from the movie Frozen and it was ON SALE? I can’t believe how impossible these dresses are to come by, and I refuse to spend almost $80 on the whole get-ups. Vikki just asked her, “Is that Anna?” Amelia says, “No, Ah-Nah” Ohhhh really!?

    Anyway, below are some photos from our San Diego weekend. Mostly taken by Jeff! Hope you’re having a great week! <3

    Pin ItI am not really irritated in these although I look it. I am just waiting on Jeff to figure out the settings. Looks like I had nothing to worry about. Look at that dreamy bokeh in the background. Yum.  Had I known the back would look like this I would’ve looked way happier!Pin ItPin It^this is a funny side by side since it’s totally inaccurate. I mean, I’m short, but not that short. I don’t have a three yr old who is that close to my chin. Haha!Pin ItPin It^had to throw a couple in of this little chunk. Recognize his pants?? Thanks Otto!Pin It

    All images copyright ©thesisterfiles & TaliaStudio© 2014 and cannot be used without expressed permission.

    Amelia’s Dress: Old Navy

    Top: Olsenboye

    Skirt: Olsenboye

    Boots: Nine West

    Necklace: Brighton

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